DeBordieu Fishing Report (Georgetown, SC)

Hey guys, it’s Mack here. If there’s once place on earth I’m qualified to offer a fishing report, its at DeBordieu. I own a home there and split my time between Charlotte and Georgetown. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I’m out there trying to get a bite as often as possible. I’ll expand this report with as many details as possible as time goes on, but I wanted to get it started based on my fishing activity this past weekend. I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Tight Lines! Fishing Report Update (5/3/2021): I was out in the marsh the entire weekend at DeBordieu. I spoke to a handful of other anglers out on the water and the only thing they had caught were a few Flounder in the main canal by all the docks right near the boat ramps. Personally, I had some luck with flounder on the way out from the ramp leading to the main channel. I was drifting close to the bank and just bouncing a jig head with chunked mullet down the shoreline. I probably hit the poor guy on the head before he bit! I also snagged a few sizable trout (15-20 inches) which was surprising given the temperatures and time of year. They’re still there! Caught these guys just before and after low tide using live mullet on a circle hook. I also had luck with slot reds. I could see them tailing and feeding in a frenzy up and down the shoreline in the little creeks and cuts off the main channel. I had luck with a YO-ZURI 3d artificial hard plastic Shrimp and a very slow retrieve.

I’ll be back down there in about 10 days or so and will update then!

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Mack Robertson
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