Best Gun Room Ideas and Designs: Awesome Armories You’ll Want

The challenge of being a gun enthusiast is finding the room to properly display them in a manner that shows them off, and makes them easily accessible. There are many firearm storage solutions to consider, such as gun lockers and cabinets, hidden drawers and shelving, or even simple racks. But if you have the space, you can easily convert an unused closet or bedroom into a DIY gun room. 

Take a look at these gun room ideas to provide you the means to get started on your next project.

Gun Room Ideas   

A gun room can be a simple storage solution, a place to showcase your collection (especially if you have rare or vintage pieces), an area to clean your firearms, and a great way to store accessories and ammunition. It could be a walk-in closet, office space, old spare bedroom, unused corner in your basement- basically any space you feel you can claim for all things guns. 

1. Wall Storage and Display

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If you have the room, perhaps in a basement or second living area, wood paneled and felted gun racks are the perfect solution for both storage and display of used and admired favorites. These are very classic in design and pay homage to your favorite classics and keeps them safe from accidental bumps and scratches. 

2. Standing Rack Ideas

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If you are short of wall space, but have plenty of square footage, try some standing racks on for size to help keep your long guns secure and easily accessible. Placing guns upright helps maximize space anyway, and this is a great way to take advantage of the space you have and not leave a lot of open, unused room. 

3. Safe Room

safe room with many guns
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More and more people are making space for safe rooms, a place where they can go in an emergency, if their home is being broken into, or if they feel they are under threat. Often they are equipped with access to the home’s security system, and can easily access law enforcement when needed. These also double as an excellent storage space for firearms.

4. DIY Shelving

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Long gun shelving is easy to make to help accommodate the lengths and modifications you may have made to your favorite firearms. A few lengths of wood and some power tools provides you all you need to help customize the fit and cradle of your rack for easy storage shelving solutions. 

5. Hidden Rooms

Hidden Gun Safe Room
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Hidden rooms aren’t just plot twists in famous literary mysteries, they are a very real option for people to help store things they otherwise would like the general public not to see. Whether your door is through the back of a closet or behind a sliding bookcase, these recesses can help store and conceal expensive vintage collections, or your favorite choices for hunting and shooting. 

6. Vault Rooms

Vault Room with many guns
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Popular with people who have a basement in their home, vault doors and the coinciding rooms serve multiple functions. They work well as a safe room for your family, but also are an excellent place to safely store your weapons all in one place away from thieves, as well as young children. 

7. Take Advantage of Small Spaces

Small Space Gun Room
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If you have one of those weird, small spaces tucked away in a basement or as part of an attic, this might be a great way to repurpose (or actually ‘purpose’) it. Floor to ceiling racks and shelving allow you to stash long guns and handguns, as well as ammunition and accessories. Either build your own or look for narrow designs to save the maximum amount of space possible. 

8. Customized Office Space

Office Space Gun Room
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Show off your personal collection in your business suite when you welcome guests to watch the game, or conduct business. Customize your design and have wooden recesses built to highlight various wall mount styles that display collections and everyday options. This is also a great way to display other collectibles related to shooting sports. 

Gun Safe Storage Accessories

Just because you have a gun room doesn’t mean you can’t have a gun safe in it. Safe storage is part of responsible gun ownership, especially if you have children around. Safes can be annoying for various reasons, but with the correct accessory you can help solve some of your problems to ensure you are securing guns properly and getting everything you need in it in an organized manner. 

9. Handgun Safe Solutions

SnapSafe Gun Safe Door Organizer
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If you have a safe in your gun room, it can be frustrating to find a solution that allows you to easily access handguns without having to dig around on a shelf or open up separate storage cases that you have stacked. This cool door mount provides quick access and keeps your handguns secure and protected. 

10. Pistol Organization

Savior Equipment Gun Pistol Revolver Firearm Handgun Rack Stand
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Another great way to organize your pistols is with a shelving system designed just for them. Easy to place on a safe shelf or floor, this is a compact option that offers 4 to 12 slots to secure your handguns and make them easily accessible when you are ready for them. Plus, their size is conducive to any modifications you may have made to them. 

DIY Gun Room   

Of course, any gun room can technically be a DIY project if you are so inclined, but these ideas are a bit more in line with what you already may easily have going on. If you have been looking to expand, alter, or redesign a space into a gun room- these are all excellent choices to consider. 

11. Attic Storage Space

Attic Storage Gun Space
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Many homes have an under the eaves storage space, but with a little engenuity, you can turn it into an excellent gun storage area. A low bench and chair under the roof for cleaning and storing ammunition, and some well placed wall racks are a great way to repurpose the area and make it work for you. 

12. WorkSpace

Gun Room Bench
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Already have a work space for cleaning or reloading? Why not complete the area and make it a storage space as well? Even if it is in the middle of a garage or basement, you can set up divider walls to create a place that is set aside for everything gun. Take advantage of the privacy this offers for all your firearm needs. 

13. Man Cave

Covert Interiors created a secure gun room
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Been on the hunt for the perfect man cave decor? Love guns? Wood paneled walls, comfy overstuffed chairs, and cool lighting options is the perfect way to help show off your firearm collection. Wall mounts are always a great choice, but you can opt for various storage solutions as well as display cases.  

14. Recessed Sliding Gun Racks

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Have a lot of weapons and not a lot of wall or floor space? Built some recessed storage with sliding racks to help you save on space while still keeping your firearms accessible. REcessed shelving is a good answer for handguns, ammo and various accessories too. This type of planning leaves your room open to other enjoyable pastimes. 

15. Incorporating Hidden Gun Rooms

If you are building new home, or renovating an existing home, you might want to consider looking at plans to incorporate hidden gun rooms and storage. Not only does this provide a safe place to store your firearms, but also allows you to keep your weapons out of view no matter the situation. 

16. Game Room 

Game Room with guns on the wall
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Game rooms are a great place to showcase firearm collectibles and vintage pieces, as well as a great place to store hunting and competition weapons. They make for great conversation and are a welcome addition to a more rustic decor. Obviously, this is a room built for relaxation and playing, and is a perfect place for outdoor sporting pieces. 

17. Closet Renovation

tuscan closet design with guns
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Renovate a closet in an office, spare bedroom, or basement room to store and hold our guns safely. Some wooden paneling, along with built in racks and shelving can be the storage solution you have been searching for. If you have room, it is easy to add a table and chair for cleaning, reloading, and gunsmithing. Plus, you can always put a lockable door on to help secure things further. 

Gun Room Accessories   

Sometimes basic storage ideas are a great way to begin exploring how you want to add them to your space for gun storage solutions. Racks, bins, shelving, and cabinets are all examples of pieces you can build or buy to add to your space.

18. Horizontal Racks

Rush Creek Creations Indoor 5 Rifle Shotgun Wall Storage Display Rack
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Excellent for higher, often overlooked wall space, you can store or display your long guns along the wall in a way that they are easy to get to, and even easier to view. Sometimes, prefabricated options are the best bet in that they are affordable and helps save you time. Just be sure to take measurements in advance of purchase. 

19. Hidden Mirror Mount

Tactical Walls 1450M Concealment
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Have a selection of guns you prefer to keep out of sight? Gun storage, such as this hidden recession behind a working mirror provide easy accessibility without sacrificing space. Perfect for gun rooms, bedrooms, offices, and man caves, these types of details are worth considering. 

Wrapping It Up

Bottom line, you need a place to store your firearms, and probably prefer a place you can gaze upon them from time to time as well. Whether you have the budget to build and renovate, or simply need to get creative with your own skills, these room ideas are all excellent in helping you start planning for your very own. 

We’d love to see pictures of your own gun room ideas and hear which of our picks are your favorite. As always, please share!

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