5 Best Green Laser Pointers for Power-Freaks

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So, you want your beams to be neon green? Great idea. A powerful, toxic-green beam can certainly make for some unforgettable visual experiences. And, since green lasers are quite uncommon, the wow-factor will certainly warrant a purchase.

I’m sure that you already got all misty-eyed about shooting stunning green-pillars into the night. But, before we proceed, allow me to give a quick note of caution. The green beam will not be as immediately arresting as, say, a red beam. This is deceptive. As a general rule, green laser pointers are some of the most powerful laser pointers around. This means that a green beam with a power level of 500mW will be much more striking and dangerous than a red or blue counterpart with the same power level. But, as always, safety first, lasers second.

To help our readers find the best of the best, we decided to round up the most impressive green laser pointers. Some of these bad boys stun with their sheer power, while some will surprise you with a great price-quality ratio. All in all, despite the list not being overly long, I’m positive that our readers will find an elite green laser pointer best suited to their needs.

These are the best green laser pointers:

Best Overall: PL-E Pro 520nm Diode Green Laser Pointer

Best Overall: PL-E Pro 520nm Diode Green Laser Pointer

Price: $269.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 1000mW or 700mW

Let’s start with the best of the best, shall we? When it comes to high-powered green laser pointers, PL-E Pro Series is a legend. Many of the devices from this series also featured in our “most powerful laser pointers” list, and for good reason. The key players from the PL-E series stun with their functionality, amazing price-quality ratio, and design.

And, this model is nothing less than THE most powerful green laser pointer currently available. Yes, the Krypton from Wicked Lasers gives you 1W as well. But, in my opinion, PL-E Pro has it beat in most categories.

For starters, let’s talk pricing. The Krypton currently goes for $499. And, let’s be realistic here. Not everyone is a maniac like me, willing to shell out $500 for a laser pointer. PL-E Pro goes for $269.99 on Jet Lasers. So, for almost half the price, you get a green laser exactly as powerful as the Krypton.

Design-wise, the model from Jet Lasers also has the Krypton beat.
The attention to detail in the PL-E series is unmatched. Although the PL-E Pro is slightly heavier than the Krypton, the grip of the device is much better. Plus, the focusing mechanism of the PL-E series is THE best-in-class when it comes to beam control.

So, all in all, this is the best and the most powerful green laser pointer currently on the market. Nothing more, nothing less.

World Record-Breaking: Spyder 3 Krypton from Wicked Lasers

World Record-Breaking: Spyder 3 Krypton from Wicked Lasers

Price: $499 on Wicked Lasers

Power Level Options: 1000mW

The previously described PL-E Pro model is the Batman of green laser pointers. Stylish, powerful, and game-changing. Krypton is more like the Hulk. Robust, eye-catching, and loud.

With its nine operating modules and larger-than-life design, the Krypton is certainly unique. It is currently the only green laser pointer that can go toe-to-toe with the PL-E Pro 520nm Diode Green Laser.

Power-wise, this is a 1W device, just like the PL-E Pro. And, as you know, a 1W device will give you a beam that can be seen by astronauts. Or UFOs. Actually, UFOs would be the better pick. Blinding human spacecraft-operators might not be the best idea.

The beam of the device is legendary. It is poison-green, slightly menacing, and vibrant. I could probably write poetry about my experiences with the Krypton in the dead of night. Ok-ok, I couldn’t, for now…you never know.

Price-wise, the Krypton is a bit heavier on the wallet than the PL-E Pro. Currently, the Krypton is on sale for $499 at Wicked Lasers. Steep, sure. But, take into consideration that the S3 Series is Guinness-certified. No laser pointer collection would be complete without this series.

To sum it up, if you want a toy of epic proportions, go for the Krypton. It is a bit lighter, has more operating modules, and looks a bit more glamorous. If you want supreme functionality and sheer power, go for the PL-E Pro.

Best Value: PL-E Mini 520nm Green Laser Pointer

Best Value: PL-E Mini 520nm Green Laser Pointer

Price: Starting from $139.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 1000mW, 700mW or 50mW

When it comes to the price-quality ratio, this small beast is the king among green laser pointers. Just take a look at the possible power levels. Ok, I see a 1W device for $229.99. Huh? Did the author blind himself with one of his lasers and make a typo?

Nope, Jet Lasers really is selling a 1W green laser pointer with this price. And, it is a PL-E Mini. If you are a long-time lurker of this site, you are already aware of the many advantages of the PL-E Mini series.

In short, the PL-E Mini series provides compact, beautifully-designed laser pointers. Several of them have become legends of my camping trips and late-night detours in the city. And, In my opinion, the PL-E Mini 520nm Green Laser has set a new benchmark for other miniature green laser pointers. It is as light as the legendary Krypton, and as powerful as the PL-E Pro 520nm Diode Green Laser.

To summarize, this green laser is a bit of a hidden gem. The power level, the beauty of the beam, the lightness, the meticulous craftsmanship. All these features make it one of the most innovative green laser pointers currently available. Without a shadow of a doubt, this bad boy gives the much-coveted S3 Krypton and the PL-E Pro Series a run for their money.

Cheap & Powerful: PL-E Pro 532nm Green Laser Pointer

Cheap & Powerful: PL-E Pro 532nm Green Laser Pointer

Price: Starting from $179.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 800mW, 700mW, 600mW, 500mW, 400mW, 300mW, 200mW

We continue with the slightly less powerful version of our pick for the best green laser pointer. Make no mistake, this green laser is still a beastly performer. The beam of this model is as vibrant, as effective, and as mind-blowing as that of the “chart-topper”.

And, the laser pointer even has a few features exclusive to this model. For one, you get to choose between seven different power levels. Talk about freedom of choice!

Even the 200mW version would make for a fantastic entry to the world of green laser pointers. It is enough to light matches and pop balloons. From my experience, these are the two party tricks that first-timers try upon receiving their glorious beam.

It goes without saying, that for lesser power, you will also be paying less. The 200mW version is currently on sale for $179.00 on Jet Lasers. Considering the high-quality build and the durability of the PL-E Pro, the price is a bargain.

Compact & Beginner-Friendly: PL-E Mini 532nm Green Laser

Compact & Beginner-Friendly: PL-E Mini 532nm Green Laser

Price: Starting from $169.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 600mW, 500mW, 400mW, 300mW, 200mW

Also featured in our sheer power ranking list, this is among the best miniature-sized green laser pointers available. With the possibility of five different power options, it easily goes toe-to-toe with his big brother, the PL-E Pro.

But, even if it loses in sheer power, the Mini still has several benefits over its Pro counterpart. Mainly in the lightness and compatibility department.

The lightness of the device makes it THE essential camping trip device. As you probably know, nights in the wilderness are the ideal scenarios for powerful laser pointers. The remoteness will give you the freedom to finally go all out, and test the full capabilities of your green laser pointer. So, it goes without saying, that no camping trip is complete without the PL-E Mini.

Don’t be fooled by the “Mini” in the title, the beam is still a sight to behold. PL-E Mini shoots a magnificent, toxic-green pillar of power. One, that will cut through the darkness, making your presence known to the surrounding wilderness.

So, for those looking for an extremely powerful, yet very lightweight green laser pointer, the PL-E Mini Series will provide an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful green laser pointer?

Bearing the compact, handheld design along with solid-state diode technology for efficient power transfer, the Krypton has been widely recognized as the most powerful green laser pointer in today’s market. Its remarkably intense green beam is so robust that it isn’t limited to just indoor presentations or playing with your pet. In fact, it’s so powerful that you can use it to point at individual stars in the night sky. Astronomers and stargazing enthusiasts find it a handy tool. To put it in perspective of its unbelievable strength, astronauts in space can actually witness the Krypton beam if pointed in their direction. Krypton really pushes the borders of what we perceive as the potential of handheld lasers.

Which color laser pointer is the most powerful?

While the color of a laser doesn’t necessarily indicate its strength, when it comes to commercially available laser pointers, blue ones are known for their superior intensity. What’s more, these are not just your run-of-the-mill pointers. They are so potent that they can ignite materials such as paper, pop balloons, or even melt plastic if used without the necessary precautions. So, while a green or red laser may serve well for presentations or stargazing, a blue laser exhibits much more power. Blue laser pointers offer an intense, unmatched illuminating experience, but their significant igniting power also advocates for extra careful usage.

What is the most potent portable laser?

Power and portability don’t often go hand-in-hand, especially in the world of lasers. However, thanks to the relentless pursuit for innovation by Daniel Black, a renowned specialist in electronic systems at PA Consulting, we now have a record-breaking handheld laser. This extraordinary device offers a peak power of 7.61W, with a sustained power of 7.10W. This is sheer power equivalent to having 8,000 traditional laser pointers combined! Gaining the title as the most powerful portable laser, Black’s invention surely reigns supreme in the fusion of mobility and power in laser technology.

What is the most powerful laser pointer that can burn?

The art of laser technology reminds us, there’s always more than meets the eye. For instance, blue lasers, like the Briday Class 4 laser pointers, may appear dimmer compared to their green or red counterparts. However, they carry more power to get things heated up – quite literally! Despite their dim appearance, these pointers are well-capable of burning stuff, which explains why they’re the go-to choice when a burning tool is needed. So, don’t be fooled by their dimness; Briday Class 4 blue lasers hold the crown as the most powerful burning laser pointers.

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