Best Beach Tent for Families of 2023

A quality beach tent is the key to a successful day down at the shore. They provide privacy, protection from harmful UV rays, and a place for the entire family to sit and enjoy the sand & sea. Looking for the best beach tent? We’ve reviewed and rated top contenders below based on functionality, convenience, and ease of use. 

The Best Beach Tent Overall: Sun Ninja

Simple, reliable, and spacious

After countless comparisons, it’s safe to say that Sun Ninja is the best beach shade out there. The brilliantly engineered design is simple to set up, provides UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays, maximizes airflow yet withstands winds, and can fit the whole crew comfortably with tall stability poles and size variations for up to 8 people. 


  • Easy setup
  • Fabric stays tight and withstands wind
  • Poles are a great height
  • Compact, lightweight storage


  • Few color options

Most Convenient Beach Tent: Neso 1 Sunshade

Fits in a carry on

The original Neso beach tent is made out of a Lycra/Nylon blend that is UPF 50+, weighs only 4 lbs, and fits in a carry-on suitcase. This is a great “emergency” tent to keep in the car or throw in your luggage for family vacation, but don’t plan on hosting a large group or sitting in the rain – this tent only fits 2 people and is not fully waterproof. 


  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Lots of color variations


  • Not waterproof

Beach Tent with the Best Designs: CoolCabanas

Spice it up with a print. 

With a total of 12 colors and patterns available to choose from, your beach day will never look cooler than with this cabana. Similar to Sun Ninja, CoolCabanas is easy to set up and provides plenty of space for lounging underneath. The downfall of this cabana is the weight – at nearly 15lbs, it can be quite a pain to carry through hot sand. The heavy structure has also been said to trap heat, leaving customers displeased by the lack of ocean breeze. 


  • 12 colors and patterns
  • Easy setup


  • Doesn’t keep you cool
  • Expensive
  • 14.7 lbs

Beach Tent with the Simplest Setup: Shibumi Shade

Only uses 1 pole

Designed and sewn in America, Shibumi Shade isa modern take on a classic beach tent. The curved design is complemented by 1 singular pole, and sand is used to secure each end. While simple to set up, multiple reviewers have stated that Shibumi is not able to withstand winds and should only be used on the calmest of beach days.  


  • Easy setup
  • Compact, lightweight storage


  • Expensive
  • Flimsy structure
  • Noisy in the wind

Best Budget Beach Tent: Pacific Breeze Easy-Up

A cheap alternative for the kids

The Easy-Up tent by Pacific Breeze is another beach shade suited for travel or smaller groups. The traditional pop up design is complete with a base to keep away sand and side panels for maximum sun coverage. These perks lead to cons as the paneling minimizes airflow and does not allow for standing underneath, unless you’re a toddler. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Water- and sun-proof
  • Pop-up design for easy setup and breakdown


  • Minimal airflow
  • Not made for standing

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