How To Clean LVLP Spray Gun?

Cleaning a spray gun after every use is essential. It is not difficult, but very important for maintaining the quality of the gun for a long time.

All the professional users always focus on the best quality of the spray guns because the delicacy of their works depends on the accuracy of their spray guns.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean An LVLP Spray Gun?

Cleaning an LVLP spray gun is necessary because proper cleaning and maintenance guarantee the performance of the gun.

If you leave the gun unclean to clean it later, the paint left inside the gun after use will get stuck and clog easily. This clogged paint can disturb the spray pattern in the future.

Which Supplies Are Necessary for Cleaning An LVLP Spray Gun?

A thorough cleaning of the LVLP spray gun requires a few supplies that you must have in your hand.

Soapy water, cleaning solution, gloves, goggles, cleaning brush, paper towels, rags, toothpicks, plastic cups, buckets, and gun wrench (All these supplies usually come with the spray gun)

If these things come in contact with your skin or your eyes they can really damage your health, so make sure you protect yourself appropriately.

How To Clean LVLP Spray Gun?

Now if you are wondering how to clean an LVLP spray gun when it is covered with paint and there are residues of paint everywhere, stop wondering, just read this article and follow the key steps you need to know for cleaning your LVLP spray gun.

You must clean your spray gun soon after finishing work to maximize the life of your spray gun, and clean not only the outer part of the gun but also the inner essential parts so that the gun may remain working well.

Step #1

Cleaning the Paint Cup; paint cup is a very essential part of an LVLP spray gun used for keeping paint or fluid in it.

So fill up the cup with paint thinner or any other cleaning solution, shake it strongly, and pull the trigger to let the paint thinner spray into a bucket.

After repeating the action two times, run a paper towel with paint thinner inside of the cup to clean the paint out of the body.

Step #2

Disassembling the body of the gun; secondly, unscrew the body of the gun from the paint cup, and disassemble the rest of the body of your spray gun.

Start unscrewing the air cap, the fluid needle, and also the inner part of the air cap keeping them separately.

Step #3

Dip the parts in paint thinner; when you have taken the parts apart, clean the smaller parts thoroughly, using soapy water or a simple cleaning solution. Use the toothbrush to clean the inner residues and paint.

Try to take care that these small parts don’t get damaged during the process of cleaning. So keep the inner air cap, outer air cap, and the main body of the gun in a plastic bucket full of paint thinner.

Step #4

After soaking, wipe everything; after soaking a few minutes, take the parts out of the paint thinner and wipe them down. Use a cleaning brush, paper towel, and toothpicks to scrub the fluid tip and air cap pieces to remove the residue.

Step #5

Reassembling the parts of the spray gun; finally, after a thorough cleaning, start to reassemble the parts of the spray gun.

Put the needle and spring in their proper place, and screw the inner air cap, the outer air cap, and the paint cup back on the body of the gun.

Some Precautions for Cleaning An LVLP Spray Gun

Although it is very simple to LVLP spray guns you must be careful while doing this job.

  • #1: An LVLP spray gun has different little parts that are so delicate to be treated as such. A little carelessness can bend or harm any one of those small parts like a needle or fluid tip.
  • #2: If you dump the gun parts in a sink basin together or in soapy water, try to keep them separately to avoid any loss as the little parts may get lost or broken.
  • #3: Always keep the small parts away from the larger parts for cleaning purposes.


Cleaning an LVLP spray gun is essential to keep the spray gun working well. So always clean your gun after every use to make it effective in removing paint residue.

Additional Questions

What pressure should a LVLP spray gun be?

An LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) spray gun should be used under a specific air pressure range. The typical pressure range may vary among different spray guns, but a commonly recommended pressure is between 10 PSI (at the nozzle) and around 30 PSI (inline).

How do you properly clean a spray gun?

The cleaning of an LVLP spray gun requires meticulous attention to ensure the tool’s longevity and optimum performance. Initially, you should disassemble the gun and wipe off the excess paint. The components should then be soaked in a cleaning solution specific for paint residue removal. After soaking, scrub the parts gently, rinse them with clean water, and finally, air-dry before reassembling.

What are the settings for a LVLP gun?

Absolutely, achieving the best spray quality with an LVLP gun requires adjusting it to specific settings. The gun should be set to deliver a particle speed between 2.5 to 3.5m/s while maintainining a flow rate of 118 cfm. In this context, the most suitable nozzle or tip size is either 0.9mm or 1.0mm.

What is the best thing to clean a paint spray gun with?

When cleaning a paint spray gun, it is recommended to use a specialized cleaner designed for removing paint residue. This can ensure optimal cleaning without causing any harm to the components of the gun. Additionally, using a suitable brush can help to remove stubborn residues more effectively. Always remember to exercise caution during the process to prevent any damages to the parts.

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