Best Beach Tents (2023)

Many people enjoy spending their time at the beach, enjoying the serenity provided by the waves, fresh air, and warm sun.

If you want to spend your time at the beach in comfort and privacy, you will need a good beach tent that is both strong, spacious, and attractive. The beach tents shield you from the harmful UV rays and rain common at beaches.

Beach tents are available in a variety of models and sizes. Choosing one that meets your requirements must be challenging at times. Beach tents are available from various online retailers.

We’ve put together a list of the best beach tents you can use in 2022 to make your time at the beach both memorable and safe.

Sun Ninja Beach Tent

Topping our list as the best beach tent of 2023 is the Sun Ninja tent. The Sun Ninja is the perfect, compact lightweight, easy to assemble option. It’s offered in two sizes and at an affordable price.


  • Super lightweight
  • Great color options
  • Affordable price
  • Quick setup
  • Large area of shade (two. sizes)
  • Easy to clean


  • Not completely waterproof, but it is water resistant.

Sport- Brella Portable Tent

The beach tent is made to keep you safe from the sun, wind, and rain. It has windows, retractable flaps, and a canopy set. You can purchase it from Amazon and Walmart.


  • The tent is made of long-lasting material.
  • The tent can accommodate up to four people.
  • The tent’s telescoping pole is made of a heavy material that can withstand the intense rain and wind on the beach.
  • Wind vents and side flaps tent design allow for maximum airflow.


  • The tent lacks a sand anchor.
  • There is no way to tilt the tent.

Pacific Breeze

This beach tent is spacious and light. It is designed with three windows. During the purchase process, you will be given a carrying tote to make the load more manageable during movement.


  • The beach tent can fit up to four people.
  • You can carry it anywhere because it is light.
  • Due to the available windows, there is complete ventilation.


  • The Pacific Breeze tent is a bit expensive to purchase.

WolfWise Beach Tent

This type of tent is ideal for those looking for a lightweight, quick-to-assemble tent. A carrying tote is available for the carrying process. The tent comes with a back window.


  • Thanks to the quick setup process, you will have enough time to have fun with your friends.
  • The lightweight nature of the tent allows you to carry it anywhere you go.


  • The tent doesn’t withstand harsh wind and rain conditions because it is lightweight.

Easthills Outdoor Tent

The Easthills tent is ideal if you require a large tent. It features a zippered door, is lightweight, and is easy to assemble. It has windows to allow for ventilation.


  • The ample space can accommodate up to four people while also providing additional storage space.
  • The tents come with ten plastic stakes to help them stay put in the ground.
  • The simple setup process frees up more time for fun activities.


  • Because of its fragile frame, if you don’t set up the tent quickly, you risk damaging it.

OILEUS X-Large Beach Tent

The tent is equipped with eight metal stakes and six sand pockets for added stability. The setting up process is easy, and the tent is ideal for couples. You can get it from Amazon or Walmart.


  • The materials used to construct the tent are long-lasting and reliable. You won’t have to buy a tent every time you need one.
  • The tent has windows that allow for ventilation at any time of day and an awning that can protect you from strong UV rays.
  • The increased privacy provided by this type of tent is beneficial if you want to spend some quality time with your partner.


  • The tent being small in size is not advisable if you plan to host more than two people.

Outdoor Master Pop Up Tent

The tent is constructed with large metal stakes, sandbags, and fiberglass poles. The Outdoor Master tent has windows and is lightweight.


  • The tent is easy to transport due to its lightweight and availability of a carrying tote.
  • The tent’s high-quality materials make the tent not vulnerable to harsh beach conditions.
  • The windows allow for ventilation in the tent.
  • The tent can accommodate up to four people.


  • The setting up process takes a lot of time; thus, you may get too tired to have fun.

Zoomake Beach Tent

The tent is made of solid materials that are more durable than other tents. It will keep you safe from heavy rain and UV rays. The setting up process is quick, and the tent is suitable for general camping.


  • The tent has enough room for four people, making it ideal for family camping.
  • The tent has windows that allow air to flow through it.
  • The heavy materials are perfect for the beach’s windy conditions.
  • The tent is made from waterproof materials; thus, you don’t have to worry about getting soaked by the rain.


  • When many people are in the tent, it can be challenging to get comfortable.

Neso tent

Neso tents are the way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a tent and want a cheap tent. You can easily carry the tent in your bag because it is light and flexible. The material used to construct the tent is water-resistant.


  • Nylon and Acra are blended to make the water-resistant tent. This makes the tent durable, thus saving you from frequently purchasing a new tent.
  • The Neso tents come in various colors, so you can pick one that suits you. 
  • The tent is ideal for those who are busy and have small children because it is easy to pack.
  • The setup procedure is simple.
  • The patent corners that are reinforced bring more strength to your tent.
  • The tent is spacious, making it ideal for camping with a group of four people.


  • The purchase of the Neso tent is a bit pricey.

Lightspeed Outdoors Tent

Choose the Lightspeed outdoors tent if you want a tent that can accommodate your group and your luggage. It comes with three mesh windows for ventilation. The tent provides security and privacy.


  • The tent is supported by strong fiberglass poles, allowing it to withstand windy and rainy beach conditions.
  • The installation is simple and quick. Simply press the hub, and the tent will open up like an umbrella.
  • The tent comes with a carrying bag that makes transporting it a breeze.
  • You get a one-year warranty when you buy the tent from Amazon or REI.


  • When it’s hot outside, the tent quickly heats up, necessitating the use of additional supplies such as fans.

Gorich Large Sun

Gorich tent is made of high-quality water-resistant and supporting materials. It has three mesh windows that allow you to see the surroundings without letting the sun’s rays in. The tent has hanging hooks for preferred use.


  • The tent’s floor can be extended to provide additional space for purposes other than sleeping. 
  • The tent is well-ventilated thanks to the windows.
  • Lamps or fans can be hung from the hanging hooks in your tent. This eliminates the need to pack your belongings when the sun goes down.
  • The setup process is simple, allowing you to focus on other enjoyable activities.
  • The materials used to make the tent bottom are tear-resistant.
  • The tent’s carriage bag makes transporting the tent a breeze.
  • The tent can withstand the rainy and windy conditions on the beach.


  • The materials used to construct the tent are not long-lasting, requiring you to regularly replace the tent with a new one.

AmazonBasics Pop-Up Sun

The tent has an extended front floor that is perfect for setting up a picnic. It comes in various colors and is made of a privacy-enhancing material. If you plan to spend most of your time in the tent, it has mesh windows that allow for better ventilation and airflow.


  • There is no assembling required during the installation process.
  • The tent has been designed to withstand the strong winds on the beach.
  • The tent is lightweight and comes with a carry bag to simplify transportation.
  • It is designed with an open view to enjoy the tranquility of the beach.
  • When you buy the tent from Amazon, you get a one-year warranty. This allows you to replace anything that breaks within the specified time frame.


  • The material used to construct the tent makes UV protection difficult.

Glymnis Portable

The Glymnis tent has an automatic setup feature that saves you time and effort during installation. The tent can be folded into a small size for easy transportation. The interwoven mesh design is used to create the tent.


  • The tent’s ventilation and airflow are enhanced by the interwoven mesh design.
  • The tent can accommodate up to four people. This makes it ideal for group camping.
  • The tent’s lightweight makes it simple to transport.
  • Four separate bags and four wind ropes are included with the tent. You will save money by not having to buy new carrying bags.
  • It is made of a material that shields you from harmful UV rays.


  • A lot of time and energy is used when folding up the tent.

Mobihome Windproof

The tent is coated with a silver film protecting you from UV rays. It has three windows. Your luggage bag can accommodate the tent. The floor is made up of polythene material.


  • The lightweight materials used to construct the tent make it easy to transport.
  • The tent’s front door can be extended, giving you more space to store your belongings.
  • The materials used to construct the tent are long-lasting.
  • The tent is kept dry by the waterproof polythene materials. 
  • When you purchase the tent from Amazon or Walmart, you will receive a one-year warranty.


  • The frame materials used to support the tent are usually not the best quality.

Coleman Beach Shade

The Coleman tent is a versatile tent that can be used for various purposes. It includes a line for hanging your wet beach clothes. It has mesh pockets.


  • The Coleman tent material protects you from intense UV rays.
  • The mesh pockets provide space for items that need to be kept separate from your clothing.
  • In the Amazon and Walmart online stores, the tent is reasonably priced.
  • Ground stakes support the tent to keep it from being blown away by the wind.
  • It features zippered doors for added privacy.
  • For additional activities, the tent has a floor mat that can be extended.
  • The setup process is quick, allowing you to relax and participate in other fun activities.


  • A tent with weak ground stakes is more likely to be blown away by the wind.

Coleman Weatherproof

Coleman products are highly recommendable in the market. It is designed with a back zipped window. It has storage pockets that allow keeping the tent organized. You can get it from the Amazon store.


  • You can open and close the zipped window whenever you want, thus allowing you to enjoy consistent aeration.
  • A maximum of four people can be accommodated in the tent.
  • It is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. This eliminates the need for frequent tent purchases.
  • The pockets aid in organizing your belongings so that they are easily accessible.
  • The Coleman tent shields you from harmful UV rays as well as rain.


  • The tent is quite expensive to purchase.

ISILER Automatic

The tent comes with support poles and a carry bag with a shoulder strap, making it easy to transport the tent to the beach. It has elevated mesh windows.


  • The elevated mesh window prevents sand from entering the tent during windy conditions.
  • The support poles are made of long-lasting materials.
  • The support poles help keep the tent stable during rainy and windy conditions.
  • The mesh windows in the tent allow for ventilation and airflow.
  • It is simple to set up the tent.
  • Polythene is used to make the flow, which makes it water-resistant.
  • The tent is lightweight, thus making it easy to carry it around.


  • The tent has limited space, which is inconvenient if you plan a group camping trip. 

Kelty Sunshade Beach Tent

The canopy tent is comprised of three legs and a movable sidewall that allows you to block the sun’s rays from any direction. The poles used to support the tent are made from high-quality materials.


  • The tent is simple to put together, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones.
  • The tent’s three poles keep it stable during the windy beach conditions.
  • Because the tent can accommodate a large group, it is ideal for group camping.
  • The tent includes a back pack that makes it simple to transport around the beach.
  • It has storage pockets to help you keep your tent clean and organized.
  • The tent is available from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, REI, Walmart, and Backcountry.


  • The Kelty tent is expensive to purchase.

TAGVO Pop-Up Sun

The tent is made of water-resistant polythene material. Five sand pockets, four ropes, and eight stakes are included in the tent.


  • It can accommodate up to four people, making it ideal for group camping.
  • Sand pockets, ropes, and stakes support the tent against strong winds.
  • It has three windows that allow for airflow and ventilation throughout your stay in the tent.
  • The tent has three mesh pockets to keep it clean and organized.
  • It has velcro tape that makes it easy to open and close the tent while also adding privacy to your space.
  • The tent’s large size allows for plenty of room for comfort and luggage storage.
  • You can see the beautiful beach serenity from your tent because the windows are large enough.


  • If you’ve never set up a TAGVO Pop-Up Sun tent before, the setup can be complex.

Alvantor Coolhut Outdoor Tent

The tent is constructed of water-resistant Polyester, making it a durable option. Three sand pockets are included, as well as additional sand bags. The frame is made of high-grade fiberglass.


  • While enjoying the beach view, the three large mesh windows allow for ventilation and airflow.
  • The tent is made of durable materials that allow it to withstand the wind on the beach.
  • The tent can accommodate up to four people.
  • The tent is lightweight and includes a backup, making it easy to transport around the beach.
  • In Amazon and Walmart’s online retail stores, the price is reasonable.
  • When you buy the tent, it comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The materials used to construct the tent are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need to purchase a new tent.
  • The setup procedure is simple and quick.


  • Folding the tent into the backpack is difficult.

Buying Guide for Beach Tents

Before buying a tent, you should determine whether the tent you want will meet your needs. This guide will assist you in making this decision.

1. Material

If you want to enjoy your time at the beach, you should consider the tent material you intend to purchase. Most tents are made of Polyester and Nylon material. The materials shield you from harmful UV rays as well as rain.

If you make the wrong decision, you will be scorched by the sun, which will damage your skin. Check if the tent you’re buying has been certified by the appropriate organizations.

The material should be good enough to offer you privacy in your tent.

2. Size

Tents of various sizes are available on the market. Check the tent’s dimensions before you buy to make sure it’ll fit the number of people you’ll be camping with.

Check if the tent has extra space for packing your belongings to ensure comfort in the tent. You don’t want to be in an environment where people trip over each other.

Make sure the tent you choose comes with a lightweight backpack and tent so you can easily navigate the beach. You’ve come to relax on the beach, not to carry heavy luggage that will exhaust you before you even start having fun.

3. Stability

If you choose a tent that isn’t strong, you’ll spend the majority of your time chasing it down when strong winds hit. Strong winds commonly characterize beaches.

Make sure the tent you’re buying comes with sturdy poles and large sandbags. This will keep the tent stable. The strength of the poles can be determined by the metals used in their construction.

4. Setup

Always keep an eye out for the tent setup instructions. The more difficult the guide is to comprehend, the more difficult it will be to set it up. Always choose tents that are simple to set up so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Make sure the tent is lightweight and affordable. You can get lightweight tents that are still durable. Tents made of long-lasting materials eliminate the need to replace tents regularly.

5. Privacy
The beach is an open space with a diverse population of people. If you don’t want to be on a noisy beach, choose a secluded one. If you want some privacy, zippered tents are the best.

You get to enjoy privacy and the beautiful view of the beach through the tent windows. Always select tents with a floor to avoid getting beach sand while relaxing in your tent.

A tent with privacy allows you to change costumes without worrying about strangers peering into your personal space. When swimming in the ocean, your luggage will also be safe.

6. Storage capacity

Before buying a tent, make sure it has enough storage space for your belongings. A tent with storage pockets will assist you in keeping your tent clean and organized.

This simulates scenarios such as misplacing items and tripping over obstacles. When a place is well organized, your mind gets to relax.

Families with small children who enjoy playing with toys will appreciate the storage pockets.


There are numerous tents available for beach camping this year. All you need to know is how to set up and take down different tents and their prices, stability, and durability.

This information is available from the online store where you will purchase your tent. Choose tents with a warranty in case they break down quickly.

Make this year’s beach camping the most exciting and relaxing activity you can do with your family and friends.

What’s the best beach tent?

The Sun Ninja beach tent is our pick based on our analysis of size, ease of set up, color options, and more!

Sun Ninja vs Neso Beach Tent: Which is Better?

We analyzed both the Sun Ninja and Neso tents. We preferred Sun Ninja. While Neso had slightly taller poles, we found that it would fall over way too easy on windy days. It’s almost like the taller poles made the shade catch more wind or have too high of center of gravity. The Sun Ninja is just right in this regard. This is why we are coming up in the third summer in a row we will personally be using our Sun Ninja Tent!

Are there any Sun Ninja Coupon Codes?

Yes! If you click here and go to the Sun Ninja website, you can get 15% for a limited time in between now and Memorial Day!

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