Black Drum

The Black Drum fish is a saltwater fish that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a member of the drum family, which includes other species such as the redfish and croaker. The Black Drum is the largest member of its family, reaching up to five feet in length and weighing up to eighty pounds.


Its body is dark grey or black in color, with a white underside. It has a long, protruding lower jaw, and two barbels (or whiskers) on each side of its mouth. The Black Drum is a bottom-dwelling fish, and can often be found around reefs, shipwrecks, or other areas where there is plenty of cover.

The Black Drum is an important fish commercially and recreationally. It is often caught by recreational anglers, and is considered a good food fish. The Black Drum is also popular in aquaculture, and is farmed in many parts of the world.

How to Catch

To catch a Black Drum fish, anglers can use a variety of methods. The most common method is to use baitfish, such as shrimp, crabs, or mullet. Another popular method is to use artificial lures that mimic the appearance of baitfish.

When fishing for Black Drum, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, Black Drum are generally found in areas with plenty of cover, so anglers should look for areas with reefs, shipwrecks, or other structures. Second, Black Drum are bottom-dwelling fish, so anglers should use bait that is heavy enough to reach the bottom. Lastly, Black Drum are large fish, so anglers should use heavy-duty tackle that can handle the fish’s size.

Taste and Recipes

The Black Drum is a good food fish, and its meat is often compared to that of the Redfish. The flesh of the Black Drum is white and flaky, with a mild flavor.

There are many different ways to cook Black Drum fish. One popular method is to fry the fish. This can be done by coating the fish in a flour or cornmeal batter and then frying it in hot oil. Another popular method is to grill the fish. Black Drum can also be baked, broiled, or sautéed.

When preparing Black Drum fish, it is important to remove the dark lateral line that runs along the length of the fish. This line contains a large amount of blood, which can make the fish taste bitter.

Black Drum is a versatile fish that can be used in many different recipes.

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