LaserCube Review: A Powerful Laser Projector

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In this LaserCube review, we will dive deeper into the pocket-sized laser projector. Let’s see whether this pricey beast truly lives up to the hype.

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I have a confession to make. I have always been a freak for obscure gadgets of all kinds. This is how I somehow fell down the rabbit hole of handheld lasers. Now, several years and thousands of dollars later, I have absolutely no regrets wandering down that hole. While discovering several handheld lasers of various quality, I stumbled upon the Lasercube by Wicked Lasers. The product description promised me nothing less than a portable light show. Well well, color me excited. It was actually the product responsible for starting my journey outside the strict niche of handheld-lasers. Why was I (and still am) so wide-eyed about this cubicle? Not only for nostalgic reasons. In fact, it is still one of the most treasured gadgets in my collection. And my collection is embarrassingly big. So, without further ado, allow me to explain what makes this handheld device so special in my eyes through this review of the LaserCube.

Before we get started, have a look at the “laser drawing” feature of the LaserCube:


Add colors to the world with ##lasercube 2w ##laser ##drawing

♬ original sound – Wicked Lasers

What’s in the box?

As far as the packaging goes, LaserCube includes basically all you need. That is, if you get the “DJX” version of the cube. As you might expect, the DJX version does come at a premium price, but the extra accessories you get are more than worth the spend in my opinion. It’s difficult to even call them “accessories” because they are more like necessities for any meaningful use of the cube.

If you buy a LaserCube SOLO, you’ll get the cube. That’s it.

If, however, you buy a LaserCube DJX, you get all this:

  • Tripod for the LaserCube
  • EVA Case for easy transportation
  • Expander that gives you a 9 times larger range of projection
  • Lens kit with 5 lenses
  • Safety goggles
Lasercube laser projector
The LaserCube DJX package has all you need to get started

LaserCube design

If I was to make an analogy, I would compare the Lasercube to a classic black leather jacket. Timeless, stylish, and suitable for a wide array of contexts and situations. It is a matte black 10x10x10 cm (4 inches for American users) device weighting 1.4 kg (about 3 pounds). On the front, you have the laser and lens array. The array can be covered when the device is not in use. On the bottom of the device, you will find a tripod screw-mount. The version I have (1W power) did not come with a tripod mount or a tripod. However, I equipped the Lasercube with a standard camera tripod-mount without any hassle.

Let’s also talk about holes. Ports, you one-track-minded beasts! The back of the device has a Micro USB port, a two-key safety lock, and the power switch. You also have four LEDs above the ports and switches, these serve as the indicators of the status of the device.

So, this should give you an idea of what to expect in the looks department. Looks only go skin deep though, so let’s move on and see what we can expect performance-wise.

How can you use the LaserCube?

In my opinion, this laser projector is an entertainment device through and through. With an add-on focusing lens, you technically could use it for wood engraving as well. However, in my opinion, the hassle is just not worth it. Yes, the beam is powerful enough to burn wood at a close range. However, the device and the LaserOS (the official software of Lasercube) are just not a good fit for a detailed, high-quality engraving.

For entertainment purposes, however, The Lasercube packs a power punch. However, before we move any further, let me warn you that getting to know the Lasercube takes time. So, do not start punching walls and throwing things if you don’t “get it” at first. Even though I had prior experience with lasers, Lasercube still overwhelmed me at the beginning. To get a good feel of the device, I would start by trying out hundreds of pre-made animations and stills. You will find these neatly pre-loaded in the LaserOS. Tinkering with the animations will give you a good idea of the power, range, and depth of the laser light. Also, you will get your first glimpses of how to operate the LaserOS.

The real fun begins once you get a hang of the basics. For example, you have the option of uploading your own photos to the LaserOS. In minutes, you could have a laser projection version of the photo on your wall. For an anniversary, I made a laser-projection of my wedding photo on the wall for a dinner date background. My wife thought of me as a tool, but that’s beside the point. The animations can easily be synced to music as well, which would make it a great investment for DJs and VJs operating at smaller clubs or bars. Despite the size of the device, the visuals are more than enough to entertain a small night venue.

Here’s an example of the LaserCube’s 3D hologram effect for clubs:

Since I am not big on the night scene, my personal enjoyment of the Lasercube comes from the sheer novelty aspect. The LaserOS even has arcade games pre-loaded in the software, for god’s sake. Yup, you can just imagine the sheer astonishment of my kids when I figured out how to play Pac-Man via lasers. So, to sum it up, this is a highly entertaining yet powerful novelty device. If one is looking for an engraving tool or a corporate laser system, there are far better options available. I am planning on writing an article on the best engraving lasers in the near future. So, stay tuned. For now, let’s stick to the Lasercube. I will be listing my personal pros and cons of this innovative laser product.

Advantages (Pros) of the LaserCube

Power of the beam

As you would expect from a 1W laser device, the brightness and the quality of the lasers is stunning. The lasers of Lasercube are blue, green, and red in color. In unison, the lasers work to project vivid and eye-catching effects. So, if you are a VJ or a DJ looking to take your performance to the next level, you should definitely consider making the investment. After all, what could be more impressive than a DJ traveling with his/her own personal high-quality light show?

Be sure to know what you are doing, though. Using powerful lasers carries a great responsibility. So, before using, be sure to take all the safety precautions. You always need to remember that misusing powerful lasers could cause severe eye damage.

Endless possibilities of customization

With time and patience, the possibilities of Lasercube are almost endless. Beginners should start with projecting their personal images. Once you start to feel more at home with this device, try creating your own animation sequences. Upload the sequence of .svg files in the same folder and enjoy the show. Be warned, that this is not as easy as it sounds. For a high-quality result, some background in animation would kickstart your progress. However, with enough time and practice, almost anyone can learn to use LaserOS for creating custom laser animation.

The lightness of the device

At approximately 3lbs (1.4kg), the device really is easily portable. It sits comfortably in your hand and could easily be packed without a hassle. You would be surprised at how often this thing comes with me on my trips “just in case”.

The novelty aspect

Ok, what if you are not interested in huge effects and putting out a full-on laser show. Is it still a worthy buy? In my opinion, yes. This is the quintessential adult toy. As I mentioned, the charm of playing video games (or a harp!!!) in a laser-projection format alone makes it a worthy investment. Once you get to know how to operate the Lasercube, your beam show will become a party trick of epic portions. I would lie if I said I didn’t enjoy being known as the “laser dude” among my friends and relatives.

Customer service of Wicked Lasers

Yes, the laser cube takes time to learn. Yes, the software could be easier to use. But, the customer service of Wicked Lasers makes up for it. If you need a little hand-holding, just contact the customer support and you will get the professional tutoring to help you get started.


The battery of Lasercube is surprisingly durable. You can expect to get up to three hours’ worth of performance from this thing. During the duration of the device, the beam never loses in power. It is perfectly vivid throughout the lifetime of the Lasercube. Considering the sheer power of these lasers, the battery is quite impressive.

The range

I have projected my light show to a range of 30 meters / 100 ft. At this range, the animation effects stayed vivid and detailed. Officially, the Lasercube supposedly keeps an 85-lumen output at a maximum of 50 meters/ 164ft. For such a small laser system, this is a powerful feat. Think of the Lasercube as the little engine that could.

Disadvantages (Cons) of the LaserCube

LaserOS – the official software of Lasercube

As many professional reviewers and hobbyists have argued, the software could benefit from being a bit more user-friendly. Yes, the interface seems simple enough at first. However, once you start to tinker around, the sheer amount of possibilities will likely overwhelm you. At least in the beginning. Just stay focused and give it time. Eventually, you will start to figure out how the different modules work. And, if you are still struggling, the customer support and YouTube will always be options.

Not a good device to use as a pointer or an engraver

Yes, the Lasercube is integrated for use as an engraver a well. However, for such purposes, the time you will spend tinkering in the LaserOS is just not worth it. At best, this laser light will engrave very simplistic symbols. For more detailed engravings, the Lasercube will struggle.

This goes for pointing as well. As I have outlined several times, this is an entertainment device above all. For academic or corporate use, I would advise using specifically designed handheld lasers.

LaserCube Review Conclusion

All in all, I would certainly recommend this light laser display to all beam enthusiasts. It is one of those unique gadgets that you just can’t get enough of. However, I’m gonna warn you here. If you are used to handheld lasers, the device will be overwhelming at first. Just keep your head up and keep tweaking. And well, to be honest, finding various ways of use for the Lasercube is part of the fun. Just think of the Lasercube as a gift that keeps on giving. Just make sure to have the time and resources ready to invest in messing around with it.

For VJs and DJs, it is a whole different story. Considering that modern laser systems take a small army to transport, Lasercube feels like a revolution of sorts. Especially if you are still a small-timer (no offense) looking to take your shows to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of the LaserCube?

When it comes to the range of the LaserCube, it’s all about power. Take the 1W version, for instance – it’s capable of impressive projections up to 500 meters away. But if you decide to level up and go for the 2W variant, you’d be amazed at its doubling range; it reaches as far up to 1000 meters. From personal observation, this kind of projection distance is hard to come by in similar gadgets on the market.

Are laser projectors worth the money?

If you’ve been around the technology block a bit, you’d likely agree that laser projectors, such as the LaserCube, come with a worthy price tag. Their performance is sleek, robust and characterized by superior specifications across the board. I recall using traditional projectors in the past and the difference in quality is simply astonishing. With laser projectors, you get to enjoy a longer lifespan and finer detailing – making every penny spent worthwhile.

Is The Laser Cube Real?

Yes, indeed! The LaserCube is as real as it gets. Specifically, I’m referring to the 2.5-watt model by Wicked Lasers. It’s a handy, power-packed laser system tailored to meet the demands of individuals in the music and live performance industry like DJs and musicians. But what’s more thrilling is the LaserCube’s limitless capabilities when combined with the intuitive LaserOS software. From my experience using it, it’s like having a portable light show in the palm of your hand.

Is Laser Cube legal?

Legality can be a concern when dealing with powerful lasers like LaserCube, but you needn’t worry about that. LaserCube is fully compliant with all IEC laser safety regulations, meaning it’s perfectly legal for professional use in any country. Whether it’s for importing or using it professionally, you’re covered. It’s quite reassuring to know that these regulations are there to ensure our safety while letting us enjoy the magnificent light displays only a device like the LaserCube can deliver.

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