Best Fly Fishing In Canada

For the best fly fishing in Canada, renowned locations include Chilko River with its stunning views, Waterton River, Alberta’s trout “mecca”, and Kesagami Lake famous for its large northern pikes, while lodges like Ts’yl-os Park Lodge and Kesagami Lake Wilderness Lodge offer exquisite fishing adventures.

ProvinceLocationFish SpeciesBest time to VisitAdditional Information
British ColumbiaCampbell RiverChinook, Coho, Pink SalmonDuring Salmon RunsKnown as the “Salmon Capital of the World”
British ColumbiaSkeena River SystemSteelheadSummer and FallProlific place for Steelhead fishing
AlbertaThe Bow RiverBrown and Rainbow TroutN/AMight want to check out Eastslope Adventures for fishing excursions
AlbertaAthabasca RiverPike and WalleyeN/AFavorite spot for Pike and Walleye fishing; bring sturdy gear
QuebecRestigouche RiverAtlantic SalmonDuring the Salmon Run in SummerSerene location for fishing
OntarioLake NipigonBrook TroutFallLargest lake in Ontario; offers fishing opportunities year round
OntarioLake ErieBassN/ABoth top-water and deep-sea fishing opportunities available

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Why Canada is Renowned for its Fly Fishing Spots

Canada’s vast land and diverse environments, which range from freshwater systems to sprawling oceans, offer an extraordinary variety in fly fishing experiences. Not only is the terrain beautiful and the ecosystems vibrant, Canada is also the home to a plethora of fish species such as Salmon, Trout, and Pike. In addition, most of these fishing locations have well-managed conservation programs that facilitate the continuance of diverse and healthy fish populations.

Guidelines, Regulations, and Licenses

Before embarking to the Canadian waters, it’s paramount to learn about different provincial rules and regulations, as there might be specific protections in place or guidelines to follow depending on the locale you choose for your fishing adventure. Moreover, remember to apply and secure your fishing license which typically is reasonably priced and significantly contributes to conservation efforts.

Premier Fly Fishing Regions in Canada

British Columbia:

- ***Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Campbell River:*** Known as the "Salmon Capital of the World," one can target Chinook, Coho, and Pink Salmon here. It's recommended to visit during the salmon runs and stay at Ts'yl-os Park Lodge, where you can have easy access to the famous fishing spots.
- ***Steelhead Fishing on the Skeena River System:*** The Skeena River system is one of the most prolific places for Steelhead fishing. It's best to pay a visit during the summer and fall for the best catches. If you're planning on fishing in Sustut River - a part of the Skeena system - do consider staying at the peaceful Suskeena Lodge.


  • Trout Fishing in The Bow River: You can find around 3000 brown and rainbow trout per mile in these waters. Eastslope Adventures offers a variety of fishing excursions in the area which you might want to check out.
  • Pike and Walleye Fishing in Athabasca River: Athabasca River is a favorite amongst those targeting Pike and Walleye. Don’t forget to pack sturdy and heavy-duty gear, as these fish can put up a robust fight.


  • Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Restigouche River: The Restigouche offers a serene location for Atlantic Salmon Fishing. Make sure to book your trip during the salmon run in summer for a fruitful time by the water.

Canada’s Best Fly Fishing Lakes

The Unique Lake Fisheries of Ontario:

  • Brook Trout Fishing in Lake Nipigon: This is the largest lake in Ontario and offers excellent Brook trout fishing opportunities throughout the year. Planning your trip during the fall will increase your chances of success.
  • Bass Fishing in Lake Erie: Bass Fishing in Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, can be an exhilarating experience. Bring along both top-water and deep-sea fishing gear, as the lake can be shallow in some parts and deep in others.

Essential Equipment to Bring

For a successful fly fishing trip in Canada, you’ll need your fishing pole, flies, and waders. With the typically rigid temperatures, you aren’t likely to need a fishing cooler, but it depends on how many you plan to bag. Be sure to bring gear suited for the type of fish you’re targeting, the varied Canadian water bodies, and local rules and guidelines.

Final Thoughts on Fly Fishing in Canada

Canadian fly fishing offers an exhilarating combination of pristine landscapes and rich fishing options. From the rivers of British Columbia to the lakes of Ontario, you’re bound to have a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. A final piece of advice before you head off is to study up on the location you plan on visiting, make sure you have the proper gear, and be aware of the peak seasons for the species you’re targeting. With those checked off, you’re all set to enjoy the finest fly fishing in the world.

Happy fishing, folks!

Key Takeaways:

  • Canada’s BC and Alberta regions offer some of the most remarkable fly fishing locations globally, renowned for their beauty and plentiful fishing options.
  • Chilko River in BC is celebrated for dry fly fishing, with the additional attraction of scenic views of the Pacific Coast Mountains. Ts’yl-os Park Lodge situated nearby offers a perfect base for this fishing adventure.
  • Sustut River, associated with the Suskeena Lodge, provides fertile steelhead runs, adding to its reputation among fishing enthusiasts.
  • Nootka Sound is another prime location for steelhead fishing, with Nootka Chrome Adventures offering unique fly-fishing packages.
  • Alberta’s Waterton River, affiliated with Eastslope Adventures, is considered a “mecca” for trout enthusiasts, providing excursions to catch these wild fish.
  • Haida Gwaii is the spot to be for winter steelhead fishing., with Copper Bay Lodge offering multi-day excursions for a wholesome fishing experience.
  • Hatchet Lake in Saskatchewan provides an opportunity to catch trophy-sized lake trout, walleye, northern pike, and arctic grayling.
  • Little Vermilion Lake is populated with smallmouth bass, northern pike, and muskie.
  • Kesagami Lake, renowned for its northern pike, is home to Kesagami Lake Wilderness Lodge, offering remote experiences for wilderness enthusiasts. The pikes here can measure up to 50 inches and weigh around 30 pounds.
  • Kississing Lake is a well-liked spot for catching walleye, northern pike, and lake trout, with visitors reportedly catching around 100 fish per day.
  • Bow River contains around 3,000 brown and rainbow trout per mile, making it a favorite amongst fishing enthusiasts.

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Additional Questions

Which province has the best fishing in Canada?

**The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Western Canada are renowned for their excellent fishing.** These areas are particularly famed for their fly fishing opportunities, with some claiming them to be among the best fly fishing regions anywhere in North America.

Is fly fishing big in Canada?

**Yes, fly fishing is extremely popular in Canada,** especially in the western regions. Known for its vast rivers and lakes, Western Canada offers an impressive array of trout and steelhead, making it a top destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Which Canadian province is known for fishing?

**The Canadian province of Alberta is arguably the most well-known for fishing.** The province’s Bow River is considered one of Canada’s best trout streams – it’s not uncommon to catch trophy-size ‘bows and brown trout here. Other notable trout streams in the region include the Castle, Crowsnest, and Oldman rivers.

What state has the best fly fishing?

**The state of Florida tops the list of the prime saltwater fly fishing destinations in the United States.** The state is also renowned for offering the opportunity to catch some unique species only found in Central and South America.

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