How To Spray Clear Coat With HVLP Gun?

A clear coat is the final coat or layer of paint applied in painting a surface. It is the outside safety layer that protects the surface from decaying and keeps it in good condition for many years. It also prevents the paint from early damage.

Environmental factors like air pressure, sunlight, and temperature can affect the clear coat and spoil its durability. The old painting techniques such as brush lines and messy rollers also affect the final result of a clear coat.

But now the use of paint guns has made it very simple and easy to spray paint in a fraction of time.

This article will help you to learn how to spray a clear coat with an HVLP gun and enable you to spray a clear coat with more accuracy and perfection.

What Are The Functions Of A Clear Coat?

A clear coat is an important part of spraying paint projects. It performs the following functions.

  • #1: A clear coat protects the surface from exterior damage.
  • #2: It often extends the life of your paint.
  • #3: It acts as a barrier or hurdle between your surface and the outside elements
  • #4: It saves the paint from early fading

What Is HVLP Spray Gun?

An HVLP spray gun is a professional paint-spraying tool used to finish work with high accuracy and speed. This higher volume lower pressure gun can control the even spread of the paint.

The HVLP spray gun has a large and powerful compressor. It is an environment-friendly gun that wastes less paint, saves money and time, and minimizes overspray. This gun can handle thicker material with higher transfer efficiency.


As the HVLP spray gun has been designed for beginners and inexperienced who don’t know much about operating the gun ask questions about what size HVLP clear coat tip is used or what PSI should I spray clear coat.

So, it is suggested that 1.2mm tip spray clear coats on small projects and1.3mm tip for spraying a car.

But it is recommended 1.4mm tip size and 26-29 PSI for spraying the base coat to get desired results.

How Does HVLP Spray Gun Work?

The HVLP spray gun atomizes the paint and releases an air stream from the spray gun. The paint is divided into small particles as the air comes from the nozzle.

The HVLP spray gun has vast controls from small to large fans and sprays density from mist to heavy coat.

It has airflow control, paint volume control, an air inlet, a paint basin, and a nozzle to control the pressure of air and spread of the paint.

When you press the trigger, your HVLP gun releases paint into the air stream, atomizes it, and blasts through the nozzle on the surface where you find the result in the shape of an even coat and less overspray.

How To Adjust HVLP Spray Gun For Clear Coat?

How do you spray a perfect clear coat using an HVLP spray gun is a very important question.

For understanding the proper use of a gun for a clear coat, you should learn the right adjustment of your gun.

  • #1: Make sure to have all necessary supplies for the work
  • #2: Choose the right tip for your project that is recommended 1.4
  • #3: Adjust the air pressure properly at about 26-29 PSIto get the desired result of a clear coat
  • #4: Adjust the fan of your gun keeping it 6 to 8 inches away from the surface when you pull the trigger
  • #5: Adjust the fluid control volume to get the fluid according to the nature of your work speed

How To Spray Clear Coat With HVLP Gun

If you want to spray a clear coat with an HVLP gunfollow the instructions given

Step #1: Determine the Time, Weather, And Place

First of all, choose a suitable time for spraying the clear coat. It is a time-consuming task so don’t spray in a hurry.

When you start spraying a clear coat using an HVLP spray gun, the weather should also be favorable neither rainy nor hot.

You should also select a suitable place to spray a clear coat on the surface to get a good result.

Step #2: Provision Of Necessary Material And Use Of Sheet

Prepare a list of the material; you need to spray the clear coat with an HVLP gun. Make sure to have all the material near your workplace so that your spraying work may not be affected.

Always spread a plastic sheet on the floor to keep it safe from droplets of paint or chemical.

Step #3: Prepare The Surface Well To Spray Clear Coat With HVLP Gun

Make your surface clean, soft, and even and remove the remaining old paint. If you find some bubbles, smudges, dirt, or debris, rub it off or sand it using sandpaper for the successful spray of a clear coat.

Step #4: Mix The Paint Well Before Filling The Cup Of HVLP Spray Gun

It is very important to mix your paint well before applying it to the surface. Thin it properly and get the right consistency of the paint to flow easily.

Shake the mixed paint before pouring it into the cup of the gun. Keep your spray gun 6 to 8 inches away from the surface.

Step #5: Spray A Test Coat

When you have prepared the surface and filled the cup of your gun after mixing it well, spray on the piece of a newspaper or waste board to test the thickness of the paint and the performance of the gun.

Spray from corner to corner or in round circle until the entire area is fully covered.

Step #6: Apply The Primer Or The First Clear Coat And Sand The Surface Again

Apply the first clear coat and wait for 24 hours till it dries up. When it dries up, sand the surface once again to prepare it for the final clear coat.

Step #7: Spray The Final Clear Coat And Cover The Unpainted Areas

When you have completed all the above steps, spray the final clear coat with an HVLP gun to make the surface more glittering and charming. But it should be applied carefully to get the desired results.

Now check the surface area especially the insides of doors or opposite sides of the surface, if it remains unpainted, spray it well.

Step #8: Clean Your HVLP Spray Gun Each Time After A Clear Coat

When you use a spray gun for a long time, its nozzle is blocked or paint congealed in the gun.

So whenever you spray a new clear coat, wash the gun’s nozzle with water or clean it with a cloth because the paint hardens inside the nozzle and sputters out.


Following precautions should be taken when you spray a clear coat with an HVLP gun.

  • #1: Work in a neat clean place in fine weather
  • #2: Remove all the explosive material from the place near your surface
  • #3: Prepare the surface, mix the paint well and ensure all necessary supplies
  • #4: Always take protection like a mask on your mouth and cover your ears
  • #5: Wear glasses for the eyes, a hard cap, and soft gloves on the hands
  • #6: Use covered shoes and tight cloths


What Is The Proper Pressure For An HVLP Gun To Spray A Clear Coat?

For getting desired results of a clear coat your HVLP spray gun should have 26-29 PSI pressure. It is the best pressure to make the surface shine.

What Is The Best Size For Tip Spraying Clear Coat?

The best and recommended size of tip used in the HVLP spray gun for spraying clear coat is 1 to 1.4.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using An HVLP Spray Gun?

The HVLP spray can atomize paint faster at lower pressure. It can spread paint well and even on the surface. It can cover larger areas without any touchup. It minimizes waste due to less overspray.

How Much Distance Should I Keep Between The Surface And The Gun?

You should keep a 6 to 8 inches distance between the surface and the gun when you pull the trigger.

Can You Spray The Clear Coat With An HVLP Spray Gun?

Yes, you can spray a clear coat with HVLP spray, if you know to operate an HVLP gun with the recommended procedure, preparation, and precautions.

Final Thoughts

Clearcoat is the final coat in the painting process applied carefully and with extreme dexterity. In other words, it is the outside safety layer of paint that protects the surface from exterior damage. If you spray clear coat properly, the life of paint and surface is doubled.

Well-prepared surface, well-mixed paint, and well-adjusted gun make your spraying clear coat easier. The HVLP spray gun is unique for this purpose as it requires low pressure which makes the final clear coat more even, smooth, shining, and durable.

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