Best Night Vision Goggles For Helmet – Top Picks & Reviews 2023

Night visions are reliable equipment for hunting and military use. As you know, there are 4 Generations of night visions used for goggles, riflescopes, and binoculars.  

If you are in search of the best night vision goggles for helmets, we have a thoroughly researched list of products for you. All the information about each of the products is given with its pros and cons.

To buy a night vision, first, you need to decide which night vision generation will be suitable for you according to your end users. We have discussed all 4 generations below.

Best Night Vision Goggles For Helmet

Also, if you are confused about the right ones, the following buying guide will help you choose the best NV for yourself, keeping in mind your budget.

Four Generations of Night Vision

Night Vision has been around for a very long time. The first-night vision was developed at the time of the Vietnam war for military use only. With time, they were improved, and newer generations of night vision were developed.

1st Generation Night Vision

The oldestGeneration of night visions is almost half a century since the 1960s. They have a range of 75 yards and a resolution of 40 lp/mm. This means that they were not able to show objects farther than 75 yards clearly.  

Also, the life expectancy of these night visions was around 1000 to 1500 hours. But these night visions were not usable with any weapon or equipment and were carried in hands by the user.

2nd Generation Night Vision

The night vision was improved with time using better technology and image intensifier tubes which improved its life expectancy, range as well as resolution. In performance, they are more advanced, like the 3rd generation night vision instead of the 1st generation night vision. 

They perform much better than the 1st gen in low-light conditions and offer a much clearer view. The range of 2nd generation night vision is almost 200 yards, and the resolution is 45 to 55 lp/mm. Also, it has a higher life expectancy of around 5000 hours with increased battery life.  

Moreover, 2nd generation NVs are usable with helmets, rifles, crossbows, and other equipment. Besides, the 2nd gen night visions can vary in performance and price.

3rd Generation Night vision

The 3rd generation night visions are the most popular ones. Special forces use these. They are made with the most advanced technology of “autogated Image tubes.” 

Just like 2nd gen NV, these also work without using any IR illuminator and have the ability to offer a clear view even in the dark. The range of 3rd Gen NV Is up to 300 yards, and the resolution is 64 lp/mm. Besides, the battery life of 3rd gen night vision is almost 10,000 hours.  

Military forces and hunters are relying on the 3rd gen of NV to use them with helmets, rifles, binoculars, cameras, and other things.

4th Generation night vision

4th gen NV term is used as a market term for improved 3rd gen technology. These are almost 10% better than others in terms of performance and cost a lot. Therefore, the 4th Gen night visions are still not so popular in the market as they are not under the budget of many end users. 

So depending on your need and budget, you have to decide first which GenerationGeneration of night vision will be best for you. If you need an NV for hunting purposes to use with helmets, I would recommend you to get either 2nd or 3rd gen NV.  

Besides deciding on GenerationGeneration, there are several other factors to keep in mind while looking for night vision goggles for a helmet. Read the buying guide given below to understand those factors.

Buying Guide for Best Night Vision Goggles for a Helmet

You have to consider everything to get the best out of your night vision goggles. Somehow a factor can affect any other factor and thus the overall performance of the goggles. These factors include:

Durable Quality and Waterproof

No matter what night vision gadget you use, it should be durable for bearing the weather conditions such as rain or fog.  

Also, as the goggles or other Equipements are used outdoors, the housing of the gadget should be reliable so that it does not break on droppings.  

Therefore, before buying any night vision goggles, make sure they are the best in quality and are waterproof.

Magnification Power and FOV:

The main job of night vision goggles is to show you a clear view of an object in the dark. This means that the magnification power of a goggle is not something to worry about.  

You just need a pair of goggles with the widest field of view that will come with 1x the magnification power of the goggles.

Battery life and power:

Night vision devices rely on batteries to work and thus need a good source of power. If you are a hunter or traveler, it won’t be possible for you to charge the goggles every few hours. So, go for a pair of goggles with longer battery life so you can use them for longer without worrying about their battery getting drained.

Range of View:

The range of a pair of NV goggles depends on the range of the night vision generation used for it. As 2nd and 3rd Generation NV has a higher range of 200 and 300 yards, respectively, they are better to use for professional users than the 1st generation night visions

Generally, the 1st generation night visions, with almost 75 yards, are used for nonprofessional or amateur purposes. Long story short, if you need goggles with the highest range, 3rd or 4th gen NV goggles will be the best ones for you.

Life Expectancy:

Another factor that depends on the Generation of night vision used is the life expectancy of the night vision goggles. According to your purpose of use, you need to choose goggles with sufficient life expectancy.  

For professional use, NV goggles with 2500 to 5000 hours are affordable. However, you can go for better for almost 7500 to 10000 hours, but it will definitely cost you more.


As the main purpose of goggles is to give you a clear view, the resolution of the lenses is the most important factor to consider. Also, the prices of any night vision gear are primarily determined by its resolution power.

The 2nd and 3rd gen NV goggles offer a resolution of 45 to 60 lp/mm, which is sufficient for professional users.

Light Spectrum and Sensitivity:

Before buying, ensure that the night vision goggles have a reliable range of spectrum and sensitivity to detect the light and offer a clear and bright enough view to see clearly in the dark. Also, it will determine how well your goggles can perform in fog or any other weather condition. 


Your goggles should be light in weight so that you can carry them or wear them easily. The right size for your eyes and backpack both is crucial to make your trip or activity for which you are using the goggles comfortably. 

Advanced Features:

As a professional user, you will need a pair of goggles with advanced features and ease of use to get the most out of your gear. Therefore, check for any reliable features while buying a pair of goggles that comes under your budget.

List of the Best Night Vision Goggles for Helmet:

You can read the product description of a number of the best NV goggles available on amazon below. Each goggle has a few pros and cons; therefore, read carefully to save yourself from wasting any money.

CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles


  • Wide display screen
  • Enough storage
  • Works in complete darkness
  • Sufficient battery life
  • Strong and easy to grip


  • Instructions are difficult to understand
  • Requires too many batteries

Creative XP night vision goggles work like a charm in the darkness. Truly a night vision device that doesn’t require even a little light to work with. The three-step IR switch of the binocular comes in handy for the functioning of the binoculars. 

At testing for the first time, I was able to view as far as 1600 feet with clear results at night. With a 25 mm lens, it zooms an image up to 3x, and the digital magnification is up to 4x. 

Its viewing screen is 2.31 inches for a wide display. As a hunter for me, this binocular proved to be one of the best ones for spotting animals from far away at night. 

What’s more delightful is that it has 128 GB of storage, thus creating a reliable binocular plus cam for photographers also. The result of the camera with the clear optics is also amazing, with a resolution of 3200x1800px, so get ready to take those amazing shots and videos of wildlife that you were preparing yourself for both at night as well as in daylight.

And you won’t have to look for an sd card yourself as the compatible one comes with it. 

Other accessories that come with this binocular include a power bank and an AC adapter. If you are a photographer, a tripod will be helpful. For this, binocular Bushnell or Sightmark tripods are compatible.

Coming to the durability of the goggles, the housing is built of quite sturdy material and is multi-coated, which makes it strong and waterproof. It works in any kind of weather condition, so don’t worry about rain or fog. 

The only drawback of this binocular is its huge amount of required batteries. They also make the binoculars a bit heavy to hold, making the tripod necessary for photography. However, it is quite comfortable, with an amazing grip to hold even for a long time.

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular


  • Amazing zoom capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Best performance at night time
  • Great for photography and videography
  • Sufficient battery life
  • Low price


  • Manual focus for a clear view
  • Low resolution

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular has an amazing zoom capacity that lets you view the targets from long distances of almost 600 feet with the 4.5 x magnification level, but with this zoom and magnification level, the field of view is a bit narrower.

However, this is not a big problem for zooming only at one target at a time. It has 40 mm optics that shows a clear and sharp image with a resolution that might seem low but is enough for spotting any animal in any weather condition for beginners. Thanks to the multicoated objectives for a clear image.

The monocular works at both day and night and gives a clear view even in ambient light. Also, you can take sharp images or record videos, but you need to buy an sd card separately for it. The capacity of the sd card is 32 GB, which is undoubtedly sufficient for professional photographers. 

If you are a beginner, the user manual is easy to understand and will come in handy for you. Besides, it is quite easy to operate, and just the manual focusing is a little bit tricky.

With the rubberized lens cap and control covers, the monocular is fully protected in any weather condition and won’t get damaged on dropping. Also, the grip is quite amazing, preventing it from slipping from your hands.

I didn’t feel it to be heavy for carrying around, but a tripod will be required for photography.

It requires 4 batteries to function, which are also not included in the package. Besides the low resolution, I didn’t notice any prominent cons, and even that is quite enough to work with for beginners.

Besides, although IR lights enhance the performance to a great extent for nighttime use, this monocular works best even without it.

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z2 Monocular


  • Sharp and clear images
  • wifi feature
  • Easy to use
  • Well built
  • Good for price


  • Short battery life
  • Small FOV

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z 2 Monocular is one of the best Night Vision goggles for helmet if you are a beginner or even a professional.

With a 50 mm lens, it gives a clear and sharp view, and the 1080p resolution is reliable for sharp and clear images. You can view up to 1000 feet clearly with the zoom capacity of this monocular, having 6x magnification power. 

The built-in IR illuminator is great for nighttime usage. Thus this monocular is reliable for both day and night use. A unique feature of this monocular is that it can be controlled by a mobile device. Besides, you can watch the images on a smartphone or tablet via wifi. 

I like to capture images and record videos in the woods and mountains, and thus am using a monopod for this monocular to get sharp and steady images. Also, as the monocular is a bit heavy with the batteries, you cannot hold it in your hands for long.

The included wrist strap and carrying case also come in handy for carrying the monocular around. 

I have used a few other monoculars, and comparatively, the field of view of this one seemed smaller than previous ones. But still, it was fine for me. 

However, the battery life of this monocular is quite poor and even poorer with the flashlight on or for a long hunting trip. You can not keep it turned on for viewing something. 

Using this monocular is very easy, even for a beginner. Just read the instructions carefully, and you can quickly control or adjust the focus. For the price, this is a well-built, reliable, and efficient monocular.

Krevia Binocular for Long Distance


  • Clear results for long distances
  • Best for daytime use
  • Aesthetic design for all
  • Great for price


  • Night vision is not reliable for professionals
  • The strap is poor in quality

I bought Krevia Binoculars 2 months ago and have loved this for traveling purposes. With a range of 1000 meters, these binoculars work well, letting you view the target clearly.

It has a zooming power of 8×40; thus, it magnifies your target enough to show the bits and details of your target. The lenses are great and instantly adjustable. 

Not only are the lenses adjustable but also multi-coated, which means they are reliable to be used in any weather conditions, including rain or fog. Also, you don’t need to worry about the monocular breaking on dropping on a rough surface.

It has a cool design that is suitable to use for men, women, and kids as well. It is lightweight to carry around even in your hands and has a good battery life.

I would totally recommend this for traveling, hunting, sports watching, or surveillance purposes. In short, an excellent choice for any long-distance viewing.

The package includes 3 sets of lens covers, a hanging strip, and a storage bag. Like the binoculars, each item is the best in quality except for the strap. It seems like it would wear out quickly. Therefore, I used one of my previous binoculars. 

This binocular is one of the best in this price range and works perfectly during the daytime. However, the results at night time are not so great. Otherwise, reliable for both professionals and beginners.

Nikon ACULON A211 -10-22 x 50 8252 Binocular


  • Clear results during both day and night
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reliable for various purposes
  • Well built
  • Reasonable price


  • A little heavy

If you are looking for a 10x magnification power binocular for a helmet, Nikon Aculon A211 8252 is a good beginner-level binocular. It shows bright and clear images even in low lights and has a multi-coated 50 mm lens for sharp results.

The quality of the lens of this binocular is amazing. They are Porro-style high-index lenses. You can view clear images of long distances of up to 1000 yards with an acceptable field of view of 199 feet. 

With the ergonomic design, you are able to handle and control the binoculars comfortably and efficiently adjust the zoom and focus with the fingertip zoom control. 

The magnification range of the binocular from 10 to 22 makes it reliable for various purposes such as hunting, birdwatching, or security. 

It has a cool ergonomic design with an amazing grip and doesn’t slip from your hands even in rainy or foggy weather conditions. But it is not at all waterproof or fog proof. Besides, the rubber armored coating protects it from any kind of damage on dropping from hands. 

It performs up to the mark during daylight with no color aberration noticed even at the time of bright sunlight as well as during the night, showing the target clearly, which makes it a reliable binocular even for viewing the moon and the stars. 

I am not a professional astronomer, but this seems quite great for any amateur like me. I mainly use this for hunting and birdwatching. 

Although it doesn’t weigh much, buying a tripod in case you need it is always a good choice. Still, it depends on the purpose of use. Overall, it is a good binocular at quite a reasonable price.


The most advanced night vision goggles with reliable features are NightFox. Corsac and CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles. They show a clear and sharp image with optimum quality lens and sufficient magnification power.

For night vision, a low-intensity green or red light is the best as they keep the eye’s vision prepared for the white light when turned off.

The three types of night vision are image intensifiers, digital NV devices, and thermal imagers night vision devices.


CREATIVE XP Night Vision Goggles and Bushnell Night Vision_Equinox Z2 Monoculars are the most popular night vision devices for various purposes. They are fairly priced and perform well in any weather conditions. Besides, the Nikon ACULON A211 -10-22 x 50 8252 Binocular also gives a range of magnification powers to make it useful for both beginners and professionals.

Additional Questions

What is the best night vision goggles on the market?

The top-rated night vision goggles in the market aren’t always easy to point out due to rapid advancements and numerous models available. However, customer reviews, expert opinions and usage data can provide a beneficial guide.

Which night vision goggles are the most innovative?

In the ever-evolving field of military technology, the most advanced set of night vision goggles would be the Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles (GPNVG). This model, developed by L3 Warrior Systems, is utilized by elite special forces including SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force. The GPNVG, with its innovative four-tube design, solves the long-standing problem of limited Field of View (FOV).

What type of night vision goggles do Navy Seals use?

The night vision devices used by the Navy Seals—particularly by Tier 1 SOF units such as DEVGRU and Delta Force—are the Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles or GPNVG. The GPNVG has a design uniqueness, employing 4 tubes which enhance its field of view, thereby improving the operator’s situational awareness. Such a game-changing upgrade has been provided by L3 Warrior Systems.

Which brand of night vision goggles is preferred by the military?

For military operations, reliable night vision is crucial. One of the top choices of the United States Armed Forces is the night vision device developed by ITT Exelis—the AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG). This third-generation passive monocular night vision device merges both image-intensifying and thermal-imaging technologies, making it possible to see in conditions with extremely low light.

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