10 Best Price Wood Burning Stoves Review And Buying Guide

Is the rising cost of electricity and fuel taking your home heating costs out of reach? While electric and fuel-powered heating is costly, wood-burning stoves efficiently warm the house without costing much. But how to find the best price wood-burning stoves to keep yourself and your family warm? 

Burning wood to keep the ambiance warm and cozy has been popular for centuries, and these stoves have proven to be cost-effective and efficient. And with over a hundred available models and styles, deciding on one stove can take time and effort. Several factors go into consideration when choosing a stove for burning wood. 

To make the decision easier, I have researched the market well and listed some of the top wood-burning stoves. Here, I will share the details of these stoves and why they are worth the money. I have also added some relevant information to make your decision easier. 

Before diving into the details of these wood-burning stoves, let me tell you about the one stove that has won my heart. The Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove is the best pick if you are on the search for a high-quality stove to keep the ambiance warm during cold nights. This product is well-known in the industry for its durability, portability, and excellent heating. 

10 Best Price Wood-Burning Stoves – Comparison Chart 

A lot of struggle goes into finding the perfect wood-burning stove. Check out the comparison chart to understand the products better. And this will help you to make a decision easily by focusing on the main points. 


Product NameDimensions BTUWeight MaterialPortablePrice
Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove20 x 11 x 13 inches47,000 42.4 poundsGalvanized SteelYesClick Here
Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P Wood Burning Stove21 x 22.5 x 31.7 inches68,000224 pounds Plate SteelNoClick Here
Burn a Large Pellet Basket17 x 8 x 9.5 inchesN/A16 poundsMetalYesClick Here
US Stove US1269E Wood Burning Stove33 x 18.5 x 23 inches54,000128.7 poundsCast Iron NoClick Here
Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P Wood Burning Stove39 x 24 x 32.5 inches152,000351 poundsPlate SteelNoClick Here
WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove15 x 8 x 8 inchesN/A20 poundsStainless SteelYesClick Here
Ashley Hearth AW1820E Wood Stove20.2 x 27.2 x 22.4 inches 69,000275 poundsPlate Steel & Cast IronNoClick Here
OneTigris Tiger Roar Wood Burning Stove‎17.32 x 8.46 x 10.63 inchesN/A21.2 poundsStainless SteelYesClick Here
Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove7.25 x 3 x 8.9 inches N/A2 poundsStainless SteelYesClick Here
Anbull Biomass Wood Stove12.5 x 12.5 x 12.2 inches23,00019 pounds Stainless Steel & Cast Iron YesClick Here


10 Best Price Wood Burning Stove Reviews

There are hundreds of outstanding wood-burning stoves in the market. However, only some of them are worth the money. So, check out the top picks to find the best price wood-burning stove. 

1. Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove:

Finding a good quality wood-burning stove at a reasonable price is difficult these days. However, the Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove is here to provide you with warmth at an affordable rate. This stove’s top-notch durability and portability make it a top choice among homeowners. 

Features With Benefits:

Compact Size:

One of the top features of this wood stove is its compact size. It is one of the most portable wood-burning stoves with dimensions of 20 x 11 x 13 inches. This size and weight make it easier for users to carry the stove from one place to another. 

Iron Cast Construction:

The wood stove is made up of iron cast, which contributes to the longevity and durability of the product. Iron cast allows the stove to radiate heat for a long time without getting damaged. 

Additional Feature: 

The Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove is a top choice for outdoor activities, such as camping. It has a flat top allowing users to use the stove for cooking and heating. The stove top is perfect for placing pans, pots, etc. 

Easy Storage: 

The legs of this top-quality wood-burning stove are detachable. These detachable legs make it easier for the owner to store the stove when it is not in use. It also makes transportation more manageable and does not take up much space. 


  • Strong construction; 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
  • Outstanding heat output;
  • Affordable price;
  • Lasts longer. 


  • The small stove requires frequent loading;
  • The door has to be left open a bit. 

2. Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P Wood Burning Stove:

Ashley Hearth is one of the top manufacturers in the wood stove industry. The brand’s promise of quality is evident in this product. In addition to its high heat output, it is also highly efficient. 

Features With Benefits: 

Sturdy Manufacture:

Plate steel is a common material used to manufacture wood stoves. This wood stove lasts for several years easily due to the excellent construction and strength of the product. It has a cast iron door for durable performance. 

High Heat Output:

This has a high heat output of 68,000 BTU. The heat spreads evenly and ensures proper comfort. 1200 square feet can be properly heated by it.

Great Burn Time:

The wood stove can fit wood logs of up to 18 inches. The stove has a burn time of at least 4 to 6 hours. This means that the wood logs burn for a long time before the stove requires reloading. 

Simple Maintenance: 

The Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P Wood Burning Stove is easy to maintain and clean. It comes with a large ash pan, resulting in a quick and straightforward cleaning. 


  • Reasonable price;
  • Remarkable durability;
  • Glassdoor offers a great view;
  • Does not require frequent reloading;
  • Good heat coverage.


  • Efficiency is less than 70%;
  • It is not portable.

3. Burn a Large Pellet Basket:

The Burn Large Pellet Basket is different from the market’s standard wood-burning stoves. It has an easy-to-use pellet stove that radiates warmth evenly throughout the room. 

Features With Benefits: 

High-Quality Construction:

The pellet basket is made up of metal with an open-top design. It has a high-quality metal construction that helps the basket to last for a few years with ease. 

Compact Size: 

The Burn Large Pellet Basket has dimensions 17 x 8 x 9.5 inches and 16 pounds. It is a compact pellet basket that ensures easy transport from one place to another. The compact size also provides easy storage without taking up much space. 

Decent Burn Time: 

The wood pellets are tightly packed in the basket and burn efficiently at a slow rate. This results in a decent burning time and easily radiates heat for about 3 to 4 hours. 

Outdoor Wood Burner:

This wood pellet basket is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The pellets can be burned outside during a camping trip. This basket can also be put in the fireplace indoors for safe heat radiation. 


  • Easy to use;
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Burns efficiently for 3 to 4 hours. 


  • The price is on the higher end; 
  • Does not provide much heat.

4. US Stove US1269E Wood Burning Stove:

The following product on the list is a fantastic wood stove from US Stove. The company is known for its top-tier service and product quality. BTU and burn time have made it famous. 

Features With Benefits: 

54,000 BTU:

The wood-burning stove provides a heat output of 54,000 BTU/h. This heat output makes it a mid-range wood-burning stove. It can evenly radiate heat up to 900 sq. ft. 

Cast Iron Manufacture: 

The US Stove US1269E Wood Burning Stove is manufactured with cast iron. The heavy-duty construction features a top-quality finish. In addition to its durability, it is one of the most commonly used wood stove materials. 

Cooking Top:

One of the top features of this wood stove is the cooking top. This wood-burning stove not only keeps us warm but the flat surface can be used to cook food. It is perfect for placing pots, pans, and many more. 

19-inch Wood Logs: 

The wood stove radiates heat for a long time due to the large wood size. It burns the logs efficiently, allowing them to burn for hours easily. This stove can perfectly fit logs up to the length of 19 inches. 


  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Burns wood efficiently;
  • Compact size;
  • Easy to clean and maintain.  


  • Expensive wood stove;
  • The wood stove requires assembly 

5. Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P Wood Burning Stove:

As mentioned earlier, Ashley Hearth is a top wood-burning stove manufacturer. This brand promises remarkable quality with industry-leading features in its products. The Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P Wood Burning Stove is proof of the promise made by the company. 

Features With Benefits: 

Heavy-Duty Construction: 

The high-quality wood-burning stove by Ashley Hearth is made up of 3.5 inches thick plate steel. It has a heavy-duty construction with outstanding durability and longevity. The sturdy material protects the wood stove and keeps it warm for hours. 

Heat Output:

The heat output of this wood stove is higher than all the other products mentioned above. It has a heat output of 152,000 BTU per hour. This wood stove can heat about 3000 sq. ft. 

Burn Time:

The burn time of this wood stove is extraordinary as well. It can hold up to 30 pounds of wood. Due to its tight packing, the wood burns for hours in the furnace. This stove offers a burn time of at least 8 to 12 hours. 

Adjustable Speed: 

It features a blower. This allows the user to adjust the fire and speed. It also ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the room. 


  • Top-notch quality;
  • Efficiently burns wood; 
  • Even heat radiation;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Great value for money.


  • Takes up a lot of space;
  • The blower is not efficient 

6. WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove:

The following product I will talk about is the WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove. Due to its reasonable pricing and portability, it is a top choice among homeowners. 

Features With Benefits: 

Stainless Steel Construction: 

This high-quality stove is made up of stainless steel. While stainless steel is not a common material for wood stoves, it offers remarkable durability and longevity. It also protects the wood stove from rust, corrosion, and many more. 

Suitable For Cooking: 

The WINNERWELL Woodlander Medium Tent Stove is perfect for cooking during camping and other outdoor activities. It has a flat top that fits pans and pots, and the heat helps to boil water and cook food. 

Compact Size: 

With a weight of 20 pounds and a compact size, this wood-burning stove is extremely easy to carry. Not only that, but the size also ensures easy storage. 


The wood-burning stove can be carried from one place to another easily. It has tripod legs that fold easily, along with a detachable chimney. These make the wood stove easy to transport and suitable for camping, tents, etc. 


  • Reasonable price; 
  • Easy to carry and transport;
  • Suitable for outdoor activities;
  • Sturdy construction. 


  • Wood residue inside the stove 
  • It requires frequent reloading

7. Ashley Hearth AW1820E Wood Stove:

Are you looking for a high-quality wood stove that improves the aesthetic of your home? The Ashley Hearth AW1820E Wood Stove is a perfect choice. It has a unique design combined with top-tier durability and features. 

Features With Benefits: 

Sturdy Manufacture:

The sturdy wood-burning stove has a plate steel body for durable service. Cast iron is used to manufacture the feed door. And the glass on the door features ceramic. Overall, this product has a robust construction. 

High Efficiency: 

The Ashley Hearth AW1820E Wood Stove is a catalytic stove with an efficiency rating of 75%. This rating is higher than most wood stoves and burns wood with minimal wastage. 

Heat Output: 

This wood-burning stove has a heat output of 69,000 BTU per hour. The heat output of this stove allows it to radiate heat evenly throughout 1200 sq. ft. It is perfect for medium-sized homes. 

Incredible Heat:

The wood-burning stove efficiently burns wood and keeps the room warm during the cold night. This heat produced by the furnace is incredible and keeps the place warm for hours. 


  • Affordable pricing;
  • Excellent efficiency and high heat output; 
  • Low emission rates; 
  • Ensures even heating. 


  • The wood stove fan is noisy; 
  • The firebox is relatively small. 

8. OneTigris Tiger Roar Wood Burning Stove:

The OneTigris Tiger Roar Wood-Burning Stove is another top-quality outdoor stove suitable for camping. It features solid manufacturing quality, and the compact size makes transportation easier. 

Features With Benefits: 


This wood-burning stove is highly versatile. It is a suitable addition to your camping gear and is perfect for cooking and keeping you warm in tents. Cooking outdoors is easy with the ergonomic design of the stove. 

Stainless Steel Manufacture: 

The entire body of the wood stove is made up of stainless steel. This stainless steel material contributes to durability and protects against rust, corrosion, etc. 

Small Size: 

This wood-burning stove has a small size of 17.3 x 8.5 x 10.6 inches. The small size makes it suitable for transportation from one place to another. Not only that, but it also makes storage easier. 


The OneTigris Tiger Roar Wood Burning Stove requires assembly to make the stove more compact. Assembling the wood stove is very easy and does not take any longer than a few minutes. 


  • Prevents rust and corrosion;
  • Lasts for several years;
  • Easy to maintain and carry; 
  • Works as a cooking top. 


  • The price is on the higher end; 
  • The wood stove requires assembly 

9. Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove:

Next on the list is the Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove. It is an outdoor wood-burning stove and is exceptionally lightweight. On top of that, it is a highly durable wood stove. 

Features With Benefits:

Stainless Steel Construction:

This high-quality wood-burning stove is made up of stainless steel. The material quality, along with the construction, makes the product durable and long-lasting without damage. 


The Hot Ash Wood Burning Stove weighs 2 pounds. Among all the wood stoves discussed above, this is the lightest stove. This makes transportation and storage extremely simple. 

Suitable For Cooking: 

The wood stove can be used to cook food and boil water by burning wood. This feature makes this stove perfect for camping, tents, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

Unique Design: 

The design of this wood stove catches the eye without any doubt. It has a unique L-shaped design which makes the stove look outstanding. Due to this design, the smoke cannot escape easily, which results in tremendous and even heating. 


  • Highly affordable; 
  • Ergonomic design; 
  • Very easy to carry and maintain; 
  • Perfect for campers and hikers. 


  • Wood needs to be reloaded frequently;
  • The design could be more aesthetically pleasing.

10. Anbull Biomass Wood Stove:

Last but not least, it is time to discuss the Anbull Biomass Wood Stove. This wood-burning stove has a unique design paired with sturdy construction. It is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for an affordable heating source. 

Features With Benefits: 

Eco-Friendly Heating:

While most wood stoves rely on wood only, this stove burns wood, charcoal, and solid biomass to produce heat. It works with natural and environmentally friendly items and does not harm the environment. 


This wood-burning stove is lightweight, with a weight of only 19 pounds. It makes the stove easy to carry and transport. This allows the user to use the wood stove for indoor and outdoor heating. 

Perfect For Cooking: 

The flat surface on the top of the wood stove makes it suitable for cooking. Pots and pans with flat bottoms can easily sit on the stovetop. It is perfect for cooking food during campings and picnics. 


The Anbull Biomass Wood Stove is highly efficient and helps to save money in the long run. It burns wood slowly for a long time and radiates incredible heat evenly. This stove provides a longer burn time for less amount of wood compared to traditional wood stoves. 


  • Lightweight; 
  • Compact size; 
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly; 
  • Highly affordable pricing. 


  • BTU is only 23,000 per hour 
  • The heating range is small 

11 Factors To Look For Before Buying Wood-Burning Stoves: Buyer’s Guide 

While the wood-burning stove is becoming necessary in many households, purchasing one is tricky. When choosing one stove out of hundreds, several factors require proper attention and consideration. Everything has to be taken into account, from stove type to emission rates and burning time. Take a look at the wood-burning stove buying guide. 

1. Types of Stoves:

In the industry, wood-burning stoves are available in two types. These two types are catalytic and non-catalytic. While both wood-burning stoves can burn wood efficiently, there is a significant difference. When purchasing a stove for burning wood, considering the type is essential. 

Catalytic stoves feature a combustor that burns gasses and other byproducts after burning wood. This allows the stove to perform efficiently while reducing emissions and health risks. On the other hand, non-catalytic stoves burn gasses and other byproducts with the help of an air tube series. This is less efficient compared to the catalytic stove. 

Going for a catalytic stove is the best option if you focus on a wood-burning stove as the primary home heating source. Even though non-catalytic stoves are available at a lower price, the efficiency of catalytic stoves attracts more people. 

1. Material:

The material used to build the wood-burning stove requires special attention. This is because the material of the stove contributes to its durability and how long the stove spreads warmth. Wood-burning stoves are manufactured using cast iron, soapstone, and plate steel. 

Cast iron is the most common material used to manufacture wood-burning stoves. This material is an excellent choice as it is durable and spreads warmth for a long time. While plate steel is quite common, its durability could be better than cast iron. 

On the other hand, soapstone stoves are rare to find. Stoves made of soapstone are not commonly seen as this is a high-priced material. It improves durability and spreads heat better than cast iron and plate steel. However, due to the high price tag, there are better choices than this one for many homeowners. 

3. Burn Time: 

The burn time of a wood-burning stove refers to the time it takes for one full load of wood to burn correctly. This burn time typically relies on three factors: the amount of wood, heat output, and type of wood. A tightly packed load of wood in a stove with a high heat output will burn for longer. 

Usually, a stove with a burn time of 8 to 12 hours is an excellent choice for keeping the ambiance warm. Not only that, but hardwood burns for a longer time compared to softwood. This disregards the hassle of frequently loading the stove with wood.

4. BTUs:

The size of your home and the temperature play a significant role in determining the required BTU. Before picking a wood-burning stove, knowing about the heat output is a must. This heat output typically ranges from 50,000 to 80,000 in wood stoves. 

Choosing a higher BTU is essential if you live in a colder environment. A larger home requires a higher heat output to heat the surroundings efficiently. For example, a 2000 sq. ft. home will require a BTU of about 60,000 to 70,000. 

5. Efficiency:

The efficiency of a wood-burning (1) stove indicates the percentage of wood that the stove turns into heating energy. Wood-burning stove efficiency typically ranges from 50% to 70% or higher. And the pricing of stoves with 70% efficiency is significantly higher than stoves with 50% efficiency. 

For a wood stove, go for the 70% efficiency rating. Although low-efficiency results in a lower price tag, high-efficiency stoves help to save money on the long route. The high efficiency of the stove means that it uses less wood to produce more heating energy. This saves money as less wood is required for heating.

6. Style: 

Wood-burning stoves are available in various styles, and taking them into account is necessary. The common styles are inserted and freestanding. Inserted wood stoves are placed in the wall of your home and do not occupy space on the floor. However, the installation of this wood stove style is quite tricky, and they are most costly compared to freestanding stoves. 

On the other hand, freestanding stoves sit on the floor and occupy a decent amount of space. But these stoves are less expensive and are often easy to carry. 

7. Size: 

The size of the wood-burning stove plays a significant role when it comes to choosing one. Homeowners usually place wood stoves in the living room, requiring a decent amount of space to fit the space properly. Freestanding stoves are the ones that take up the most space compared to other styles. 

Inserted and portable wood stoves only occupy a little space inside the home. Due to the large size of inserted and freestanding stoves, they have enough space to accommodate large logs. However, the size also plays an essential role in the size of the wood that the stove can fit easily. Consider the living room size before picking a wood to save. 

8. Emission Rates:

When wood burns in a stove, it creates smoke along with heat. This smoke is not only harmful to health but also affects the walls of the home. While traditional wood stoves have high emission rates, modern stoves produce very low ones. Several certified wood stoves have an emission rate of 4.5g per hour. 

A few models in the industry have an emission rate of 2 to 2.5g per hour. Make sure to go for a wood-burning stove with an emission rate of 4.5g per hour or less. 

9. Durability: 

Wood stoves come with a hefty price tag and are typically used during winter. The durability of these stoves is essential as no homeowner wishes to spend hundreds on a stove that requires frequent replacement. 

Usually, wood stoves made of cast iron last for several years before homeowners need to consider investing in a new one. Make sure to purchase a wood-burning stove lasting at least 10 to 12 years. 

10. Additional Features: 

Apart from keeping warm during cold nights, wood stoves also improve the aesthetic of your home. Many wood stoves come with intricate designs and accessories to match the decor and vibe of the interior. Glass doors are standard in several wood stove models, allowing people to watch the fire while relaxing in the living room. 

Not only that, but many wood stoves are suitable for camping and other outdoor activities. These stoves typically have a flat top which doubles them as cooking stoves. 

11. Price:

Last but not least, consider the price of the wood-burning stove. The cost of a wood stove varies depending on a wide range of factors. These factors are style, size, installation, emission rate, efficiency, and many more. 

However, when choosing a wood-burning stove, focus on all essential factors, including the price. Ensure that the wood stove matches your requirements while suiting your budget.

Different Types Of Wood Stoves And Their Benefits

Many homeowners need clarification about which type of wood-burning stove they should buy. So, to make things easier, look at the different types of wood stoves and their benefits. Wood stoves are available in two types: catalytic and non-catalytic.

Catalytic Stoves:

Catalytic stoves come with a combustor that ignites the smoke and ash from the burnt wood. The smoke passes through the combustor, which forces it to burn off. 


  • Catalytic stoves are highly efficient and generate heat for a long time by converting a significant percentage of wood to heating energy. 
  • According to the EPA, the emission rates of catalytic stoves must be 4.1g per hour. This is less than the majority of wood stoves and reduces health risks. 
  • In catalytic stoves, homeowners can adjust the fire, oxygen, and other factors according to their requirements and preferences. 
  • Catalytic stoves produce more heat than non-catalytic stoves for the same amount of wood. It helps to save money on wood and reduces the hassle of reloading the stove once every few hours. 

Non-Catalytic Stoves:

Non-catalytic stoves are the more common type of wood-burning stoves. These stoves are easily accessible but do not have a combustor like catalytic stoves. However, non-catalytic stoves have a series of air tubes that help to burn off waste gasses before letting the smoke out of the vent. 


  • Non-catalytic stoves are highly cost-effective. Due to the availability of this stove type, the price is way lower compared to catalytic stoves. 
  • The non-catalytic stoves are easy to use. The controls are easy to operate and are perfect for people looking for a simple wood stove. 
  • Maintaining a non-catalytic stove is very easy. The process of cleaning the stove is straightforward. And since there is no combustor in the stove, maintenance is not an issue. 
  • Non-catalytic stoves can meet the EPA regulations of emission rates. Many stoves of this type have an emission rate of 4.5g per hour or lower. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Wood-Burning Stove 

Many homeowners wonder why they should purchase a wood-burning stove when gas and electric fireplaces are cheaper. There are several reasons for buying a wood-burning stove, including energy efficiency, low utility bills, and many more. Check out some of the top reasons you should invest in a wood-burning stove. 

1. Energy-Efficient: 

Burning wood in a wood stove to produce heat costs less than heating the room with the help of gas or electricity. Wood stoves burn wood efficiently and do not require any non-renewable energy source. This helps to keep the utility bill of the home at a minimum rate while allowing you to stay warm during the cold weather. 

2. Outstanding Heating: 

Wood-burning stoves radiate heat throughout the place after burning the wood. Despite burning all the logs, the material of the stoves helps to radiate heat for a long time. These stoves also radiate heat to a larger area than most traditional room or house heaters. 

3. Works During Power Outages: 

One of the top disadvantages of using an electric heater is that it does not work when the power is out. However, the case is different from wood-burning stoves. Wood stoves will keep you warm even when there is no electricity. 

The independent heating feature makes these stoves suitable for areas where power cuts are widespread. Not only that, but it also prevents you from suffering during a cold night.

4. Saves Money: 

Wood-burning stoves are expensive, and there is no doubt about that. While electric and gas heaters are available at a lower price tag, the operating cost of these heaters is too high. Not only that, but the maintenance cost also puts a dent in the wallet. All of these expenses result in a huge amount. 

Wood is renewable and available at a low price. On the other hand, the operating cost of wood stoves is meager. The maintenance cost of wood-burning stoves is also very low. In the long run, wood stoves help you to save money on operation, maintenance, and energy bills. 

5. Environment Friendly: 

Using gas or electricity to produce heat releases a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the environment. These emissions are a significant reason behind global warming. Wood-burning stoves have a meager emission rate and do not release carbon dioxide into the environment. 

Related Questions:

What Is The Most Efficient Wood Burning Stove On The Market?

A catalytic stove is the most efficient wood-burning stove available on the market. This stove works with a catalyst that burns the wood efficiently and ignites the smoke, causing the stove to radiate heat for a longer time. Wood stoves also have a high efficiency compared to non-catalytic wood-burning stoves. 

The efficiency of catalytic wood stoves is about 60 to 70 percent. This means that the stove produces more heat than non-catalytic stoves using the same amount of wood. 

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From A Wood Burning Stove?

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from a wood-burning stove is possible. It is one of the significant health concerns when it comes to operating a stove to burn wood. Carbon monoxide is a substantial concern with almost every appliance where combustion occurs. 

Carbon monoxide is released into the environment when the combustion remains incomplete. And the best way of protecting yourself from this is to install carbon monoxide detectors. 

Is It Worth Getting A Wood Burning Stove?

Wood-burning stoves are worth the investment, without any doubt. Although the upfront cost is high, a wood stove’s operating and maintenance cost is very low. Not only that, but wood stoves are long-lasting and efficiently radiate heat. 

In addition to that, wood stoves reduce the dependency on electricity or gas for heating purposes. It also helps you to save money on electricity bills and does not harm the environment. 

Will A Wood Burner Heat A Whole House?

Wood-burning stoves are a great source of heating. While these are designed to provide warmth during cold nights, wood stoves are only efficient for heating some houses. Wood stoves typically heat one particular area or room in the house. 

However, the heat can be spread to other rooms in the home. Turning the fans on while the wood is burning to radiate heat can help it to spread throughout the house. The heating range of a wood-burning stove also depends on the size of the stove. 

Do You Need To Line Your Chimney For A Wood Burner?

Whether you need to line a chimney for a wood-burning stove depends on the stove and your home. Lining a chimney along with the wood burner is essential if you have a traditional wood stove. Otherwise, the smoke from the wood burner will irritate and cause the walls to blacken.  

However, modern homes do not require a chimney to use with the wood burner. These wood stoves are highly efficient and do not produce much smoke like traditional stoves. 

What Do You Put Behind A Wood-Burning Stove?

Heat shields are typically placed behind a wood-burning stove to protect the walls and floor. Without heat shields, the walls and floor are at risk of damage, and these shields also reduce the risk of catching fire. 

However, these shields are usually recommended if there is little space in the living room. Heat shields must be installed if there is a combustible surface or object within 36 inches of the wood stove. 

Can You Leave A Wood Burning Stove On Overnight?

A wood-burning stove can be left to burn overnight. However, there are a few things you have to do to ensure that the stove stays on all night. For long-lasting and efficient burn time, relying on properly dried wood logs is a must. 

Pack the wood tightly in the wood-burning stove and light the fire. The fire will slowly spread from one log to another and continuously last 6 to 8 hours. Lighting the fire before bed will make the wood stove burn overnight. 

Final Recommendation: 

To stay warm in the freezing heat of winter, rely on wood stoves for comfort and affordable heating. The wood stoves discussed above are the 10 best price wood-burning stoves in the market. 

For its ergonomic design, top-tier durability, and efficiency, the Guide Gear Wood Burning Stove is one of the best wood stove options. However, if you are searching for a highly efficient wood stove with an excellent heating range, then the Ashley Hearth AW3200E-P Wood Burning Stove with 152,000 BTU per hour is perfect. 

Check the heat output and recommended heating area before getting a wood-burning stove. And remember to consider all the necessary factors to make sure that you pick the one suitable for you and your home.


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