Best Smokeless Fire Pits of 2023 (Hands-On Analysis)

Recently I decide to dive head first into the world of smokeless fire pits to figure out which one I wanted. My wife had mentioned that she thought it would be a great upcoming Christmas gift for me. She asked that I do some research so she could possibly snatch up a deal during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday madness.

I’m lucky enough to have a brother in law that had a Solo Stove Bonfire version 1, that he was not using often. During a party a few months back, I asked if I could borrow it. He let me use the Solo Stove and has graciously let me keep it at my house ever since. My wife has noticed the that I light a fire in my BOL’s Solo Stove and chill in the woods behind our house almost every night. So it was natural that she would want to buy me one of my own.

I’ve put in a solid 4-5 hours of in-depth, hand-on, research and analysis on smokeless fire pits and here’s the list of important features I’ve come up with:

  • Material: Typically Stainless Steel is what you want.
  • Size: Usually, smaller is better because the smaller pits are more portable, but if you are trying to burn large logs or keep a bigger group warm, you may need a larger, less portable one.
  • Fuel Type: The common option is natural wood, but you can also choose from charcoal, pellets, and propane.
  • Efficiency: How much heat can it put out?
  • Safety: If used properly, all of these fire pits should be pretty safe, but I tried to research of some are after than others and if any of the models I reviewed had noted safety issues or concerns online that I could find.
  • Affordability: These things are expansive! I did my best to research features compared to price to find a solid price point of diminishing returns or the tipping point for actual value.
  • Extra Features: Some of these fire pits can literally be used as outdoor grills. There are other cool features that some of them offer, usually as pretty expensive add-ons though.

Introducing The Best Smokeless Fire Pits in 2023

Below, you’ll see our complete list of the best smokeless fire pits in 2023 based on different use cases and criteria. As mentioned above, we have split the products up under different headings to show you where they excel the most! 

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 – Best Overall Smokeless Fire Pit

Throughout my reviews, the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 consistently came out on top during testing. I love the 19.5-inch diameter, giving you a large heating area that generates more than enough heat for a garden patio. It’s made from extremely durable and thick stainless steel, which does an exceptional job of retaining the heat for longer. 

You’ll also notice a few tiny holes at the bottom of the product, this is designed to bring oxygen in to give the fire a secondary burn. What does this mean? Essentially, it allows the flame to burn more efficiently for longer, so you also get less smoke. It’s pretty incredible that a wood-burning fire pit like this produces such a minimal quantity of smoke, which is perfect in any setting. 

The efficiency also makes it really easy to clean as there is hardly any ash at the end. It’s also a relatively lightweight smokeless fire pit, so it could be carried around and used as a portable option if you wish. It isn’t the best portable option out there, but it can be taken camping if you want a fire pit that primarily stays at home but comes away with you now and then. 

Overall, you have a product that’s extremely versatile, very efficient, generates a lot of heat, produces minimal smoke, and has a competitive price. It’s no surprise that this isn’t just the best wood smokeless fire pit, it’s the best all-around product out there. 


  • Made from double-walled stainless steel
  • East to clean
  • Good airflow reduces smoke production
  • Lightweight & comes with a carrying case
  • Very affordable for the general population
  • Generates enough heat for a large outdoor area


  • Can be a bit tricky to transport even with the case
  • Doesn’t have a drawer to collect the ash

Innostage Smokeless Fire Pit – Best Budget Option

Most of the best smokeless fire pits come in at around a few hundred dollars. Even some of the budget options are still close to the hundred-dollar mark. However, the Innostage Smokeless Fire Pit is unique in that it provides impressive performance with a modest price tag. Right now, you can pick one up for around $60, maybe even a bit less. This is clearly the best thing about this product, bringing smokeless fire pits to a new audience. 

Some of you may think that you’re always going to be priced out of buying a smokeless fire pit. They’re too expensive for you. Well, not anymore. This option is really affordable, burns wood pellets, and has its own carrying bag. A 13-inch diameter isn’t the largest out there, but it still generates enough heat to keep you warm on your patio or when you’re out camping. Speaking of which, the small design and carrying bag make this a wonderfully portable product too. When testing it, we found it works perfectly on campsites. 

It’s not going to give you the same heating power or efficiency as other products, and this is partially due to the material it’s made from. It isn’t constructed out of premium-grade stainless steel like other options, yet it will still do the job for you. An ash drawer is also a lovely added touch, making cleanup that little bit easier. 


  • Impressive product for such a cheap price
  • Ash drawer makes cleaning easy
  • The portable design is great for camping 
  • Can be used at home in small gardens


  • Wood needs to be tended to quite often to sustain a good flame
  • Doesn’t produce as much heat as other smokeless fire pits

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit – Best Portable Fire Pit

When it comes to a portable smokeless fire pit, you need something that delivers performance yet is easy to carry around. Due to the shape of most fire pits, they can be quite hard for you to fit in your car or carry with you. The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit comes in clutch as it is specifically created to be a portable fire pit. 

The design is unique in that it folds down and can easily be slipped under a car seat or in the trunk. It takes up hardly any space as it is flattened down, but then it pops up with ease and can be used to burn either wood or charcoal. A heat shield is included in the package to offer extra safety, which is always good as it also keeps the flames locked in place, generating more heat for the surrounding area. 

There’s a convenient carry case in the package too, and everything fits inside it. So, you’re basically just taking it around in a small bag like a briefcase! By all means, it’s not perfect. This fire pit isn’t as deep as the circular fire pits on the market, so it does tend to produce a tiny bit more smoke. But, if portability is your biggest concern, then look no further than this product. 


  • Cool collapsible design is really convenient
  • Can carry it around with ease
  • Has a nice built-in safety feature to protect you from the fire
  • Gives you the option of two fuel sources
  • Is fairly affordable


  • Generates more smoke than other smokeless fire pits
  • Isn’t that deep or efficient
  • Some people might not like the square design

Outland Living Mega Firebowl Gas Fire Pit – Best Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits are usually popular amongst people looking for a smokeless product. Because you aren’t burning wood or coal, no smoke is produced. This offering from Outland Living works by using propane to heat up a bed of lava rock. You get a really nice aesthetic, and the heat is very powerful. All the while, there’s no smoke to worry about at all!

Another cool thing about propane fire pits is that you have more control over how much heat is generated. Here, you have a big knob on the front that lets you increase or decrease the size of the flame – much like you’d do on a gas cooker. It’s perfect for nights when you need some extra heat, or for warm summer evenings when your fire pit serves as more of an ambience setter than a heat source. 

You can attach any propane tank you like to the fire pit, and a 10-foot hose means the tank doesn’t need to be right next to it. In theory, you could take this to a campsite and use the gas there, though it is rather bulky and hard to transport. Still, in terms of performance, this is definitely right up there as the best smokeless fire pit for anyone that uses propane as a fuel source. 


  • Generates no smoke
  • Includes heat control measures
  • Offers amazing levels of performance and warmth
  • Comes with a long hose for added convenience


  • Isn’t very portable
  • Propane fire pits always come with an extra safety concern
  • Some homeowners might not enjoy a long hose in their garden

Cast Master Bon 2000 Dual Purpose Bonfire Pit – Best Charcoal Fire Pit

Funnily enough, the Cast Master Bon 2000 could be on this list as the most versatile smokeless fire pit as well. You can burn wood and charcoal in this device, and it even has a useful grill to cook on. Nevertheless, it earns the title of best charcoal fire pit because it beats all other charcoal fire pits out there. 

We noticed several key factors that made it a cut above the other options in this category. For one, it has a really convenient charcoal grate that you can fill with your coal of choice and burn away at high temperatures. It will provide ample heat around a campsite or in your back garden thanks to the solid stainless steel walls. This is always the best material for smokeless fire pits because of how durable and thermally insulative it is. Like other smokeless fire pits, it includes holes at the bottom to draw in oxygen and nurture the flame, creating less smoke and more fire. 

Plus, the handy grill at the top means you can cook all sorts of things with ease. It has a lovely carrying case and is very portable too. The only drawback is that it is pretty difficult to clean as there’s no ash drawer for you to remove. 


  • Excellent charcoal-burning capabilities
  • Very versatile
  • Generates minimal amounts of smoke


  • Is fairly hard to clean
  • Comes with a carrying case but the pit itself has no handles to move around

Tiki Fire Pit – Best Overall Design

Plenty of shoppers are looking for fire pits that offer aesthetics over everything else. If you want something that will upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, the Tiki Fire Pit is perfect. It offers a unique design that looks like a metal basket on legs, really delivering a level of sophistication and class that the other smokeless fire pits can’t compete with. 

Moreover, it’s not just all about the style. Sure, this is the USP of the product, but it can still provide you with decent performance and heating capabilities. It has a 25-inch diameter and burns wood pellets, so it fits perfectly in large backyard spaces. What’s more, its size means it can heat the entire area as well. If you are hosting a gathering with friends, everyone sitting around the garden will feel some warmth. 

The internal airflow system ensures you get a smokeless fire as well, and there’s a removable ash pan that makes it so easy to clean. However, be aware that this is very much a smokeless fire pit for the home. It’s far too heavy to take camping! 


  • Incredible design
  • Can heat a large area
  • Great airflow for smokeless fires
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Is really heavy
  • Can’t be transported around 

Biolite FirePit – Best Additional Smart Features

The Biolite FirePit regularly impresses consumers with its extra load of smart features. As you have seen throughout the list so far, smokeless fire pits are nothing to write home about. Most will do the same jobs and have the same features, just some do these better than others. Here, you have a product that could revolutionize the industry in years to come. 

Firstly, it runs on a lithium-ion battery, which is already innovative. This acts as a heat source to create flames and burn both wood and charcoal. The benefit of this is that it’s really easy for you to use, but the battery also lets you control the flame intensity. Unlike other products, this isn’t done via a dial – instead, you can download an app and control it via Bluetooth. It’s very smart, and the battery is completely rechargeable after every use. 

The fire itself can generate plenty of heat for the nearby area, thanks to the unique box-like design. It almost looks like a mini portable grill, and the whole thing looks pretty amazing when the fire is lit up – it glows and provides a really good light source too. The fact you can burn charcoal also means this doubles up as a grill, which is great for toasting marshmallows outdoors or cooking classic campfire treats. 


  • Innovative technology
  • Excellent airflow for a smokeless fire
  • Very quirky design
  • Can burn wood and coal for up to 30 hours
  • Can be used as a grill


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • Is fairly small compared to other options
  • Does fit on the pricier end of the spectrum

Hi Flame Bonfire Stove Pellet Fire Pit – Best For Camping

If you want the best smokeless fire pit for camping, you need to find something with some unique properties. Firstly, it should be small enough to carry with you, yet large enough to heat your area around the campsite. Secondly, it needs to be weatherproof and sturdy enough to deal with constantly being lugged around. Thirdly, it should be easy for you to use and get up and running. 

The Hi Flame Bonfire Stove Pellet Fire Pit ticks all of these boxes. A stainless steel design makes it robust and weatherproof, while the 13-inch diameter means it effortlessly fits in your car when you go camping. A wonderful airflow system means more oxygen is pulled into the fire, so you see less smoke and a more potent flame that offers ample heat. 

Finally, it works with gas or wood, so you should have absolutely no issues starting a fire after setting up camp. 


  • Perfect design for camping
  • Can be used with gas or wood
  • Generates minimal smoke
  • Very lightweight


  • Isn’t as powerful as other smokeless fire pits
  • Can be quite hard to clean

Conclusion: The Best Smokeless Fire Pits Money Can Buy

All in all, there are some really impressive products for you to take a look at depending on your needs. But, if you want the single best smokeless fire pit for all-around use, the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is a cut above the rest. It fits in at the perfect price point for what it offers, and it is so versatile anyone can make use of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smokeless fire pit of 2023?

The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is my choice for the best smokeless fire pit of 2023.

Do smokeless fire pits work?

A smokeless fire pit will reduce the amount of smoke created by a fire. In some cases, it won’t completely eliminate all smoke, but it will ensure that there’s significantly less than normal. 

Do smokeless fire pits still keep you warm?

Yes, though not as warm as other fire pits. The design of a smokeless pit means it increases the airflow to prevent excessive smoke. As such, less heat gets generated – though the best smokeless fire pits are still capable of keeping you warm when you sit close. 

How long does a smokeless fire pit last?

It depends on the product, but even the most basic options can keep a lit fire for a couple of hours. Some of the more advanced fire pits are capable of providing up to 30 hours of heat as well. 

Solo Stove vs Breeo: What’s the difference?

In general, Breeo is seen as a more premium brand of the two with more cooking attachments and options. Solo Stove is known as the default brand when it comes to smokeless fire pits and is bar far more popular than Breeo, but Breeo was actually the innovator when it comes to this type of fire pit.

Solo Stove vs Craftsman Fire Pits: Which one is better?

Recently, Lowes stores stopped selling Solo Stove fire pits and introduced a new option, Craftsman Smokeless Fire Pits. This was. big move and has left many customers wondering, what’s the difference between the two. The fact is that they look very similar and are priced almost the same as well. The differences are few and far between. The shapes of the holes in the outer wheel of the fire pit is probably the most noticeable difference in the Craftsman fire pit. In my opinion, you should pick the brand you like best and call it a day… Read Full Comparison

Breeo vs Solo Stove: Which is Better?

Generally speaking, Breeo is known as the very best quality and usually highest priced smokeless fire pit. It offers the most add-on accessories and cooking options. In comparison to Solo Stove, Breeo is overkill for most normal consumers. If you’re looking for the best, simple smokeless fire pit for backyard get togethers, choose Solo Stove. If you’re looking for the most versatile, high end, fire pit for cooking and get togethers and you’re not on a budget, splurge and get the Breeo.

What is the largest smokeless fire pit?

The Breeo X30 is the largest smokeless fire pit on the market with an outside diameter of 34.5″. The X30 can grill 46 burgers at one time, weighs 94lbs, and will set you back $1400!

Breeo X30 vs Breeo X24: What are the differences?

I dug into the differences between the Breeo X30 and X24 and there are very few, but they are important. The big differences are in the weight and width. Everything else is pretty much the same, even the height. So the two things you have to think about are portability and capacity or heat output.

The X30 weighs 94 lbs whereas the X24 weighs 62 lbs. So there’s a possibility you could still move the X24 on your own, even though neither are light enough to be super portable. Not many people will want to or be able to move the X30 on their own though at 94 lbs.

The Breeo X30 is also 6 inches wider than the Breeo X24. The X30 inside diameter of the fire pit bowl is 29.5″ whereas the inside diameter of the bowl on the X24 is 23.5″. The heights of the bowl are the exact same. So with this wider diameter, you get larger capacity for large logs, a wider seating array that could surround the fire pit while keeping proximity, and a wider heat range.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 vs Ranger 2.0 Comparison

The Ranger 2.0 would be a better choice for me if I were only looking for a small and portable fire pit, but I would prefer the Bonfire 2.0 all day long. Read my full comparison here

Additional Questions

What is the best brand of smokeless fire pit?

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a direct answer to this query. As an AI, I don’t have personal experience or preferences. However, there are several highly rated brands on the market providing quality smokeless fire pits. Conducting online research and reading customer reviews can enable you to make an informed decision. Brands to consider include Solo Stove, BioLite, and Blue Sky Outdoor Living based on their ratings and reviews.

What is the trend in fire pits in 2023?

Fire pits are timeless outdoor features that never go out of style. However, in 2023, we’re seeing a trend where fire pits are getting a design overhaul. The new models making waves in the market come with sleek, modern, minimalist designs. Color is also a huge design element, with bolder, more striking colors becoming increasingly desired. Material-wise, the market is teeming with options, whether you prefer the proven durability of concrete, the sleekness of metal, or the natural feel of stone. There are lots of options to suit all kinds of outdoor living spaces, tastes, and preferences.

Is there a fire pit that doesn’t make you smell like smoke?

Yes, there are. One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional fire pit is the lingering smell of smoke on your clothes. Luckily, smokeless fire pits have been designed to address this issue. They work by maximizing airflow to enhance combustion, thus burning the wood more completely, reducing the amount of smoke produced. Brands like Solo Stove and BioLite are notable for producing smokeless fire pits. However, as an AI, I can’t guarantee their effectiveness based on personal experience. It’s advisable to do your own research and consider user reviews when choosing a smokeless fire pit.

What is the most effective fire pit?

Questioning effectiveness can be subjective depending on what you’re seeking in a fire pit. However, Popular Mechanics picked the Mesa XL as the winner of their Yard and Garden Awards of 2023. Mesa XL, a product of Solo Stove, distinguishes itself from its predecessor—the Mesa—with a design that is not only slightly larger but also produces a stronger flame. Despite its larger, bolder fire, it still fits snugly on your deck tables or patio. It’s praised for its performance, but it’s always a smart move to cross-verify with multiple reviews and sources.

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