Graco X19 Review [Review 2023]

The Graco Company manufactures excellent spraying tools and they are designed with such technology to enhance output delivery.  These tools offer high efficiency and performance.

Graco X19 is a good-quality airless paint sprayer that provides fast coverage with a more satisfying finish. It is a cart-mounted machine perfectly fit for large-size projects.

Graco X19 airless paint sprayer is a little more advanced model than Graco Pro X17 which is less powerful. This article will highlight the salient features of the Graco X19.

Features of the Graco X19 Airless Paint Sprayers

This particular airless paint sprayer has the following prominent features.

#1. Pump System

The spray gun has a powerful pump mechanism to provide the required pressure for spraying a variety of paints.

Graco X19 Airless Paint Sprayers

Graco X19 Airless Paint Sprayers

Spray high, low, or recessed areas like ceilings, stairways, soffits, high walls, overhangs, or decks reducing the need for ladders or stepstools.

  • Control Paint Flow
  • Spray Paint Unthinned
  • Spray Directly From Paint Bucket
  • Fast And Easy Clean-up
  • Ideal For Multi-Story Homes

It assures the longevity of the machine. It allows about 500 gallons of annual usage. This specific pump can be replaced if needed.

#2. Adjustable Power Control

Graco X19 has a good system to control the paint spray pattern while painting.

You can adjust it by simply turning this significant dial that permits you to tone down the power and make it more suitable to your covering medium.

#3. Straining Filters

The machine has good-installed filters to sieve/strain paint so that all the impurities may be removed. It decreases the chances of clogging paint in the nozzle.

#4. Handle Unthinned Paint

As the Graco X19 airless paint sprayer comes with a powerful piston it has the capacity to handle all types of unthinned paints easily.

#5. Flexible Suction Tube

While painting the highest buildings, you don’t have to carry paint with you all the time.

The Graco X19 airless paint sprayer has a Flexible suction tube that allows the sprayer to draw material directly from the paint container.

  • Powerful pump system
  • Flexible Suction Tube
  • Use of filters to strain paint
  • Spray unthinned paints
  • Powerful pump system
  • Power Flush Adapter to easily clean
  • Wheel-assisted machine
  • 150 feet long hose to reach remove surfaces
  • Requires more skill to use

#6. Long Hose

When you want to spray paint a multistory building, you often have to carry the machine with you.

But Graco X19 airless paint sprayer will help you in this regard. It provides 150 feet hose which will assist you to reach the remote surface without carrying the unit.

#7. Cart Mounted Unit

The whole unit of Graco X19 airless paint sprayer weighs 42 pounds. You may find it difficult to move and carry.

But you don’t need to worry as it is a cart-assisted machine and you can easily move it from one place to another.

#8. Spraying Versatility

The Graco X19 is powered by a strong 0.875 horsepower motor. The machine is also combined with 515 tips that make it appropriate for use with enamels, stains, chalk, sealers, and latex-based paints usually without thinning.

#9. Easy Clean Sprayer

It is very necessary to clean your paint sprayer after every use. The Graco X19 airless paint sprayer has a Power Flush Adapter connected to a garden hose that can help you with fast and easy cleaning.

#10. Price

If you are working on a larger project and want to buy a really amazing machine for around $500 to $700, you must buy Graco X19 airless paint sprayer. It consumes only 110 volts and works easily.


Graco X19 airless paint sprayer is an excellent product of Graco. It can deliver a smooth finish. It also gives more reliable performance.

If you want to spray paint on larger projects, Graco X19 is really perfect sprayer for you. All the features of the spray gun are supportive for spaying, especially on high surfaces. I can certainly say that it is an amazing machine that you must have for refreshing the paint.

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