10 Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel:[Reviews And Buying Guides]

Wonder which drill bits are the perfect addition for hardened steel? When there are many drill bit options for hardened steel, it is tedious and time-consuming to pick the best. Perhaps it would be easier to determine if they had a short list of the best piercers. For your sake, this article will present an in-depth review of the 10 best drill bits for hardened Steel.

Do not think that I picked up these products suddenly. I profoundly researched these products, spending lots of time. Therefore, based on deep research, customer demand, and user feedback, a short list of various models of the best drill bits brands has been created.

Users must understand that the article will be pretty significant. It is not mandatory that you have to read the entire article carefully, but it is a good idea if you want to choose the best one from among the few options.

However, I will recommend the DEWALT Bit Set With Titanium Nitride Coating, as many users have expressed their satisfaction. It can also work effectively on wood, plastic, and hardened Steel. Besides, this drill piercer set has many other great features and benefits that are impossible to cover in the intro.

The remaining 9 options also contain some extraordinary features that one must know in the subsequent discussion. In this article, I will cover all the queries of new and old users as there are product reviews and buying guides. So why miss out when you can quickly decide on the right product from a few top products? 

Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel: A Head-To-Head Comparison

As said before, I selected these best drill bits for hardened Steel after in-depth research, which you can spend a little time taking an instant conception about. In the table below, look at the head-to-head comparison of top picks.

Drill Bits For Hardened SteelMaterial TypeSurface RecommendationProduct Dimension(Inches)Item WeightIncluded ComponentsCutting Diameter(Inches)For Price
IRWIN Drill Cobalt Alloy Steel Bit SetCobalt Alloy SteelAlloy Steel, Metal10.25 x 10.94 x 11.06‎11.2 Ounces‎0.0625; 0.09375; 0.109375; 0.25 Click Here
IRWIN Drill Cobalt Alloy Steel Fractional Bit SetCobaltAlloy Steel, Metal, Steel11 x 2 x 2 ‎1 Pound‎DRILL BIT 21PC SET CBLT‎4.2 Click Here
Drill America Cobalt Bit Set With Round CaseCobaltSteel, Stainless Steel, Metal, Inconel, Titanium7.32 x 5.31 x 3.862.2 PoundsDrills: 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/64″, 7/64″, 9/64″, 11/64″ 5/32″ Click Here
DEWALT Cobalt Alloy Drill Pilot Point Bit SetCobalt Alloy SteelStainless Steel, Abs, Metals7.5 x 4.5 x 0.8‎13.8 Ounces‎Tool CabinetClick Here
DEWALT Bit Set With Titanium Nitride CoatingTitanium Nitride CoatedWood, Plastic, Metal8.75 x 8.75 x 1.38‎14.9 ounces‎14PC Titanium STC0.0625;0.0781;0.09375;0.125;0.140625Click Here
HYCLAT Titanium Step Drill Bit with Aluminum Case Cobalt‎Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Plastic, Metal, Steel‎6.4 x 4.7 x 1.9 ‎14.4 ounces‎5pcs step drill bitsClick Here
Hymnorq Metric Heat Resistant Drill BitsCobalt Steel‎Metal5.12 x 0.59 x 2.76‎4.4 ounces13pcs Stainless Steel Drill BitsClick Here
Titanium Bit Set With HSS Coating High-Speed SteelMetal, Steel11 x 2 x 9‎3.83 pounds‎230pc KitClick Here
BOSCH Drill Bit Impact Tough Titanium SetTitaniumMetal, Steel4.84 x 0.64 x 7.8‎5.3 ounces(1) 1/16″, (1) 3/32″, (1) 1/8″Click Here
Proffi Twist Drill Bit with Split Point SetHigh-Speed SteelStainless, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Metal, Steel7.95 x 5.28 x 1.5714 Ounces7-Piece Twist Drills, Split Point, Metal CaseClick Here

10 Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel: A Detail Review

Now it’s time to detail the top 10 boring tools mentioned in the table above. Hopefully, a DIYer can choose the piercing tool he needs from here.

1. IRWIN Drill Cobalt Alloy Steel Bit Set

This product comes first in the context of the best drill bits list. It is better for those who want to complete multiple gouging operations with one package. Being a set of 15 pieces, DIYers have plenty of options.

Features With Benefits:

Provides Multi-Purpose Drilling: This bit set is suitable for multi-purpose gouging because its primary material is cobalt. It allows hardened Steel to be drilled with an excellent finish.

Gives Outstanding Drilling Experience: The tool cuts at a 135-degree angle which allows the tool to enter quickly. Besides, the user does not have to exert extra physical pressure while gouging; it completes the grooving automatically.

Best For New Users: This tool set is best for new users as they can efficiently deal with it. Moreover, since it has 15 sizes of boring tools, DIYers can practice and start with one at their convenience. Besides, it’s hard to prevent the devices from falling out.


  • Visible clear lid for an easy view;
  • Convenient for carrying and storage;
  • comes with different configurations;
  • Split point reduces feed pressure;
  • Easy removal and customizable bits;
  • Spiral flute allows a quick chip ejection;
  • Affordable price.


  • Difficult to control when starting.

2. IRWIN Drill Cobalt Alloy Steel Fractional Bit Set

This model from the IRWIN brand is in the second position in our top list drill bit top collections. If you want to complete your piercing operation with a quality product, you should choose this one. The excellent Cobalt Alloy Steel finish allows hardened Steel to conduct effortlessly.

Features With Benefits:

Provides Excellent Drilling Capacity: Its excellent gouging capacity provides a good experience for DIYers and professionals. It completes any heavy work perfectly. Moreover, DIYers need to apply no extra pressure during grooving.

Ensures Easy Penetration: A straightforward approach must be easy penetration as it cuts at a 135-degree split point. In this case, the user does not have to go through any complicated process. No matter how hard Steel is, this tool can simply deal with it.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Cobalt alloy steel finish gives the tool a long life. This finish is also excellent at resisting corrosion. So users can use it in the same way even after heavy use and lengthy storage.

Offers Extreme Durability: Manufacturers have paid particular attention to the durability of these boring tools. The product is undoubtedly the best for regular gouging. Cobalt material and cobalt alloy finish bring excellent durability, which is truly unique.


  • Easy to operate;
  • Best for abrasive surfaces;
  • It comes with a more compact metal case;
  • Short-cutting lips ensure faster and more precise cuts;
  • Makes accurate cuts with the spiral flute design;
  • Produces faster chip ejection;
  • Best value for money;
  • Lightweight.


  • The cutting edge needs to be sharpened after some time.

3. Drill America Cobalt Bit Set With Round Case

This product provides an extended tool life and better performance than high-speed steel tools. It cuts at a 135-degree string angle to create small chips that significantly reduce clogging. Its gold oxide finish acts as a lubricant for the workpiece. Besides, cobalt steel can properly maintain hardness during grooving.

Features With Benefits:

Offers All Necessary Bits: This drill piercer set of 29 pieces of boring tools comes in various sizes. From a DIYer’s needs to a professional’s, almost all the bits needed are in one set.

Easy To Carry At Any Place: The set comes in a round case and can easily carry anywhere. By attaching it to your belt, you can safely take it in the field or shop without holding it by hand.

Gold Oxide Finishes Prevents Wear Out: Gold oxide finish prevents the boring tools from wearing out, abrasion or erosion, and reactions. Additionally, the finish lubricates the bits during mechanical action.

Provides An Extended Tools Life: The presence of rigid material like Cobalt gives significantly extended life compared to other piercing tools. It is much more durable and more substantial, especially compared to HSS.


  • Can enter into the most rigid materials without a pilot hole;
  • Reduces clogging by producing small chips;
  • Offers several piercing tool options;
  • Gives quick access to the case;
  • The plastic case is much easy to handle;
  • Fit anywhere, like a coffee mug during travel.


  • The smallest bits can be broken when gouging hard or thick metal. 

4. DEWALT Cobalt Alloy Drill Pilot Point Bit Set

This product is designed for DIYers or professionals who want to quickly make perfect cuts in hardened metals. The set contains 14-piece cutting tools that will allow you to complete your small to medium projects swiftly and efficiently. Users always recommend it as it creates perfect holes in hard surfaces.

Features With Benefits:

Offers Faster Cutting: These bits have a pilot point tip design that helps the DIYer cut down on start-up steps. This allows DIYers to gain real skills from the start and make a quick cut.

Provides DIYers More Precise Performance: Spiral flute type offers high performance to the user. You undoubtedly know that the spiral flute design can penetrate hard surfaces. So there is no need for the user to have prior experience.

Ensures Safe Transport: The case of the bits set is made from an industrial-grade ABS material, making transporting these easier and safer. Therefore the boring tools do not suffer any damage.

Needy Bits Are Easily Identifiable: There are some labeled slots and an advanced holder. It helps users to identify the right boring tools they need for the project.


  • Perfectly packaged to avoid the risk of damage;
  • Provides improved durability;
  • Cobalt makes the harsh piercing as much as the quickest;
  • Labeled slots help users stay organized;
  • It comes with a rubber lock to remain closed;
  • Offers optimum life and durability;
  • Great for piercing all rigid materials.


  • Not all boring tools are with the pilot point;
  • Somewhat expensive.

5. DEWALT Bit Set With Titanium Nitride Coating

Titanium Nitride Coated bits are durable and one of the best boring tools for working on hard metal surfaces. This model from DEWALT gives you these features. The manufacturer made these bits from a solid piece of heavy metal with 5 times more durability than average tools. 

The users do not have to open the lid to see the tools inside as it has a transparent cover which allows seeing the piercer at a glance and reduces the time of searching for the desired piercer.

Features With Benefits:

Bits Are Easy Removable: Users can change bits instantly as needed for the job. DIYers can easily remove these piercers from the chucks, and the required piercer can be installed quickly.

Works On Multiple Materials: The set has versatility. Each piercer can work perfectly on soft surfaces and hard metals. Besides, you can make holes in wood and plastic the same way as rigid metal.

Less Possibility To Break Bits: There is a patented web taper that enhances inflexibility. It decreases the potential to break the piercers. In this case, the piercers get protection, regardless of your work speed.


  • The clear lid allows users to notice the contents instantly;
  • Clip latch ensures a secure closing for the bit set;
  • Best for wood, plastic, and hard materials;
  • Extremely durable;
  • Best value for money;
  • Very affordable price;
  • Bits are easy to replace;
  • Heat resistant.


  • Bits are easy to take out of the case but not easy to put back because it suddenly hits;
  • The dirt easily gets stuck inside the case, slowly making it brittle.

6. HYCLAT Titanium Step Drill Bit with Aluminum Case 

Step bits are very popular with DIYers for gouging holes to the correct depth. It’s pretty different from the other piercers. These high-speed steel piercers can make holes in almost any hard metal surface including plastic, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. The package contains 5 pieces of bits that come in different steps. People use these steps to make holes according to the depth of the metal.

Features With Benefits:

Can Be Worked With One Break: Gouging a medium or large hole in hard metal does not require one go. You can go through each step with some breaks. It has several small and large steps to help make the desired hole.

No Need To Constantly Replace Bits: Changing bits over and over to make different holes is annoying. These piercers come in different-sized steps. So you can create multiple holes with one piercer. In most cases, no change is necessary.

Easy To Carry: The bits available in canvas packing. Although they are heavy, they seem lightweight due to the packaging. But you can carry it anywhere.

Best for DIYers: This set is the best option for those who are not professional in using pierces. One can use 5 piercers to make about 50 different-sized holes. Moreover, a step piercer makes the DIYer’s job a lot easier.


  • HSS versatility gives durability;
  • Can work with multiple elements;
  • Increases cutting speed to allow faster cutting;
  • Provides sharp cuts in various materials;
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur use;
  • Ensures safety by preventing flying metal scarves;
  • Creates the smoothest and most perfect holes.


  • It requires more time than the regular bits.

7. Hymnorq Metric Heat Resistant Drill Bits

If DIYers want to try another highly heat-resistant option, they should not overlook the Hymnorq Metric Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bits. Piercers made of Cobalt steel have high hardness properties that provide maximum heat resistance when working on rigid metal. Compared to HSS, it will undoubtedly be ahead in terms of durability.

Features With Benefits:

No Need Center Punch: No center punch is needed. Besides, there is no need to apply extra pressure. At low pressure, it can quickly penetrate deep into the metal. Also, it can enter the exact center without any stress.

Works For Multiple Materials: The bits can make holes in soft and hard materials. However, the user should adjust the RPM depending on the type of device.

Makes Holes Faster On Thick Materials: The spiral design of the piercers is best for thick hard metals. It creates holes perfectly on thick surfaces with the fastest removal rate.

Requires Lowest Cost Per Hole Drilled: Cobalt bits are more expensive than other options. But this is good for regular gouging because the investment is permanent when you invest in cobalt piercers. The user does not have to think about a further appointment.


  • More durable than other gouging kits;
  • Allows cutting with safety;
  • Helps reduce walking;
  • Allows drilling holes directly without requiring any pre-grooving;
  • Has a smooth surface for easy piercing;
  • M35 Cobalt ensures better performance for metal grooving;
  • Bits can be used with a manual electric drill.


  • If the cooling liquid is not used during drilling, bit melt is possible.
  • Users may face problems if they do not have enough experience in adjusting RPM.

8. Titanium Bit Set With HSS Coating 

Another easy-to-use and quality bit set is this product. These are made of high-speed Steel with high surface hardness and corrosion resistance. Its most notable feature is the titanium coating which acts as a lubricant during piercing to reduce friction. Moreover, not only hard metal surfaces, they can work efficiently with other materials as well.

Features With Benefits:

Can Work The Longest: There is no doubt that High-Speed ​​Steel is strong. But its titanium coating is six times stronger, allowing it to work with it for a long time.

Completely Resists Heat Generated: Completely neutralizes heat generated during drilling. It also removes debris so that it does not create friction with the beet.

Meets Almost All Project Needs: With many piercers in one case, the solution for any project from small to large is here. Also, the best option is to make holes of different sizes simultaneously.

Heavy Duty Case Keeps The Bits Safe: The case is strong enough to hold 250 kits nicely. They are always secure in the case by placing them correctly at the end of the work.


  • Fit most drills on the market;
  • Best suited for multiple jobs
  • Helix split point allows for faster cutting;
  • The clear lid makes it easy to see the contents inside;
  • Reduces bits walking and instantly clears all dust, chips, and debris away;
  • Decrease friction from a faster piercing process;
  • Soft to hard material – suitable for everything;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Small bits often break during rapid drilling.

9. BOSCH Drill Bit Impact Tough Titanium Set

The item’s name tells you that you are about to learn about another product suitable for applying to hardwood surfaces. As a versatile set, it has gained considerable popularity among users as these piercers match with some of the top brand drills in the market. It comes with much more durability as compared to HSS. That’s why most users recommend it.

Features With Benefits:

Has High Corrosion Resistance: Bits have a design that minimizes wear and has high surface corrosion resistance. It also provides a perfect drilling experience by generating relatively fewer chips.

Best For Hardest Metals: Can deal with the hardest and softest materials perfectly. No matter how thick or hard your material is. This piercer set will cut with careless sharpness.

Perfect For Professional Drilling: This set is the best choice for those who regularly work in professional environments. These allow very fast gouging, most needed for productive rock environments.


  • Makes a clean and accurate start;
  • A long flute helps to remove materials;
  • Hex shank keeps it usable in both impact drivers and drills;
  • It comes with a longer life, producing less friction;
  • No-skate tip reduces walking;
  • No need center punch;
  • Impact modes provide a clean and fast cutting.


  • There is no case for set ;
  • Once the tip gets dulled, the cutting edge does not regain it until the user replaces it.

10. Proffi Twist Drill Bit with Split Point Set 

Another great option made by High-Speed ​​Steel is the Proffi Twist Bit Set. This is undoubtedly the best for those looking for a professional bit set with the lowest fragility. The set of only 7 pieces offers different-sized piercers for working on rigid and flexible materials. Let’s find out what features have made it popular with DIYers and professionals.

Features With Benefits:

Makes Accurate Cuts: Allows for precise cuts of any size. Users can easily treat wood, plastic, iron, or rigorous metal surfaces using any of the 7 options.

Provides Best Performance: It offers the best performance while maintaining cutting accuracy and minimum brittleness. These cutting tools last longer as the amount of brittleness is reduced. Also, a 135-degree split-point makes gouging more precise.

Suitable For Universal Use: Only a few bits are ideal for grooving many types of materials. The set contains the most demanding piercers that meet the needs of most professionals.

High-Quality Bits: Each piercer in the set is manually checked by quality experts to ensure its high quality. So you can be sure that the set lasts in the market without compromising quality.


  • No center punch is needed;
  • Less walking gives a faster cutting speed;
  • Provides top-quality heat treatment;
  • Comes with an industrial quality;
  • Clears debris and decreases friction;
  • Ensures an accurate centering with a minimum turning and grinding;
  • Has a sturdy box to keep the piercers safe and organized.


  • Not suitable for highly hardened Steel.
  • The plastic handle of the box can get broken inadvertently.

Buying Guide On Choosing The Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel:

How To Choose The Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel? (Top 7 Considerations)

A user must concentrate on some discretions in selecting the appropriate pierce bits for hardened Steel. Based on consideration of material, coating, shank design, nit style, etc., a user has to decide on the right one. Then know which reviews are most important.

1. Consider The Material:

Considering the material of grooving piercers should be the priority. In most tools, high-speed steel and cobalt materials are present. Besides, HSS, Carbide-tipped, and Carbide are also used as the primary material. Each of these has different characteristics and specialties. 

Therefore you must know about the material in buying the product according to your needs. Cobalt steel is one of the most commonly used grooving piercer materials. It is pretty different from other materials in terms of properties. There are very few substitutes for the most hardened metals. 

Moreover, according to a report in “The Guardian(1), it has some health benefits for humans. Also, carbide tipped can pierce hard metals perfectly. Similarly, both Carbide and HSS can deal well with hardened Steel.

2. Understand The Coating Of The Bits:

One of the most important factors to consider is the coating of grooving bits. Drill piercers have several types of layers. The user must ensure the piercers have enough friction when passing through the rigid metal. So hard metal with no coating or regular coating will not be easy to conduct. For this reason, it is necessary to consider whether the layer is strong enough.

Bits used for most hardened steels have a titanium coating that reduces heat and increases productivity. On the other hand, one should avoid uncoated piercers for hardened Steel as they are only suitable for cutting soft metals.

Besides, there is Black oxide, Titanium-nitride, or Aluminum-titanium-nitride coating. They offer different characteristics for both hard and soft cuts. However, black oxide slightly increases chip flow but reduces subsequent friction.

3. Know About The Shank Design:

The usefulness of the work depends mainly on the shank design. Therefore this is also among the factors to consider in the buying guide. Shank is usually the end of the piercer attached to the chuck. This is the most robust shank design for working on hardened Steel. So, the piercers with a hex shank design are stable when grooving hard metals. 

A straight shank is used with both router bits and drill bits. The most significant function of this shank is that it can work perfectly in the right place by pointing to the center. Another feature of this is its ability to work with small piercers properly. Research has shown that (2) the advantage of using straight shanks for small or medium size drills is that it is possible to make large holes with them.

Besides, you must have heard about SDS shank. But it is not suitable for hardened Steel because it has to be hammered to make holes in hard metal. People sometimes use it in contrast to the hex shank.

4. Evaluate The Nit Style Type:

Users need to do much research on the Nit style of piercers when they are purchasing one for hardened Steel. The perfect cut depends a lot on the Nit style. So, the user needs to know about the performance of different types of nit design and choose the right one.

You can find Spiral-flute nit style on many piercings used for hardened Steel. It deals best with the hardest metals. There is also the Parabolic spiral flute. Despite its similarity in name to Spiral-Flute, please don’t make the mistake of choosing it for solid metal.

The spiral-flute design has tiny grooves for cutting hard metal that the parabolic does not. Parabolic spiral-flute can only perfectly pierce holes in plastics and soft metals such as aluminum. So, it is necessary to be more careful in this matter while purchasing.

5. Consider The Price:

When buying drill piercers, focus more on quality than price. Popular brands maintain the quality of both low-priced and high-priced products. So if you want an affordable option, pick one from the top brands that meet your budget. Hardened steel bits will often leave you thinking of a cheaper alternative. 

Less expensive kits may not work on harder metals. Also, before buying high-priced products, do enough research to ensure that you are getting the features you need with them. Kits made of solid materials can be expensive, but they are a lasting investment.

6. Research Customer Reviews:

Researching customer reviews is another essential thing to consider before buying piercers. There is no reason to be optimistic about a drill piercer set that has received a high rating. You should read the reviews. If there are positive comments from most users, it is quality equipment.

A few customers may have a bad experience due to user mistakes or accidentally, but the user should prioritize the majority of positive comments. Amazon’s trust platform places genuine customer reviews on its pages so new users can make the right decision. So it might be worth spending a little more time reading selected product reviews.

7. Value For The Money:

The final consideration is the best value for money. Drill bits are an investment for hardened steel surfaces. Hence, a DIYer must choose an option that will be the best value for money. Regular piercers are not suitable for hard metals because they do not have the required properties. This type of piercer is ideal for wood, tile, or soft metals such as aluminum.

You can use some regular piercers in hard metals, but they do not withstand enough heat and become damaged after a while. DIYers often go for cheaper options. This causes the piercers to fail to meet the rigid surface perfectly.

Cobalt Alloy Steel, HSS, or Titanium Nitride Coated bits have durability features. Hence, they are suitable for long-term use and do not require frequent changes. Then undoubtedly, the piercers of this material offer the user a money-saving option.

Related Questions:

Which Is Better For Hardened Steel: M35 or M42 Cobalt?

Between M35 and M42 Cobalt, M42 Cobalt is better for hardened Steel because the higher the amount of Cobalt in cobalt bits, the harder the metal. Although both cobalt amounts are useful in high-temperature resistance(3), some differences exist. M35 grade piercer contains 5% cobalt, while M42 contains 8% cobalt. M35 can be selected considering affordability. However, if looking for a more heat-resistant option, M42 should be used.

Much energy is required when grooving holes in hardened Steel. So, the material that will generate the most heat and be durable should be selected. M42 grade bits have a significantly higher cobalt content and are undoubtedly more durable than M35. Therefore M42 should be preferred for stronger metals.

Can You Use Cobalt Drill Bits For Hardened Steel?

Cobalt bits are said to be most suitable for hardened Steel because they are made strong enough to deal with hard metals easily. According to a study in the book “Introduction to Materials for Advanced Energy Systems” (4), Cobalt is very useful for high-speed bits used in stainless Steel and other thick metals. Besides, cobalt bits are less susceptible than other drill piercers, which are not easily damaged even at high temperatures.

Generally, Cobalt is an upgraded form of HSS. Although HSS can make holes in stainless Steel, it is not as efficient as Cobalt. Cobalt bits are designed to work perfectly on hard metals(5). It can efficiently make holes in tough metals like titanium or stainless Steel.

Which Is The Best Choice For Hardened Steel: Cobalt Or Titanium Drill Bits?

Cobalt is undoubtedly more suitable than titanium for hardened Steel. Usually, manufacturers design these Cobalt drill bits to deal with harder metals. Therefore, nothing else can be imagined as an alternative to cutting hardened or thick metal. On the other hand, piercers with a titanium coating are suitable for use on wood or soft metals. It can never give effective cuts in hard metal. 

Another thing to clarify here is that Titanium is harder than Cobalt, but they are not as sharp. For this reason, Cobalt cannot work perfectly on hardened Steel. If you ever want to work on hardened metal with it, the piercers will be easily damaged because it is not highly heat resistant. Cobalt resists high heat and is durable.

Can Carbide Drill Hardened Steel?

Carbide bits are one of the most substantial drill bits that can cut rigid materials like hardened Steel. It provides plenty of power when grooving hard metal. The piercers can cut concrete and tile as well. It also produces perfectly sharp holes in hard metals and resists abrasion. 

However, users should consider important factors while using it. A study by Harvard University shows(6) that when grooving, be aware of the impact of drilling parameters. Particular attention should be paid to cutting speed, feed rate, and pierce size. Although it is very hard, it is often brittle. So one should be careful while using it.

Can You Use Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits To Cut Hardened Steel?

Another drill piercer used for drilling hardened Steel is tungsten carbide bits. Tungsten Carbide bits are harder than high-speed Steel and can efficiently drill on tough metal surfaces. Besides, scratch-resistant is another excellent feature that sets it apart from other options. Moreover, the piercers can maintain hardness even under high temperatures.

Tungsten carbide bits contain Cobalt, and you may know how strong the bits will be depending on the amount of Cobalt. The more Cobalt it has, the harder it is. And the less cobalt tungsten carbide is less intense. Therefore, before gouging hardened Steel, it is necessary to check the amount of Cobalt used. If the amount of Cobalt is less, the boring tools will be soft and provide lower performance.

Which Is The Most Considerable Thing To Choose Drill Bits For Hardened Steel?

Heat-resistant quality and durability are the most important things when choosing drill bits for hardened Steel. Generally, the presence of Cobalt in the bit gives it durability. So this is an essential criterion for selecting a good one. The higher the presence of Cobalt, the more the piercers can withstand the heat generated. When the piercers have the maximum ability to resist heat, they will undoubtedly last.

Therefore, the selection of piercers must consider its materials. The coating is also another essential consideration. For gouging hardened Steel, users should select these bits with a titanium coating because they can easily cut through tough materials.

Final Recommendations:

After reviewing all the best drill bits for hardened Steel, it’s time to give you a final view of them. Previously, I called the DEWALT Bit Set With Titanium Nitride Coating the best for those who want my opinion as a reviewer. Other picks are also good enough.

The Titanium Bit Set With HSS Coating is the best for those who want a slightly more affordable option. Moreover, the DEWALT Cobalt Alloy Drill Pilot Point Bit Set is suitable for faster cutting. 

However, all the drill bits models mentioned in the article are still ruling the market due to various features. So, you can confidently decide on either one. As there are many other options in the market, you can also research them. But whatever you buy, you must consider the factors mentioned above.


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