DeBordieu Fishing Report (Georgetown, SC)

Hey guys, it’s Mack here. If there’s once place on earth I’m qualified to offer a fishing report, its at DeBordieu. I own a home there and split my time between Charlotte and Georgetown. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I’m out there trying to get a bite as often as possible. I’ll expand this report with as many details as possible as time goes on, but I wanted to get it started based on my fishing activity this past weekend. I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Tight Lines! Fishing Report Update (5/3/2021): I was out in the marsh the entire weekend at DeBordieu. I spoke to a handful of other anglers out on the water and the only thing they had caught were a few Flounder in the main canal by all the docks right near the boat ramps. Personally, I had some luck with flounder on the way out from the ramp leading to the main channel. I was drifting close to the bank and just bouncing a jig head with chunked mullet down the shoreline. I probably hit the poor guy on the head before he bit! I also snagged a few sizable trout (15-20 inches) which was surprising given the temperatures and time of year. They’re still there! Caught these guys just before and after low tide using live mullet on a circle hook. I also had luck with slot reds. I could see them tailing and feeding in a frenzy up and down the shoreline in the little creeks and cuts off the main channel. I had luck with a YO-ZURI 3d artificial hard plastic Shrimp and a very slow retrieve.

I’ll be back down there in about 10 days or so and will update then!

Additional Questions

What fish are biting in SC right now?

South Carolina’s waterways are currently teeming with a variety of fish. During this time, you’re most likely to reel in some splashing crappie, hard fighting smallmouth bass and the coveted largemouth bass. Not to be forgotten are the catfish, with their deceptively mild demeanor hiding their reel-tugging strength; there’s also the appealingly beautiful trout, synonymous with the SC fishing experience. Moreover, tenacious stripers, and the hybrids which surprise anglers with their hard strikes and spirited fight, are also flourishing in South Carolina’s waters. These fish species are available in many of our rivers and streams, offering an angler’s paradise. It’s a great time to grab your gear, hit the water early, and enjoy what South Carolina fishing has to offer. In my countless fishing trips, I’ve found that early morning is usually the best time for casting your line.

Where can I fish in Georgetown SC?

Georgetown, South Carolina, is truly a haven for fish and anglers alike, boasting an array of diverse and productive fishing locales. I recommend places like **North Inlet, Winyah Bay, and the Santee Delta** among your go-to spots. Each of these places provides unique eco-systems that can cater to different kinds of fishing styles – whether you’re a fan of surf fishing, fly-fishing, or deep-sea angling, you can find a location that suits your style here. With a little patience, you’ll have a chance to catch species such as the royal Tarpon, the highly sought-after Redfish and Spotted Seatrout, as well as the delicious Flounder. Additionally, every now and then you might surprise yourself with a Black Drum, Sheepshead, or even a Shark! These species tend to appear more during certain times of the year. I fondly remember hooking a monstrous Tarpon on a warm July morning at Winyah Bay. These experiences make Georgetown a favorite among many angling enthusiasts including yours truly, so I am certain you’ll also relish fishing here.

What fish are running at Edisto Beach?

Fishing aficionados in Edisto Beach enjoy a steady year-round opportunity to land some remarkable catches. The waters around these shores are an enduring home to species such as **Speckled trout, redfish, and black drum**. The grassy banks around the dock at the Edisto Interpretive Center offer a surreal backdrop along with great fishing prospects. A personal favorite of mine is fishing for Sheepshead, who start showing their stripes in large numbers from late February around the series of docks on Big Bay Creek. As you wait for bites, enjoy the picturesque setting around you and feel the rythm of the creek. Some of my most memorable fishing moments happened when casting here. It’s not uncommon to encounter redfish too, using the docks all year round. The accessibility to these species makes fishing at Edisto Beach a delightful and rewarding experience.

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