Can You Spray Plasti Dip With HVLP Gun?

Plasti Dip is a durable rubber coating that is very flexible and non-slip. It is also an air-dry coating better to spray on two coats. It provides a large range of coating solutions.

Actually, Plasti Dip is a sprayable rubber used as a liquid. It can soon solidify into a rubber compound. It is an easily peelable liquid that doesn’t leave any trace of its existence if you apply it properly.

But Can You Spray Plasti Dip with HVLP Gun as it is available in a large number of colors? Absolutely yes, it is surely possible to spray Plasti Dip with an HVLP gun.

HVLP Gun & Spray Of Plasti Dip

Different sprayers are used for different jobs. Your choice of sprayer depends on the results; you want to get in the final project.


HVLP gun is an air gun that is usually powered by a compressor. It is a gun with a large gas tank and hose that provides more consistent airflow to be recharged periodically.

Proper Temperature and PSI to Spray Plasti Dip with HVLP Gun

As Plasti Dip is a durable and easily removable product an HVLP spray gun is the best Plasti Dip sprayer.

So when you start applying plastic Dip, you need to keep the temperature range from 70 to 80°F, having humidity below 60%. Apply it in cool temperatures and avoid direct sunlight.

If you are spraying the base coat, you need 26 to 29 PSI. When the trigger is pulled and the air flows through, there must be 26 PSI.

But for spraying clear coat, keep the pressure 2 to 3 PSI for more atomization as well as better flow. Spraying Plasti Dip with a modern HVLP gun, you should thin Plasti Dip with water.

How To Spray Plasti Dip With A HVLP Gun?

This section will introduce the basics of how to spray Plasti Dip with an HVLP gun and the necessary precautions that should be taken. The process of spraying Plasti Dip with an HVLP gun consists of:

#1. Clean The Surface

First of all, clean out any residual coating from the surface and your gun. Do it by operating the gun in a pressurized state without paint.

#2. Select The Suitable Plasti Dip

Next, select the suitable Plasti Dip for spraying on the surface you like to spray with an HVLP gun. The appropriate Plasti Dip spray and nozzle size must be accorded.

#3. Prepare The Plasti Dip

Prepare the Plasti Dip by mixing the right solvent so that it may spray well. After pouring both liquids into a jar, stir it until you get the desired flow of the liquid.

#4. Use Of Primer

Now, use a primer to create a durable, paintable surface on which the Plasti Dip can be applied with an HVLP spray gun.

#5. Sand The Surface

Sanding the surface after spraying the primer will make it ready for a further coat of Plasti Dip.

#6. Adjust The Sprayer

Adjust all the parts of the gun properly (fan, knob, nozzle, etc) according to the nature of Plasti Dip and the level of the project. Rightly setting up will make your spraying work easier.

#7. Load The Sprayer

Now, load your HVLP sprayer with the prepared Plasti Dip for the desired effect. You can also add a 3% additive to clear the color.


#8. Position The Sprayer

Keep your sprayer just above where you want to start spraying so that you don’t get any overspray onto surfaces you do not want to spray.

#9. Tap The Surface

There may be any area on the surface you want to leave unsprayed. So tap that area with a plastic tap or a piece of newspaper.

#10. Test The Gun

Now, take waste cardboard, and apply some prepared Plasti Dip on it with an HVLP sprayer. If you get the desired result, move forward.

#11. Spray Plasti Dip With HVLP Spray Gun

Hold your gun tightly 3 inches away from the surface, pull the trigger, Spray at a 45-degree angle, and always move the gun in one direction.

#12. Remove The Tap And Clean The Gun

When you have completed your spraying Plasti Dip with an HVLP gun, remove the tap you pasted on the area to leave unpainted, and clean your spray gun carefully.

If you want to know more about plastic dip then watch this youtube tutorial.


While using the plasti dip sprayer system, keep the following points in your first consideration;

  • #1: Always wearing safety tight dress
  • #2: Wear gloves, glasses, and a mask for your safety
  • #3: Remove the flammable material from your workplace
  • #4: Prepare Plasti Dip and adjust the gun properly to avoid any mishap


How many years does Plasti Dip last?

Plasti Dip can last for several years if it is applied properly.

How much time does Plasti Dip take to dry?

Plasti Dip takes about 30 minutes to dry between the coats, and it takes about 6 hours to dry for the full product. But definite cure time depends on the conditions around.

Can I spray Plasti Dip with HVLP in Cold Weather?

Yes, you can spray. But if the temperature is below 60° Fahrenheit (15.5° C) it is most likely, that you have to warm up the cans. Because if you spray Plasti Dip in so cold temperatures, it may lead to an uneven application.

Can I spray Paint over Plasti Dip?

Yes, you can spray. But first, ensure to have a nice and thick coat of Plasti Dip to apply paint over it.


In fact, Plasti Dip is a sprayable rubber available in a large number of colors. It is durable and completely removable. You can surely Spray Plasti Dip with HVLP Gun following the procedure (written in the manufacturer guide) that I have described above in detail.  Best of Luck.

Additional Questions

Can I use a regular spray gun for Plasti Dip?

Yes, a regular spray gun can be used for Plasti Dip. You can purchase Plasti Dip pre-mixed and ready to spray, or you can choose to thin out regular Plasti Dip with thinners and then apply. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines, but typically, you can add up to 50% thinners for the initial coats, and up to 10% for the final top coats. As someone who has worked with Plasti Dip many times, I can assure you that this method works well.

Which spray gun should I use for Plasti Dip?

Choosing a spray gun for Plasti Dip often comes down to personal preference and the specifics of the project you’re working on. It’s crucial that the spray gun you select can handle the viscosity of Plasti Dip and deliver a smooth, even coat with each spray.

How can I achieve a smooth finish with Plasti Dip?

Obtaining a smooth finish with Plasti Dip requires a bit of practice and technique. To achieve this, it is important to always maintain a steady hand when spraying and to overlap your spray by about 50% with each pass. It’s important to apply several thin coats rather than one thick coat to avoid running or dripping. Good ventilation, ideal temperature conditions, and a clean surface will also contribute directly to a smooth finish.

What PSI is needed for Plasti Dip?

A spray gun operating at 20psi with a 1.3-1.5mil needle, maximum 2mil needle, is ideal for Plasti Dip application. It’s important to note that if the Plasti Dip is sprayed at a higher psi, it will dry out before it lands on the surface, giving you a sandpaper-like finish instead of a smooth one.

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