Best Taurus Revolvers: Choosing The Best Option For Your Shooting Needs

Taurus offers an incredible array of revolvers, and if you have been considering investing in a dependable option, you definitely want to take a closer look at their most popular picks. Synonymous with reliability, Taurus is a brand worth considering, especially since they provide a caliber and size for everyone. 

We’ve compiled some of their best selling options below to provide you a decent look at the range of choices Taurus offers. Even if you are new to the band and firearm, this is a great introduction to highlight their popularity. Take a look at the following Taurus revolver reviews to know what’s best for you. 

Here’s A Quick Look Of Our 6 Best Taurus Revolvers

Taurus Brand Popularity

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A South American company, Taurus was founded in Brazil and didn’t make its way to the states until 1968. By then, it already had a dependable line of firearms, revolvers included. Bought by Smith & Wesson in 1971, it advanced through the sharing of technology and design until being sold to its current owners in 1970. Since then, it has only continued to grow and add to what they have to offer. 

Praised for their wide array of affordable, dependable, and quality firearms, Taurus has become a popular brand as they offer something for everyone. Their revolvers in particular provide a fun go-to for carrying options, as well as long days at the range when you want to take on something different.

Why Everyone Needs A Revolver

Revolvers have long been a dependable option for day to day carry and were first introduced in 1836 as a way to avoid having to reload between shots.  The design was also one of the first to introduce a lightweight, compact option available to carry comfortably and has only been improved upon since. In fact, despite the introduction of a semi-automatic pistol, revolvers are still a popular concealed carry choice, and are considered a go-to for many gun enthusiasts. Just take a look at the benefits of this style of weapon:

  • Malfunctions are practically non-existent due to the design that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Incredible easy to operate and shoot, making it a reliable piece in any situation
  • The design allows you the means to know exactly how many rounds you have left, and if it is loaded. 
  • Fully operational without ammo, making it easy to dry fire train with. 
  • Stable and balanced for easy day to day carry
  • Low initial costs and no need for a magazine
  • Revolvers are just fun to shoot!

What To Look For When Buying A Taurus Revolver

It is easy to become overwhelmed when you first begin to start looking through the huge array of revolver series the company has to offer. You want to think ahead of what, exactly, you are looking for and what you want for the shooting needs you have. Consider the following details once you start to narrow down your model choices to determine which are the best Taurus revolvers for your abilities and uses. 

Price Point

As mentioned, Taurus offers an excellent selection of revolvers from which to choose. And because of that, they span a wide array of price points. If you are on a budget, you most certainly can find an option within your range, but be sure to leave yourself some wiggle room to ensure you find the best gun for the best price possible. You don’t want to settle on a model based on price- you want to get the firearm you want and need. 


Steel and durable polymer are the basic go-to materials for modern firearm design. They provide a dependable and lightweight design that provides balance, heft, and comfortable carry options. Taurus revolvers take advantage of stainless steel to provide a long-lasting product that is easy to clean and maintain so they last you for many years to come. 

Shooting Capabilities

Depending on the model, revolvers can shoot anywhere between 5 and 8 rounds of ammo before needing to be reloaded. Obviously, the larger the cylinder, the heavier and larger the gun frame. Most larger revolvers also take advantage of larger caliber ammunition as well, so be sure to take into account these details when comparing options. 


As mentioned, revolvers are considered one of the most reliable firearms you can purchase. The simple design is tried and true, and hasn’t been improved upon too much since first invented- basically because it is hard to improve upon perfection. As long as you keep it well cared for and maintained, you should have a weapon that will not only last a lifetime, but that can easily be passed down to new generations. 


There are many benefits and applications to owning a revolver, or choosing one over a semi-auto. Obviously, they are a great carry choice, and are popular for home defense as well. They are comfortable to shoot, and are often used in competition, plus- they feed a wide array of ammunition, including semi-jacketed ammo, lead round nose, lead wadcutters, lead semi-wadcutters, and even lead semi-wadcutter hollow points. Some are often able to handle multi-caliber ammo.

Top 6 Taurus Revolver Reviews

The excellent array of revolver options Taurus offers may seem a bit overwhelming if you are trying to narrow down your top picks, which is why we have a suggested list of firearms to pay attention to. Although one of these might not be exactly what you want, the overall design, style, and caliber highlights what is there for you to take a closer look at. The following choices are popular with consumer for a variety of reasons, and our reviews take a closer look at exactly why:

1. Taurus – 605 2in 357 Magnum/38 Special Stainless 5RD

  • Caliber : 357 Magnum, 38 Special
  • Capacity : 5 Round
  • Barrel Length : 2 Inches
  • Finish : Stainless
  • Length : 6.5 Inches
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Originally the Taurus 85 with an upgraded makeover, the Taurus 605 is the .38 Special people like to think of when they are looking for a compact self-defense revolver option. This snubby 5-shot revolver is a popular concealed carry choice due to its small size that doesn’t create any undue bulges when holstered, and provides excellent accuracy for 25 yards and closer (which is more than enough for hitting a target that is moving towards you). 

The rubber grip and 2-inch barrel is easy to grab hold of and aim, using a front blade sight and top strap notch for the rear sight for increased accuracy. But let’s face it, the size truly acts as an extension of your own hand and where you point it is exactly what your target will be. 

Who This Is Suggested For

When small, compact, and accurate is on your list – this is a great consideration. Whether you carry or not, as a self-defense option it provides deadly accuracy and durable dependability. 


  • Excellent concealed carry choice
  • Easy to grip and accurate shot
  • Durable and dependable


  • It may be a small choice for anyone with a large hand

2. Taurus Judge Magnum Blued 3”

Taurus Judge Magnum Blued 3'' Barrel 3" Chamber 2-441031MAG
  • Caliber : .45 Or .410 Caliber
  • Capacity : 5 -round
  • Barrel Length : 3 Inches
  • Finish : Blue Steel
  • Length : 9.5 Inches
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The Taurus Judge has quite the illustrious history, and is considered one of the most popular revolvers to carry due to its durable design and dependable accuracy. With a 3-inch barrel capable of holding 5 rounds of either .45 or .410 caliber ammo (which you can mix and match), it presents a powerful alternative to the smaller Taurus models built for self-defense. 

This particular model is made from an ultra-light forged alloy, and weighs in at only 36.8 ounces- making it a comfortable option for day to day carry purposes. Considered pin-point accurate at 15 to 20 yards, the fixed front site doesn’t leave much room for you to miss, and can certainly handle self-defense needs with very little effort on your part.  

Who This Is Suggested For

When you want a dependable carry option that has a bit more heft and size compared to a compact 38 Special, this is an awesome choice. Plus, being able to change up and mix your ammo caliber makes it fun to shoot as well. 


  • Still compact enough as a good conceal carry option
  • Easy to draw and well balanced
  • Great accuracy for self-defense


  • A bit weighty when loaded

3. Taurus Tracker 627 Medium 6.5″ .357

Taurus Tracker 627 Medium 6.5" .357 Mag/.38 Spl +P Revolver, SS - 2-627069
  • Caliber : 357 Magnum, 38 Special
  • Capacity : 7 Rounds
  • Barrel Length : 6.5 Inches ( A 4-inch Option Is Also Available)
  • Finish : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 10.75 Inches
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The Tracker 627 is an excellent packing gun that provides rugged reliability. With an overall length of 10.75 inches, it isn’t anything to mess with and provides a durable open carry option that is perfect for a variety of self-defense situations. With the ability to take on 7 rounds, it can be loaded with either .357 Magnum or .38 Special, making it a favorite amongst gun enthusiasts. 

The rear sight is adjustable, and the front is pinned, allowing you to swap it out with aftermarket sight accessories when needed. Considered a medium length option, the 6.5-inch barrel length provides accurate shooting at further distances than your more snubby options, but it also can be found in a 4-inch barrel when convenience calls for it. 

Who This is Suggested For

Popular with hunters, this is a backup piece that works well for defense situations. It also is nothing to mess with for home defense purposes, plus, it is a fun option to take target shooting. 


  • Accurate in a wide variety of shooting situations
  • Ported barrel to reduce recoil
  • Rubber grip makes it easy and comfortable to handle


  • The 10.75-inch length can be a bit much for day to day carrying options

4. Taurus 608 Large 6.5″ .357 MAG/.38 SPL

Taurus 608 Large 6.5" .357 Mag/.38 Spl +P Revolver, Matte Stainless Steel
  • Caliber : .357 Magnum, .38 Special
  • Capacity : 8 Rounds
  • Barrel Length : 6.5 Inches
  • Finish : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 11.67 Inches
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If a large frame revolver is on your list, the Taurus 608 is a powerhouse of a choice and reveals the Tracker series for accuracy and dependability. At 11.67 inches long, it boasts a ported 6.5 inch barrel to help reduce recoil and make it more comfortable to shoot. With the ability to take on both .357 Magnum or .38 Special ammo, it also loads 8 rounds, and won’t leave you stranded if ever you need it. 

Although not a conceal carry option due to its size and bulk, it certainly works well for home defense, or even a backup piece when hunting where you may find a need for protection. Powerful and reliable, this isn’t a weapon you’ll need to fire twice at when stopping power is a need. 

Who This Is Suggested For

When you want a hard-hitting firearm on hand for home defense or while out hunting, this choice can’t be beaten. The 8 round cylinder ensures you have all the firepower you need. 


  • Easy load
  • Hard-hitting and accurate
  • Solid and durable for a variety of uses


  • Quite heavy overall, especially when loaded

5. Taurus Tracker 692 Medium 3″

Taurus Tracker 692 Medium 3" .357 Mag/38 Spl +P/9mm Revolver, Matte Stainless - 2-692039
  • Caliber : .357 Magnum, .38 Special, 9 mm
  • Capacity : 7 Round
  • Barrel Length : 3 Inch
  • Finish : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 8.14 Inches
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You won’t get any more versatile than the Taurus Tracker 692 for concealed carry options. With a 3-inch barrel and 8.14-inch length, this is a compact option that provides 7 rounds for all your self-defense needs. Lightweight and designed for easy grip draw and accurate sighting with an adjustable rear sight, this is a popular option for more than one reason. 

Most unique to the firearm is a cylinder swap (called a party piece) that allows you to change from a 38 Special +P/357 Magnum to a 9mm Luger caliber option- making it a formidable defense option indeed. Although Taurus makes a 2.5-inch barrel in this series as well, the 3-inch is a more dependable and accurate option. If you want a smaller piece, the Taurus 605 is the better choice. 

Who This Is Suggested For

You won’t find a much more versatile revolver than the Tracker 692. The ability to change your caliber ammo, and the more compact, lightweight design creates a choice you definitely need to add to your collection. 


  • 9 mm party piece creates versatility
  • 7 round compact design is lightweight 
  • Perfect for conceal carry


  • 2.5-inch barrel model is not as accurate

6. Taurus Tracker 2.5″ .44 Magnum Revolver

  • Caliber : .44 Magnum
  • Capacity : 5 Round
  • Barrel Length : 2.5 Inches
  • Finish : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 7.5 Inches
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You’ll be hard-pressed to find more power in such a compact design than you will with the Tracker 2.5-inch .44 Magnum. The Tracker series continues to deliver with this rugged and reliable design that is built for lightweight carry options and can take on just about anything you would want to protect yourself against. 

With such a powerful caliber capability, you would expect quite a bit of recoil, but the tuned ported barrel with gas expansion chamber reduces recoil to make it a much more comfortable shooting option compared to similar models. The sights may be fixed, but the front is also a fiber optic, making it unique in that aspect. 

Who This Is Suggested For

You won’t find a more compact, powerful carrying choice. With amazing stopping power, it is a comfortable choice for any purpose you have in mind for it. 


  • Compact, powerful design
  • Serious caliber capability in such a small design
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Packs a significant recoil for a smaller handed shooter


The above options showcase the excellent selection of Taurus revolver models available for you to pick and choose from. Everything from compact concealed carry options, to larger packing choices and large framed designs exist to meet your every shooting need. All pack a powerful, accurate punch with various caliber ammo, and all you need to do is narrow down your decision. 

For conceal carry options, choose a smaller barreled option for a more comfortable choice in relation to both size and weight. But when carrying or packing for self-defense or hunting, a longer, more accurate barrel is your best choice. Let us know your top pick below, and, as always, share away!

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