How To Unlock Different Types of Saw? [A Complete Guide]

Many users have doubts about unlocking different saws. In particular, newcomers find the matter quite challenging. Saws are usually locked for several security reasons. So, It is essential to know how to unlock various types of saws through proper guidelines. Also, no need to waste hours trying to unlock your saw.

There are many types of saws that are used for various purposes. So, like the type of saw, there is a difference in unlocking them. Some saws are folded for easy transport after use. New users often do not understand what to do with a locked saw. Therefore, a proper guide is an ideal solution.

No matter which saw you use, you must know how to unlock it for easy use. Otherwise, unlocking may cost you hours of work. This article will include some information that will help you to unlock different types of saws. Also, some useful tips will be shared.

Ways To Unlock Different Types Of Saw: You Should Know About

There are several ways to unlock different saws. So no matter what you use, you need to know how to unlock it. Below is a brief overview to unlock some of the most commonly used saws. Find out the details after taking a look.

Saw TypeHow To Unlock
Miter sawYou can twist depending on the model. External and internal movement of the pin can cause the blade to be unlocked.
ChainsawRemove debris stuck in the vicinity of the chain. Also, use a screwdriver to remove the stuck saw.
Circular sawPress the handle and pull the pin below it. Then leave the lock and try to move the blade up and down.
JigsawPress the lock button that locked the jigsaw to make it unlock
Sliding sawLoosen the hard knot to unlock the saw. Also, keep the rotating knot rotating clockwise.
Wood sawThe blade can be easily pulled out by pulling, pushing and twisting the pin.

Discussion Of The Ways To Unlock Then Mentioned Saws:

The details of how to unlock each of the above saws are discussed in detail:

1. MiterSaw

You only need a few minutes to unlock the miter saw. First, unplug it at the beginning to avoid unwanted incidents. The same goes for beginners. You may have noticed that the joint points of the miter saw have some knobs and pins.

You just have to find these knobs. Unlock the head first, so don’t forget to apply pressure. Then unlock angle lock, bevel, and base one by one.

2. Chainsaw

The screws are usually located behind the air filter. Continue adjusting the screw using a screwdriver until the chain bends stop. This will easily unlock your saw. Again, there are reasons why the chain saw itself becomes a man.

When you were cutting hardwood with a saw, some debris got stuck in it which locked the chain. The pieces of wood accumulate and hold the chain in place. Push the pieces with a screwdriver and insert the screwdriver inside some to pull out more pieces.

3. Circular Saw

You also have to spend a few minutes with the correct method to unlock a circular saw. First of all, press the handle and pull the bottom pin to unlock its head. Moving the blade up and down after releasing the lock will unlock it. In addition, the circular saw itself is sometimes locked.

As the blade works in close proximity to the wood, the blade can be locked and stopped completely at one point. To avoid this problem, clean the pieces of wood. It is also better to keep the saw straight. You can use a jig for this.

4. Jigsaw

A lock button is always used to lock the jigsaw. Generally, it maintains a certain speed and locks. Be sure to use this button when you need to unlock the jigsaw. The button should be handled with care as it will cause ultimate difficulty in managing the jigsaw if it is broken.

A single switch is enough to lock or unlock the jigsaw. However, if you still fail to unlock it, seek a professional’s advice. Maybe it has some technical issues.

5. Sliding Saw

When you look back from the center to unlock the sliding saw, you will find a barrel. Find the screw or knob here that will help to unlock its head. Hold the handle of the saw with one hand and loosen the knot. Therefore, in case you pull the blade, it will come out very easily.

Remember, you need to ensure that the knob is fully released; otherwise, the barrel surface may be impeded. After unlocking the blade, set it to your convenient position and re-fasten it with the knob.

6. Wood Saw

Go through some strategic steps to be able to open the wood saw. Keep pushing the pin towards the end near the blade. Since wood saws come in various models, just pulling or pushing may not be enough. In this case, some twisting may be required. It depends on the model.

Pushing the pin in and out is the main way to unlock the wood saw. Once the pin is out, the blade will automatically rise to the top. Remember, when the blade is coming up, you must cover it with a guard.

How To Unlock A Saw For Different Purposes: Do Perfectly

For various purposes, one may require to unlock their saws. Here I figure out some of them behind a saw unlocking.

  • Unlocking For Removing the Blade

You may need to unlock the table saw knob to get the blade out of it. For this, first, make sure to turn the machine off. It should not accidentally start in the middle of your operation. Also, you want to disconnect the table saw from the power source outlet completely.

You need to get the table insert out. Simply turn the blade elevation handwheel. You want to turn it clockwise here. This will bring the blade to its maximum height. Now you need to lift the blade guard. Simply place it close to the table’s back part.

Now you’ll need to adjust the blade and bring it to a 90-degree vertical position. And here, you’ll need the unlocking mechanism to work. The blade’s tilting lock knob is in charge of it. Turn in a clockwise motion the bevel tilting handwheel. Then you need to lock it into position.

Then simply pull the motor locking lever. It should come forward to the tool. Meanwhile, you also need to keep spinning the blade. Stop when the latch seems to lock into its place. And this will ensure no blade movement.

Now you want to place a wrench for the blade in the arbor nut. Loosen and then gradually remove it. You also need to remove the flange. Simply use a wrench to pull those towards the machine’s front part. Finally, you can remove the blade. Just make sure you don’t detach the inner blade flange unless you’ve reassembled the blade.

  • Unlocking To Align the Blade Guard Splitter

For the blade to cut workpieces right, it’s important to get the splitter aligned in the right way. Otherwise, there will be binding and twisting. Make sure to cover the blade guard teeth when you are installing. Use a folded cardboard piece to do this.

For this process, you will make starting moves similar to how we did it for removing the blade before. You need to turn the machine off, remove the insert and bring the blade to its maximum height, as I discussed earlier. Also, you’ll position the guard towards the saw’s rear part and bring the blade to a 90-degree vertical position, following the instructions above.

Now for the main part, you need to check if the alignment between the blade and splitter is correct. Use a square along the blade’s side, and also it must be against the splitter. The square needs to be between the blade’s teeth.

You need to tilt the blade at a 45-degree angle. Now go for another alignment check here. If alignment is not right, then you need to get the wing bolt out. This bolt basically locks the guard in its place. You need to remove the blade guard then. Get the screw out from the mounting bracket next by loosening it.

For the guard mounting bracket fixed with the saw, you need to place spacers right here. You need to position according to the corresponding mounting bolt holes. Make sure to get rid of the washer’s adhesive backing as well.

Change the guard mounting screw and make sure it is tightly attached. You need to reconnect the blade guard assembly too. Make sure it is attached by the corresponding wing bolt. Once again, check the alignment of the splitter and blade at 90- and 45-degree angles. You can add or remove spacers if the alignment still seems off. And finally, replace the table insert.

  • Unlocking For Adjusting the Rip Fence

First, you need to place the fence right to the blade. It needs to be parallel with the miter gauge groove. The rear clap will go on the back rail. Next, you need to lower the front end and bring it over the front rail. Now pushing the handle, get it to lock.

Now to change the fence position, you’ll need to unlock it. Simply raise the handle, and this will unlock. Then you can slide your fence into a preferable position. Once you are done with it, simply push the back handle to its place, and things will go back to locked.

If you want to check the adjustment, then place the fence into the miter gauge groove’s one edge. Then simply lock the handle. For accurate cuts, it needs to be in parallel with the miter groove. In case it’s not parallel, then you need to lift up the handle on the rip fence’s top part by loosening both hex bolts. Make necessary adjustments to the fence and make it parallel. Then lock the handle again as well as tighten hex bolts.

You need to unlock the fence handle. Then move the fence on the right or left to get right repositioned against the miter gauge groove. After double-checking the alignment, lock it into position. If the handle feels loose, bring it to unlock by lifting upward.

Make the rear clamp snug by turning the adjustment screw in a clockwise direction. You want to make ¼ turn at a time with the adjustment screw and nothing more than that. If you overtighten here, then there’s a chance of rip fence coming out of right alignment.

5 Effective Tips That Will Work To Unlock Different Types Of Saw:

While unlocking the process of a saw is quite effective, some additional tips can make the task easier and safer for you. Below are some of the most vital tips you should know:

Tip 1: Follow The Instruction Manual

To unlock any saw, read its instructions first. The guide must have some very important information about how to open it. Hence, unless you are a professional, you shouldn’t avoid it. Otherwise, the move may be wrong.

Tip 2: Get Professional Help

If you find it difficult to unlock the saw even after applying a method, be sure to seek the help of a professional. Repeated unsuccessful unlocking attempts can damage the saw.

Tip 3: Wear Safety Clothes

Be sure to wear safety clothing when doing the work of saw unlocking. Since the blade is unlocked, it can be accidentally injured and cut somewhere in hand. It can also injure anywhere on the body.

Tip 4: Apply Proper Pressure

If you try to unlock the saw without proper pressure, you may have to spend a few hours. Basically, the real source is the pressure to unlock the saw. You must maintain the required pressure on the knot.

Tip 5: Do Not Forget To Unplug The Saw.

Unplug it at the beginning of unlocking the electric saw. Trying to unlock it while having an electrical connection is risky enough. Also, the saw can start and damage some parts of the saw.

Related Questions About Unlocking Different Types Of Saw:

What Is The Easiest Way To Unlock Any Types Of Saw?

The easiest way to unlock any saw is to unlock its head first. The saw head has some essential knobs and pins that hold the saw in place. Releasing these at the beginning makes the task of unlocking easier. The pin and knob near the head are pulled towards the end so it can come out.

When the knob comes out, move slightly on the blade to unlock it. Some saws are simply locked or unlocked by a switch. 

How Do You Unlock The Handle On A Saw?

A simple and easy way to unlock the handle saw can save you valuable time. The first step in unlocking the handle is to unlock the saw head. Notice the saw from above to do this. Surely you will see a small knob. This usually traps the heat generated to save the whole machine.

Apply some pressure on the knob to move it. Now it is easy to unlock your saw head. Just move the head to unlock the handle. This method generally applies to miter saws, but can also be applied to other similar saws.

How Many Types Of The Saw Are There? 

There are so many types of saws that many of them are still unknown to you. However, all saws are mainly divided into two parts electric and manual. There are numerous options between these two types.

It is usually sufficient to use a traditional hand saw for cutting. Some normal tasks can be done with various updated handsaws. Electric saws help to perform complex tasks easily and efficiently. Most of these saws are a miter saw, chainsaw, scroll saw, wood saw, and much more.

Which Saw Is Easy To Unlock? 

Many people think that miter saws and chainsaws are the easiest to unlock. You can unlock your miter saw in a short time without any hassle. After pressing the handle below the saw and pulling the pin, release the lock and move the blade up and down a bit. Now pressing the button at the end of the black lever will unlock your guide rail.

There is also an easy way to unlock chainsaws. Chainsaws usually become human because of the debris stuck in the wood around the chain. Just use a screwdriver or rug to remove these. This will easily unlock the blade.

Which Saws Are Difficult To Unlock? 

Not knowing the right way can make it difficult to unlock any saw. But, even after knowing everything, it’s equally tricky to unlock some saws. The jigsaw and sliding saws are one of the most difficult saws to unlock. You may be wondering how difficult it can be to unlock.

On the other hand, the knobs must be released to unlock the sliding saw. Subtle care must be taken to remove it. The surface of the barrel is damaged if the blade is unlocked without it being released. Newcomers often make mistakes in this work.

Final Verdict

To unravel the use of saws, you must have the right idea of how to unlock different types of saws. You may have to spend extra time not knowing the right way to unlock any saw. The methods of unlocking the saws mentioned in the article will be helpful for you.

Also, safety is crucial. Therefore, do not forget that you are dealing with sharp blades. A little carelessness can cause you serious injury. In this case, the tips mentioned above will keep you from making possible mistakes.

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