Best Blue Lasers of 2022

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You are at Lake Baikal, Russia. It is January, and the lake is covered by a thick sheet of ice. It is the middle of the night and you are the only living soul in sight.

If you are a reasonable human being, you start taking photographs. Or just take in the beauty of absolute solitude and contemplate your life.

If you are like me, you ditch the photography and meditation. Instead, you whip out your powerful laser pointer collection and start testing the maximum traveling distance of your favorites.

What I described above did happen, by the way. And, it was an amazing experience.

Blue laser beams not only look stunning, but they can also be extremely powerful. No laser pointer collection would be complete without having a few arctic powerhouses.

This is why I have decided to review the “fantastic four” of blue laser pointers. Spoiler alert. We start with a 7W laser. Afraid yet? If not, let’s start.

These are the 4 best blue laser pointers for 2020:

Best Overall: Zeus X – Super Powerful Blue Laser Pointer 7 WATT / 450nm

Compact & Powerful: PL-E Mini 445nm Blue Laser

Most luxurious: Wicked Lasers S3 Spyder III Arctic

Best value: Spiker Saber Laser Pointer

Best overall: Zeus X – Super Powerful Blue Laser Pointer 7 WATT / 450nm

Price: Starting from $345 on Zeus Lasers

Power Level Options: 7W

Included in the package: Safety goggles, a metal/leather box, 2x 26650 batteries, a charger

All hail the king, the king of blue laser pointers!

“Why?”, I hear you asking. Have you taken a look at the mind-bending power level, dear reader?

That’s right, you can get this monstrosity of a blue laser pointer at seven watts. This kind of power level is unheard of, even among elite models from Jet Lasers or Wicked Lasers.
However, the model is not the king of kings only due to sheer power.

The device excels in functionality as well. Operating and focusing this handsome bastard is surprisingly easy, even for people new to powerful lasers. However, for people losing their laser-virginity, this might not be the best choice. Even with a fantastic safety system, this is a sinister device.

And, in the wrong hands, a 7W handheld laser could spell disaster. 7W is enough to instantly burn cardboard and melt plastic. So you can only imagine what it can do to a naked eye.

For the fanatics out there, however, this is the one. The most powerful blue laser pointer on the market.

Compact & Powerful: PL-E Mini 445nm Blue Laser

Price: Starting from $169.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 1.6W, 2W, 3W, 4W

A compact blue laser pointer with a power option of 4W. Is this heaven? Sorry, it isn’t. You are still on planet earth. Although I must say, the blue laser beam this high power pointer shoots can indeed look otherworldly.
And I’m not just romanticizing here. At a power level of 4W, the blue beam of this device looks extremely vibrant. Something akin to stuff you see at science fiction movies.

And, as with all the PL-E pointers, the craftsmanship is to-die-for. It is easy-to-operate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I’m not that good with words, so describing the design is not my strong suit. Long story short, this laser pointer is as cool as it is powerful.

And, it is a compact beast. You will have no trouble keeping this bad boy in your pocket at all times. Not a bad idea, as you never know what you will run into during your nights out. I have often used the PL-E Mini to scare away wild boars. Ok, I lied. I have never seen a wild boar in my life.

I do travel the backwoods often, though. And a selection of beams is always with me. Solitude is bliss, especially if you are carrying powerful laser pointers with you.

Most luxurious: Wicked Lasers S3 Spyder III Arctic

Price: Starting from $199 on Wicked Lasers

Power Level Options: 1W, 2W

Ah yes, the S3 Series from Wicked Lasers. Home of some of the most beautiful-looking, powerful, and legendary laser pointers.

The Arctic also featured on our list of the most powerful laser pointers for 2020. So, for the lurkers of the site, the force of this blue laser should not come as a surprise. However, if you are a new beamer, allow me to give you a quick rundown on what makes this blue laser pointer so special.

Let’s start with the price. If you are new to this hobby, $200 dollar might seem steep. Trust me, it is not.
For the enthusiast, S3 Series is like the holy grail of lasers. Their lasers have been listed in the Guinness Book Of Records for heaven’s sake.

Four operating modules, aircraft-grade aluminum coating, and a solid safety system. These are only some of the key features of this beast of a blue laser.

And, I know some of you are Star Wars enthusiasts. Here’s a fun fact for you. This blue laser pointer was the cause of a cease-and-desist from LucasFilm. All because this bad boy resembled a certain iconic beam sword too much.

Best value: Spiker Saber Laser Pointer

Price: Starting from $99 at Laser Pointer Store

Power Level Options: 1.6W, 3W

Spiker Saber Laser Pointer. The name certainly rolls on the tongue, doesn’t it?

This one is for the freaks out there. Not only is this blue laser pointer extremely powerful, but it looks dangerous as well. Like a mix between a medieval torture tool and a futuristic adult toy. Awesome.

I only recently got around to buying from Laser Pointer Store, so I am still new to their products. So far, my impressions have been on the positive side. Sure, this blue laser pointer is a bit more simplistic in comparison with the previous entries. But, it is also the cheapest one in this list.

So, what can you expect from a $99 blue laser pointer?

Let’s round up the pros first. As you would expect from this power level, the beam is powerful. Vicious enough to rip through balloons and burn a sheet of paper. Bright enough to be easily seen in even the sunniest of days. So, no qualms regarding the laser beam itself.

Design is where this device slightly suffers. It leans on the heavy side, has fewer operating modules, and is not as well-crafted as the other entries.
However, for those balling on a budget, it would be a worthy choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest power hand held blue laser available?

The world of lasers is quite vast and complex, but when it comes to hand held blue lasers, the reigning champ is the Odin 5W. Functioning at a possible capacity of 5,000mW, it remains unrivaled and reigns supreme as the world’s most powerful blue laser. This gadget is not just impressive in power but also in its versatile range of working modes including high power, medium, lower power, and pulse mode. This adds a unique layer of functionality rarely found in standard lasers, making the Odin a remarkable piece in the laser realm.

Which color laser is optimal for firearms – blue?

Choosing a laser color for your firearm comes down to personal preference and how you intend to use it. If consistent practice with your weapon and laser is in your schedule, then blue could be the best choice for you. Blue lasers are familia and easily recognizable, hence you would find yourself quickly spotting the laser during your practice. Remember, selecting a laser is like picking a favorite flavor – there’s no universal right choice!

Do blue lasers hold the crown for power and intensity?

Generally speaking, when we talk about power and ignition capabilities, blue laser pointers are undoubtedly up there with the best. They wield the power to burn things like paper, pop balloons, and melt plastic with relative ease. Therefore, it’s safe to say that blue laser pointers often have unparalleled intensity and ignition power. However, be cautious of their brightness: though their power is unrivaled, they are not the brightest of lasers.

What is the most powerful laser one can own legally?

Let’s clear up a common misconception: there’s no law in the United States setting a limit on the power of the laser you can own. The FDA only states that any laser exceeding 5 mW needs to follow FDA and CDRH laser product regulations covering labels, safety features, quality control, and so on. To put it plainly, there’s no legal cap on the power of the laser you can possess. However, if you own a laser stronger than 5 mW, it must meet certain standards and regulations.

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