Best Beach Wagons of 2023

What is the best beach wagon?

The best beach wagon is the Mac Sports Beach Wagon in my opinion. I analyzed all of the available beach wagons using wheel size, wheel type, wagon size, volume, weight capacity, designated spots for coolers, number of pockets, size of compartments, frame material, ability to navigate stairs, portability, and storage as my criteria.

Mac Sports Beach Wagon

Mac Sports Beach Wagon

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My Beach Wagon Choices:

Mac Sports Beach Wagon – Best Overall

As an avid beachgoer, I am always on the lookout for products that can make my trips to the shore more enjoyable and hassle-free. That’s why I decided to give the Mac Sports Beach Wagon a try, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed.

First of all, the wagon’s roomy interior is a game-changer. It opens to approximately 31.8 inches in length, 21.5 inches in width, and 17 inches in height, which provides ample space to store all my beach gear, including towels, chairs, umbrellas, and even a cooler. And the fact that it sets up in seconds without any assembly required is a huge plus.

When it comes to storage, the Mac Sports Beach Wagon shines again. It folds to only 9.7 inches thick, which makes it easy to store in the trunk of my car, and the included carry case adds an extra layer of convenience. The wagon weighs 23.1 pounds, which is relatively light for a heavy-duty product like this.

I also appreciate the functional features of the Mac Sports Beach Wagon. The adjustable handle makes it effortless to transport, and the two mesh cup holders keep my drinks secure. The wagon’s durable 600D fabric can be easily cleaned and is UV and mildew resistant, which means I can use it season after season.

Finally, the extra-large wheels are a game-changer. They make it easy to haul my gear through the sand, and they also come in handy when I need to transport items around the house or to outdoor sporting events and concerts.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Mac Sports Beach Wagon to anyone looking for a reliable, spacious, and easy-to-use wagon to transport their gear. Just remember that it is not made to transport children.


  • Large capacity interior provides ample space for storing beach gear, chairs, and even a cooler.
  • Sets up in seconds without any assembly required.
  • Folds to only 9.7 inches thick, making it easy to store in the trunk of a car.
  • Included carry case adds an extra layer of convenience.
  • Weighs 23.1 pounds, which is relatively light for a heavy-duty product.
  • Durable 600D fabric can be easily cleaned and is UV and mildew resistant.
  • Adjustable handle makes it effortless to transport.
  • Two mesh cup holders keep drinks secure.
  • Extra-large wheels make it easy to haul gear through the sand and transport items to outdoor events.


  • Not suitable for transporting children.
  • The large wheels may make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • The wagon’s fabric may not be as durable as some other materials, such as hard plastic or metal.
  • The wagon may not be as stable on uneven terrain or steep inclines.
  • The wheels being close together in the front helps with getting the wagon through sand, but also compromises the balance of the wagon when they are turned and causes the wagon to tip easier in certain circumstances.

My Beach Wagon Research Criteria:

Below you’ll find a buying guide and quick explanation of the criteria I used to research and classify the best beach wagons.

Wheel Size and Type

Plastic wheels are lightweight and durable, but they don’t perform as well on soft sand or rough terrain. Rubber wheelsoffer superior traction and stability, but they can be heavy and hard to maneuver. Large balloon tires offer the best performance in soft sand, as well as providing more stability than smaller tires, but are large and harder to store and transport in addition to be higher maintenance as they can go flat.

Size & Overall Volume

Large beach wagons offer plenty of storage for all your gear, making them ideal for families or groups of friends. Smaller beach wagons are great for solo trips when you need to store fewer items, and can be easier to maneuver in tight spaces. I like to think about how much stuff I actually need to lug around as the bigger the cart, usually the less convenient it will be.

Weight Capacity

Beach wagons by nature are designed to carry heavier loads than standard beach carts. With that said, I personally believe many manufacturers overstate the weight capacity of their beach wagons. I think it’s safe to use as a criteria in terms of seeing which wagons can handle more than others, but keep in mind that if you max out most of the these wagons, they will be very hard to pull through the sand generally speaking.

Designated Spots for Chairs, Coolers, Kids

Having dedicated spots helps ensure that your beach gear is evenly distributed across the wagon, which helps make the wagon easier to pull. This is especially helpful when traversing soft sand or hilly terrain. It also eliminates the need for bulky straps or other fastening devices that can complicate loading and unloading your gear. Designated spots can also make sure that everything fits properly and securely on the wagon.

Pockets And Compartments

Pockets and compartments make it easier to access items quickly, as well as keep them from getting lost or scattered during transit. Additionally, pockets and compartments can help protect items from sand and water damage. They also provide extra storage space for things like books, snacks, toys and sunscreen which can come in handy when spending time at the beach.

Frame Material

High-quality beach wagons feature a sturdy aluminum and metal frame that can handle carrying all your vacation essentials and survive being exposed to sand and saltwater. Aluminum frames are both lightweight and durable, making them the best choice. The downside, however, is they are far more expensive than other options. You can usually find cheaper wagons that are made of steel, but they will be heavier and will likely rust faster.

Obstacles (Stairs, Ramps, etc)

Stairs are the most difficult to navigate with a beach wagon as the elongated body of the cart makes it hard to lift and carry up and down stairs without things spilling out. In most cases, you’ll need two people, one to lift the back end of the cart and one to pull from the front, to navigate stairs. In these cases, a beach cart is usually a better solution. Ramps, bumps, cracks, and asphalt are other obstacles you may face with a beach wagon. Think about the type of wheels that will perform best when it comes to the obstacles you’ll actually face when using your wagon.

Portability and Storage

The portability and storage of a beach wagon is an important factor to consider. Many beach wagons are designed to fold up or collapse down for easy storage, making them perfect for people with limited space. They can also be easily transported in the back of a car or truck, allowing you to take your gear with you wherever you go. When it comes to tires, balloon tires and large plastic wheels can take up more space, so if you plan on storing your beach wagon in a closet or garage during the off-season, you may want to take this into consideration.


Beach Cart vs Beach Wagon: Which is Best for Me?

Beach carts are typically much smaller and feature two wheels, making them a great choice for narrow pathways and more shallow terrain. They’re also relatively lightweight and can easily be carried by one person without issue.

Conversely, beach wagons come with bigger frames that are made to take on heavier loads while navigating deeper sandy surfaces. They come equipped with four wheels, making them ideal for holding heavier items such as coolers, chairs and other necessary gear up and down large beaches.

Depending on what type of terrain you plan to traverse and the amount of stuff you need to bring along, either solution could make for an efficient transport option when hitting up any shore or beachside destination.

Additional Questions

What is the best wagon for sand?

When it comes to fun-filled activities on sandy terrains like a beach, you’re undoubtedly going to need something robust and efficient to haul your gears around. So, what’s the best wagon for sand? We can confidently affirm that the preferred choice for many beach enthusiasts is the Timber Ridge wagon. It’s an impressive piece, acclaimed not just for its generous storage space, but for its overall versatility. From our experience using it, we can tell you first-hand that it’s a workhorse that adapts to various types of terrain, including sand, gravel, and pavement. It was simply a joy to have, helping us conveniently transport every gear we needed for our fun day at the beach.

What should I look for in a beach wagon?

If you’re considering investing in a beach wagon or cart, it’s pretty important to be mindful of some key features. Firstly, the top products in this category should be crafted to deliver uncompromised mobility and maneuverability. After all, the essence of these wagons is to make it easier to move stuff around, right? The design should also permit it to be stored compactly—that way, it doesn’t take up too much space in your already packed vehicle or garage. Lastly, a good beach wagon must be durable enough to carry heavy cargo, like those beach chairs, coolers, and umbrellas. You don’t want something that’ll buckle after a few outings. So in essence, when choosing a beach wagon, consider one that is easy to handle, storage-friendly, and robustly built to withstand heavy loads.

Should I buy a beach wagon?

If you’re all about putting an end to the hassle of ferrying your beach gears around manually—that is, with your bare hands—then we strongly encourage you to acquire a beach wagon. With such an accessory, you can turn a tiresome day at the beach packing and unpacking into a fun-filled outing. It’s all about shifting the burden of carrying your stuff from your own arms to a handy set of rugged wheels. Trust me, we’ve been there, and back, and it made all the difference! So yes, you should absolutely invest in a beach wagon if you want to make the most of your beach days.

Do beach wagons really work in sand?

Well, this is a frequently asked question, and from our personal experiences and observations, the answer is a resounding yes! But a caveat to note: not all beach wagons are efficient on sandy terrains, so it’s important to choose wisely. In our case, the Timber Ridge wagon proved to be versatile and handy, easily handling every terrain type we tried, including sandy, gravelly, and paved surfaces. It’s spacious enough to take on all the beach essentials we had, providing us with such an effortless, seamless, and joyful day at the beach—easily one of the best we’ve ever had.

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