How To Drill a Hole in Wood!

How to drill a hole in wood

If you follow the techniques of drilling, it will be much easier for you to drill a hole for any of your projects successfully. In this article, we are going to cover the steps and tricks to improve your wood drilling performance. You can drill either large or small holes in wood as per your plan.

Going through this article will enable you to drill like a pro. Introducing with the tools and the drill bit will help to minimize the wrongs which someone is possibility going to do. The basic skill of drilling will also be helpful for you to do any project, and doing a few practices will make you best in this business. Here, we have picked cordless drill to describe the use of it.

Introducing a Drill

Torque and Speed

Modern drills have multi applications. Before purchasing a drill you should keep in consideration torque and speed settings which will benefit you for wider range of use.

The different shapes of drill bits are inserted into the chuck- the functional part of a drill. The modern drills have ring around the chuck which main function is to allow the torque selection while driving screws. Turning around the ring you can select the torque value which allows the drill stop after reaching a certain amount. Torque variety allows you to drill the accurate size of hole, neither loose nor over tight.

Speed selector is one of the other facilities of modern drill machine. You can easily switch from low to high or high to low speed by controlling the speed selector. That allows you to chose how much pressure should be triggered in the wood.

Best Drill Bits for Hardened SteelDrill Bits

Drill Bits are the tools to create various types of a circular shaped hole. Many shapes and sizes of drill bits are available in the market.  Some of the example drill bits are spoon bits, hole saw, spade bits, center bits, gimlet bits, Forstner bits, helical bits and countersink bits.

You will found some bits only to drive screws into plastic or wood. Variation is available here based on the shape of the head of bits. Phillips and Robertson screws are most commonly used in any project. Some other wood driving bits are Torx, slot, and Allen.

How to Drill a Hole

Let’s jump into unfolding the drilling process step by step.

  • Take the measurement of the width of the wood piece you want to drill hole. It will allow you to choose the right length of drill bit that fits in with the width of the wood.
  • Choosing the drill bit is depends on the purpose of the hole. The right type of bit is going to serve your purpose. Here you will decide which type of bit you will be using.
  • One of the most important tasks is to point out the spot where you want to drill the hole. You should mark the spot with a marker or pencil. This task should be done based upon your sketch or plan you have made before you start drilling hole.
  • To ensure drilling the hole more precise and perfect, punch a pilot hole on the spot you marked earlier. You can do it using the smaller bit and this tinny hole will help you to fix the bit and drill for the final size. This step will minimize doing mistake of creating larger hole and allow you to correct any slip if occurred during drilling.
  • Now, fix your drill bit in the business end of the drill machine and fit the bit into the pilot hole.
  • Start drilling at a low speed. Increase speed gradually. You can adjust the torque and speed ring based on the width and quality of the wood. The adjustment also depends on the size of the hole you want to drill.
  • While the hole in the wood is being created, pull the drill bit out slowly. Never do it quick.
  • Don’t switch the drill off or the power off until you completely pull out the bit from the hole. If you switch off while the bit is still in the hole, it will not be removed.

Tricks to Follow

It is always recommended to prevent tear out. Tear out is the ragged spot that is being created while drillings. You need to have a piece of wood that is not useful for you yet sacrificial which should be set underneath the wood you wish to drill. Now, the wood fibers will found an exit point.

If you want to drill a larger hole like the hole for lockset on a door, you need to use hole saws. Different sizes of hole saw especially in larger diameters are available. Since hole saws create plug and cover a larger area, you should drill slowly and gently. After drilling is done, the plug can be removed by pushing a screwdriver.

To avoid the slightest error in drilling, you always should drill straight. The better way to keep your drill straight is to use an extra piece of square end wood. After placing the drill bit on the point you want to make hole, set this extra wooden scrap against the drill bit to ensure whether the bit is straightened.

That was all about our guideline of drilling hole in a wood piece. Hopefully this is going to hone your skills in drill related projects. Just do some experience, make this activity as your second nature.

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