Hey guys, I’m Mack! I love the outdoors and fishing in particular. I started this website simply as an outlet to write about my passions. If nothing else, one thing I’ve learned about fishing is that it’s an art, not a science. Every single time I go fishing I learn something new!

I’ve also learned that fishing is a community. Sure, some of us are more willing to share what we know than others, but I’m always happy to share what I know! I’m also the first guy to admit I don’t know it all and I’m quick to swallow my pride and ask others how to fish for a certain species, at a certain spot, or with a certain bait.

I grew up fishing in the South Carolina low country (Georgetown in particular) and the Charlotte, NC area. Not much has changed since I was a little boy. I still regularly travel back and forth between Georgetown and Charlotte, fishing every chance I get. Now I have little ones that I can take out and share the fun with too!

I’ve fished at various locations around the country including a decent amount in Florida. While I may explore fishing in various locations over time, I imagine this website will remain most resourceful to the southeastern Atlantic saltwater fisherman, especially those fishing inshore in the marsh, creeks, flats, and lakes.

Thanks for checking out my website and please reach out if I can answer any particular questions for you!

Tight Lines,

Mack Robertson

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