How To Adjust An LVLP Spray Gun?

LVLP spray guns are very popular guns because they use fewer materials, and are common for home activities.

Generally, these guns come to home roughly adjusted only with the essential functions. So, they need to be adjusted using effectively.

Why It Is Necessary To Adjust LVLP Spray Guns?

As the paints are available at different viscosity levels, they require the different settings of the gun to apply on a surface.

It is very necessary to dilute paints and lacquers. If you do not dilute the paint, it can damage the gun (particularly the sensitive internal parts), clog the nozzle and produce bad results.

How To Adjust An LVLP Spray Gun?

If you want to spray paint using an LVLP spray gun, and don’t know how to adjust LVLP spray gun, there are the following recommended steps to adjust an LVLP gun properly.


Step #1: Adjust The Air Pressure On The Compressor

It is very important to set the pressure correctly on the compressor. Doing this, it must be considered not to exceed the maximum suggested air pressure. Test regularly the consistency of pressure by applying a spray test.

If it is thick, add some thinner and mix it carefully. If you fail to do so, it will result in overspray, uneven coats, and paint wastage.

Step #2: Adjust The Inlet Pressure for The LVLP Spray Gun

Now set the input pressure correctly for your gun again. You can do this by adjusting the screw, which is on the handle at the bottom of your gun.

Always adjust the pressure as accurately as possible and for doing this, use a pressure gauge inserted between the hose and the gun.

Step #3: Adjust The Air Atomization

After adjusting the air pressure, use the flow valve at the bottom of the handle. You can select different air caps keeping in view the criteria.

When you have chosen the air cap, it is necessary to set the air pressure on the handle of the gun. Generally, 2.0 to 2.5 Bar at the handle is recommended.

Step #4: Setting Up A Wide Jet

Now set up the wide jet according to your needs. You can adjust it with the help of a screw, which is at the back of the body of the gun. If your gun has two screws, use the upper.

Step #5: Setting The Width of The Fan

The fan regulator is a very important part that you need to adjust properly. Turning off the fan regulator, the air runs through the center of the cap.

When you open the valve, the pattern turns wider. But if you use a narrow pattern,  very less material is wasted

Step #6: Adjust The Volume of Material As Required

If you want to get an even layer of paint, always spray the same amount of material. For doing this, use screw set on the same axis as the needle and spray on the piece of cardboard to get the correct setting.

Step #7: Replacement of The Nozzle

If your LVLP spray gun does not produce the correct air pressure and the desired spray pattern, it is necessary to change the nozzle. You can do this only using a simple wrench.

if you want to know which paint you should use for the LVLP Spray gun and also want to know its pros and cons then watch the below video.


LVLP spray came into the market after the conventional guns and became popular because they are useful for smaller projects and home activities and use less material.

They are normally adjusted with necessary functions when they are manufactured. You have to adjust these LVLP spray guns according to your needs.

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