Graco VS Fuji HVLP: New Full Comparison

Paint sprayers have revolutionized the painting industry, significantly reducing project completion time while simplifying and enhancing the painting process.

Whether you’re engaged in production work or aiming for exquisite finishes, understanding the fundamentals of spray guns allows you to achieve professional-level results.

As a seasoned painter, I rely heavily on sprayers for a wide range of projects, including painting house siding, walls, ceilings, doors, and cabinets. However, selecting the right tool from the saturated paint market can be daunting.

In this article, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison of the key features between Graco and Fuji HVLP paint sprayers, helping you make an informed decision.

Differences Between Graco Airless And Fuji HVLP

The main difference between these two sprayers is that the Graco Airless sprayer does not need a compressor.

It has a piston and a pressurized pump to drain off paint to the gun. It forces the paint to atomize paint through a fluid line and a small orifice in the tip.


On the other hand, the Fuji HVLP sprayer needs a compressor to atomize the paint. It keeps paint material in a cup fixed to the gun. This spray gun has a nozzle and a fluid needle while a Graco airless one has a spray tip.


The following features of these sprayers differentiate them from each other.

#1. Difference In Transfer Efficiency

The transfer efficiency of the Graco airless sprayer is about 40 to 50% while it is 90% in the HVLP sprayer.

#2. Difference In Finish Quality

The Graco airless sprayer atomizes paints at very high pressure, so it doesn’t produce good quality or smooth finish on the surface.

But Fuji HVLP sprayer atomizes paint at low pressure and produces a better quality smooth finish. It has control over coating thickness and paint flow.

#3. Difference In Material Handling

The Graco airless sprayer is a powerful machine to pump paint to the gun. You don’t need to thin the material as it isn’t necessary for spraying with this gun. It can handle a variety of materials equally.

While spraying paint with Fuji HVLP, you have to thin the material. As there are small orifices in the gun, they can clog with thick material.

#4. Difference In Spray Pattern

The HVLP sprayer can spray well vertically on small projects because of the low pressure.

While an airless sprayer wastes material on these projects because of the high pressure. So you have to keep the different patterns for both sprayers.

#5. Difference Of Overspray

The Graco airless sprays paint at very high pressure, so it produces more over-spray. It uses around 2,000 PSI for spraying paint like pre-cat lacquer and enamel.

While Fuji HVLP sprays paint at low pressure and uses around 10 PSI for similar materials. It produces less overspray.

#6. Difference In Work Nature

The Graco airless sprayer is mostly used to paint larger projects, while the Fuji HVLP sprayer is used to paint smaller projects.

#7. Difference Of Speed

The Graco airless sprays paint at high pressure, so it is faster in speed and completes the work very soon.

While the Fuji HVLP paint gun is slow in speed and sprays at low pressure, but produces a fine finish.

#8. Difference Of Price

The airless sprayers are available at a low price than the HVLP sprayers as there is a difference in speed, overspray, and finish quality.

These sprayers are a little bit common also.

  • Both have 25 feet hose pipe
  • Both are portable
  • Both are easy to use and clean

Frequently Asked Questions

At what PSI Fuji HVLP sprays well?

The Fuji HVLP can spray well at around 10 PSI and produces less overspray.

Can I use Fuji HVLP to spray oil-based paint?

Yes, you can use it not only for oil-based paints but also for other paints and stains. But you need a different size air cap, nozzle tip, and mineral spirits for this.

Does an HVLP work better than an airless sprayer?

Yes, an HVLPs sprayer works better than an airless sprayer. It gives fine production, less overspray, and a fine finish.

Can I move the Graco sprayer on wheels?

Yes, the Graco paint sprayer is cart assisted or wheel-assisted unit. You can move it easily on wheels wherever you want to spray.


Both guns are good for spraying paint. You can pick the appropriate one for your project. The Project’s nature, paint type, and budget can move you to decide in favor of one.

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