Do You Need A License To Fish From Shore In South Carolina

In South Carolina, anyone aged 16 or older needs a license to fish from shore, including boats, private docks, or public docks.

Yes, you do need a license to fish from the shore in South Carolina if you are 16 years old or older. This rule applies not only to shore fishing but also to fishing from a boat, private dock, free public dock, or even while wading. Therefore, regardless of whether you are shoreline fishing or using other fishing methods, make sure to have your license to fully enjoy this recreational activity legally and responsibly.

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Alright folks, let's dive right in. You're planning to cast your line from the shore in beautiful South Carolina. If you're 16 or older, it's essential to know that you'll definitely need a fishing license. This isn't just for shore fishing – it applies to fishing from a boat, private dock, free public dock, or even while wading.

Freshwater or Saltwater – The Choice is Yours

Depending on your fishing preference, you can choose between a Freshwater Fishing License or a Saltwater Fishing License. Both of these licenses are available at affordable costs. I remember when I first moved to South Carolina, I was quite overwhelmed with the variety. But trust me, having options is never a bad thing! With these licenses, you get to explore both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities that the state generously provides.

Other License Options

Other license options include the Commercial Freshwater License, Jug Permit, Set Hook Permit, and many others. Each of these licenses has specific limits and validity. For instance, the Commercial Freshwater License costs $1000.00 and expires on June 30, 2024, so make sure you keep an eye on those dates. Paying a cheap fine or being hassled by a game warden could spoil your fishing experience. Believe me, it's a story you don't want to tell.

Don't Neglect the Rules

Don't forget that different permits carry restrictions on equipment too. Like the Eel Pot Tag, which costs $50.00 annually, putting a limit at 2 pots per licensee. I learned that the hard way when I was enthusiastic about increasing my chances in catching eels. We live and we learn, right?

Respecting Wildlife and Preserving Our Resources

South Carolina takes the upkeep of its natural resources seriously. That's why licenses like the Wildlife Management Area and Trapping and Commercial Fur Harvest License are in place. These rules are there to ensure we have wildlife to appreciate for generations to come.

Now, the reality is nobody likes paperwork and spending money on licenses. But keep in mind, these licenses are contributing towards the conservation efforts to maintain a healthy, vibrant ecosystem filled with fish and wildlife. So next time you bag a hefty speckled trout while fishing from the shore, remember that your license played a pivotal role in preserving that moment.


There's no doubt that South Carolina's shoreline is a magical place to fish. Just be sure to follow the regulations and get the right licenses to ensure your fishing adventures continue to support the state's natural beauty. So grab your State Hunting License (yes, some of us like to mix it up), make sure you've got your fishing gear, and hit the waters, my friends!

Remember, fishing isn't just about the catch – it's about the peace of the early morning, the joy of a well-cast line, and the deep appreciation of our natural world. So, let's continue to respect it.

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Do you need a permit to fish in SC?

In South Carolina, it’s strictly prohibited to indulge in any hunting or fishing activities without the necessary license and associated permits, tags, or stamps. **It’s important to always carry the required licenses and permits when you go fishing.** I remember once, a good friend of mine thought he could sneak in a quick fishing trip without a license. Unfortunately, a game warden happened by and my friend ended up with hefty fines and a court date to contend with. It’s always a good idea to respect the laws and protect nature’s resources.

How do I get a free fishing license in SC?

South Carolina has a wonderful program that allows disabled residents, who have lived in the state for at least a year, to receive a hunting and fishing license absolutely free of cost. If you are receiving disability benefits from agencies like the Social Security Administration or the US Department of Veterans Affairs, **you qualify for a free disability hunting and fishing license.** I’ve had the pleasure of fishing alongside a few military veterans who benefited from this policy. Their spirits and love for nature made me appreciate the meaningfulness of such schemes even more.

Do you need a license to surf fish in Myrtle Beach?

While the beautiful sandy shoreline might beckon you to cast your fishing rod into the surf at Myrtle Beach, make sure you have obtained a saltwater fishing license before you do so. A 14-day license for non-residents can be acquired at just $11. **A saltwater fishing license is obligatory for all, except for those under the age of 16.** My first surf fishing experience at Myrtle Beach was unforgettable, not only for the wonderful catch but also for observing the compliance of fellow fishers with this licensing rule. Everyone seemed to understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable fish population for generations to come.

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