Items You Need to Survive the Apocalypse

There isn’t much more exciting than the current topic of conversation wafting around the internet: The Apocalypse. No matter what you call it, or if it involves zombies, the bottom line is- you need to be prepared. Bit, how does one get ready for The End of the World, and the subsequent Post-Apoplectic terrain afterwards? Well. that’s what we are here to talk about today: what you need to survive.

Even if you aren’t entirely serious about The Apocalypse, and just are a genre junkie, that’s okay, these are all awesome items to have around anyway.

Clean Water Source

Water is a necessity for survival, without it you aren’t going anywhere fast. Water is also heavy, and difficult to haul along, but with the right filtration tools and bottles, you can be prepared for anything this story line is likely to throw at you. Look for both portable bottles with filtration built in, as well as filtration pumps that are lightweight and easy to pack. That way you can be assured of clean water no matter what source you come upon. Luckily, these are camping staples and are easy to find.


holding binoculars

You obviously want to be prepared for whatever is heading your way. If you can have fair warning of what you are likely to cross paths with, you can be even more prepared. A good set of compact binoculars are easy to carry and can be an invaluable tool to help prepare you for both friend or foe, and help you scope out the landscape for shelter and other helpful items you may want to scavenge.

Dependable Firearm and Ammo

Ruger AR556 Ammo and Magazine clip removed from the rifle

Let’s face it, you can load up on all the knives and hatchets you want, but nothing is going to defend you better than a dependable firearm. Choose from tactical long gun options and handguns, or choose to carry both. Just remember to stock up on ammo and make every shot count. Good firearms can help replenish poor food stocks as well. Do yourself a favor and learn to be a good shot to take down a wide variety of wild game.

Parachute Cord

para cord

Honestly, this stuff is amazing. It is durable, tough, and can hold an amazing amount of weight. It also doesn’t take up much room. Use it to help set up temporary shelter, hang a hammock from, bind tool handles, or even work your way across difficult terrain. There isn’t much it can’t aid you in when you need a good, sturdy length of rope.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Obviously, you’re going to get banged up and bruised from time to time. Afterall, it already happens in everyday life, doesn’t it? So count on having to take care of yourself from time to time anything post-apocalyptic. Obviously materials for superficial wounds are a must, but you also might want to make sure you have things like splints, suture packs, basic antibiotics and anti inflammatories, and antibacterials to help keep open wounds clean. Be sure to have a lighter and matches in there too.

Sleeping Bag

Unless you plan on sleeping on the ground, in only your clothes from time to time, you definitely want to invest in a good sleeping bag. Luckily, these compress down to almost nothing anymore and are incredibly lightweight as well to allow you easy portability. Plus, they double as a blanket or pillow and can serve many other purposes when various situations arise. No sense in sleeping poorly when you are trying to survive.

Self-Defense Tools

Just because you have a firearm doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have other various self-defense tools. Knives are quite formidable, and I don’t mean a folding pocket knife. Get a good hunting knife that can be used for both self-defense, and more practical reasons- such as gutting games. You also should have a good hatchet, also useful for both defense and helping to hack poles and kindling.

Miscellaneous Tools

miscellaneous tools

Multi-tools are a great way to take advantage of a compact solution that offers an excellent selection of various tools for use. Folding knives, scissors, pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers, and can openers are commonly found on such a tool. These are wildly popular with campers and people who already work in the field- making your selection quite varied. Pick one you feel is most appropriate.

Food Supplies

Obviously you need to eat. Next to water, it is almost just as important. If you already enjoy the outdoors and know how to hunt and fish, you have an advantage already, but one never knows the shape your game will be in, or how well the populations will be in such a scenario. Stock up on dehydrated foodstuffs that are lightweight and easy to carry, as well as prepackaged meals such as MRE’s, and high protein options to fuel your body.

Durable Backpack

You definitely need something to carry all this stuff in. Plus, if you are prepping in advance, you can keep everything altogether and easy to grab and go if the occasion arises. Choose one with an internal frame with lots of places to attach things on the outside to keep it more compact and lightweight to begin with. The frame will help give it shaping and support when you carry it, allowing the weight to distribute more evenly for a comfortable option.


Obviously, there are many other things that you could include to help bolster your chances of survival. This list provides some of the must-haves you definitely want to consider as basic necessities to provide you the means to get through any initial issues that may arise.

Just think, having everything at the ready provides you the chance to take advantage of everyone else’s state of unpreparedness, and most likely you can scavenge anything else you may need!

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