7 Most Powerful Laser Pointers for 2023

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It’s time to channel your inner Darth Vader with the most powerful laser pointers known to man.

If you are like me, you first got into handheld lasers by getting a bit too infatuated with a simple key-chain red laser. You tested the range and the beam vibrancy of different products. All this left you wondering.

Is there more? Are there devices that can point out galaxies?

Are there devices that can signal my presence to a relative living several blocks away?

Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies. Ok, we don’t have cookies. We have lasers, though. Extremely powerful lasers. Let’s make one thing clear right away. The devices listed here are not toys. Despite having well-functioning safety systems in place, these gadgets should preferably be kept away from small children.

To me, as an adult, powerful laser beams have an almost meditative effect. Being a fan of all visual arts, there is something unrelenting yet meditative about watching powerful laser beams.

If you haven’t used a sheer blue laser beam to melt a hole into a frozen creek, have you even lived? Ridiculous? Yes. Freaking awesome? Yes.

Let’s get right to it. These are our picks for the most powerful laser pointer:

Most Powerful: PL-E Pro 465nm

PL-E Pro 465nm Blue Laser

Price: $355.99 on Jet Lasers (EDIT: the PL-E Pro currently has a massive sale of 50%. Grab ’em quick if you want the most powerful laser for a cheap price)

Power Level Options: 4000mW, 3500mW, or 1400mW

Four. Freakin’. Watts.

The Pl-E Pro series from Jet Lasers are absolute beasts both in terms of sheer power and the price-to-quality ratio. A price tag of over $350 might seem staggering at first, but if you shop around for high-power laser pointers you’ll quickly find that this price is much lower than average. Without a doubt, it’s the best high-power laser pointer in terms of “bang for the buck”.

Design-wise, this is also one of the highlights in my blue laser pointer collection. The model I own, with the standard black finish, is simply a treat to look at. Yes, compared to the Spyder line-up, the PL-E Pro is much more minimal in the aesthetics department. However, to my tastes, this is a plus. Why? You get a much better grip on the device. And if you wish to get practical with your high power blue laser, a good hold is essential to get the best out of your laser. So, to make this short, Jet Lasers has delivered a device that offers everything. Power, functionality, and excellent craftsmanship.

How about the power of the beam? Glad you asked. As all the lasers in this list, this is an A-lister. There are currently three power levels listed for this model. 1,4W, 3,5W, and a 4W version. The 4W absolutely crushes absolutely all of its competitors, so if you’re looking for THE most powerful laser pointer on the market – this is the one.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the power of the 3.5W version of the laser pointer. It really is incredible (and it’s not even the 4W version):

The blue beam stays on full power throughout the lifetime of the battery, so you do not have to worry about the beam starting to fade. As long as the handheld laser is charged, the device will give you all it has to give.

All in all, a great device. Just look at the possible power levels. We are talking James Bond supervillain-level lasers here, so make sure you’re careful with using it.

A Powerful Small Green Laser: PL-E Mini 532nm

PL-E Mini 532nm Green Laser

Price: $169.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 600mW, 500mW, 400mW, 300mW, or 200mW

Yes, Power-wise, this is not a Krypton. However, as far as green handheld lasers go, it still ranks among my top performers.

Currently, the model has five power levels available (200mW, 3OO,mW, 400mW, 500mW, 600mW). The one I have is the 500mW, and I also use the beam expander.

As a general rule, green lasers are the most powerful of the bunch. So, do not let the power level fool you. When compared to a red 500mW laser, the green beam will be much brighter (and dangerous) than a red beam.

PL-E Mini is the slightly modified version of the legendary PL-E Pro. As the name of the laser suggests, the device is slightly smaller and lighter. Duh! As far as elite-level handheld lasers go, PL-E Mini is as compact as you will get. This will prove to be extremely useful if you are planning on taking the device for long outdoor treks, as I usually do.

Another highlight of the PL-E Mini is that it comes with a low brightness setting. Just contact the customer service before your purchase and Jet Lasers will be more than glad to add the setting on your device. In my experience, having a low brightness setting is fun as hell. Why? Well, you can first demonstrate the pointing capabilities in the low brightness setting. After this, you can cheekily change settings and start melting things. Neat, huh? That’s what the most powerful laser pointers are meant for.

A Beastly Red Laser Pointer: PL-E Pro 635nm

PL-E Pro 635nm RED Laser

Price: $234.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 550mW, 150mW

Let’s continue with another excellent product from Jet Lasers. This is for the red beam enthusiasts out there. So, PL-E Pro models look and feel excellent, we already established that. Yet, when compared with the previous lasers in the list, the power is on the low side. You can choose between a 150mW Single mode device and a 550mW Multimode device. So, if the specs are a bit lower compared to previous entries, why did I include it in the list?

Well, for one, considering the power level (talking about the 150mW here) and the pricing, the beam performance is great. I have several handheld lasers in the same power range, and the red PL-E Pro is by far the most impressive in of the bunch.

I also love that the Jet Lasers allows clients to customize their order. All possible additional utilities are neatly laid out when making the order. For example, you can add a 10x beam expander on the order without having to shuffle through the rest of the page. Just be sure to add safety goggles to your order, seeing as they are not included automatically.

Cheap High-Power Laser Pointer: Spyder 3 Arctic

Spyder 3 Arctic Series

Price: $199 on Wicked Lasers

Power Level Options: 2000mW, 1000mW

OK – I get what you’re saying – it costs almost $200. HOW IS THAT CHEAP??? Well, it’s all relative. It’s the second most powerful laser pointer on this list, but it’s also the second cheapest. Pretty good “bang for the buck” if you ask me.

The Spyder 3 is a beast of a high-power blue laser pointer – the Arctic Series from Wicked Lasers. As all the Spyders, the device is coated with aircraft-grade aluminum. So, not only is the beam a beacon of sheer power, the device containing the laser is a Fort Knox on its own.

The Arctic currently comes in a 1W and a whopping 2W version. The majestic blue beam looks vibrant yet chilling somehow. Need ideas? Try whipping this bad boy out in a remote spot in the dead of the winter. You can have a near-religious experience, as the beam looks simply incredible in the sheer darkness of winter. Just make sure not to have people or wild animals nearby. These are not toys, remember!

The Arctic is the most infamous laser from the Spyder series. Simply because LucasFilm sent a cease-and-desist to Wicked Lasers. Why? Because of the lightsaber resemblance, of course.

This is further proof that Spyder Series handheld lasers will get you as close to the Star Wars universe as humanly possible.

Most Luxurious: Wicked Lasers Spyder 3 Krypton

Wicked Lasers Spyder 3 Krypton

Price: $499 on Wicked Lasers

Power Level Options: 1000mW

Think of the Spyder series as the Rolls Royce of handheld lasers. While it’s not the fastest or most powerful in terms of specs, it’s a symbol of top-notch quality and crtaftsmanship.

Back in 2006, when the first edition of the series was launched, the laser gained recognition by Guinness World Records. The Spyder, developed by Wicked Lasers, proudly acquired the title of being the most powerful laser pointer in the world.

And, flash forward 14 years, the Spyder III series carries the legacy well. When it comes to handhelds, the Spyders are still one of the most powerful lasers on the market.

So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from the most powerful handheld green laser in the world.

Details speak for themselves in this case. A neon green beam, 1W, range of 111000 ft/33km, 86 million lux brightness. Drooling already?

You should. With specs like these, I would call this a lightsaber, not a laser pointer. The green beam of Krypton can fry eggs, melt plastic, and go beyond the edge of our atmosphere. The last example, however, would not be advisable because the beam could potentially disturb spacecraft activity. Yes, it is that powerful. So, if you are willing to go all the way and get the best of the best, Krypton is still the king of handheld green lasers.

Here’s a review of the Krypton from YouTuber XM360:

The only downside of the Krypton laser pointer? It’s the same as with most Wicked Lasers products – they don’t ship to the US products that are over 5mW. If you’re looking to buy a powerful laser pointer in the U.S, you will want to take a look at some of the slightly less powerful lasers coming up further in this post.

Small but Mighty: PL-E Mini 405nm

PL-E Mini 405nm Blue Violet Laser

Price: $300.99 on Jet Lasers

Power Level Options: 1000mW, 800mW, 500mW, 300mW, or 150mW

The color of the beam alone make this handheld laser a worthy addition to this list. I have never seen a handheld laser producing a similar beam. How would I describe the color? Powerful, yet somehow softer in tone than your regular blue beam. Truly mind-blowing stuff for a laser enthusiast.

As the previous product, this is a PL-E Mini. Sleek, compact, and a great fit for making those summer camping nights extra special. The 1W version will have no trouble pointing out stars or galaxies. Just make sure to use it in a completely clear sky. Pointing at aircrafts is a big no-no when dealing with lasers of such power.

So, for people looking for a laser pointer that will impress even a seasoned enthusiast, the color of this beam will be your best bet. It’s not the most powerful laser on this list, but it’s more than enough to get the job done.

Most Powerful Red Laser Pointer: Wicked Lasers Inferno

Wicked Lasers Inferno

Price: $199 on Wicked Lasers

Power Level Options: 750mW

Most laser-enthusiasts have a soft spot for red beams. Why? Simply because red beams tend to be the most common entry-lasers. When you read my introduction, you will see that my journey started with a red beam for my cat.

The Inferno is not your average red laser pointer, though. Far from it. A proud member of the Spyder line-up, this red handheld-laser is a powerhouse of epic proportions.

In my opinion, the Inferno is one of the best powerful lasers for beginners. When compared to the Arctic or the Krypton, Inferno is a bit less powerful. Still, with a power of 750mW, there are plenty of party-tricks you can do with the Inferno. Such as popping balloons or lighting matches. Of course, there are practical uses as well. For example, the red beam is powerful enough to serve as a light source in small areas. And, also powerful enough to start forest fires. So, be responsible when venturing to the wilderness with this behemoth of a laser.

So, for an entry into the world of powerful handheld laser pointers, the Inferno would be a great choice. And, considering the parameters, the device is quite budget-friendly as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful laser in 2023?

In the year 2023, the renowned defense and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, set a new industry milestone by developing its most powerful laser to date, a staggering 500 kW-class laser. This marks a significant increase from their previous achievement, a 300 kW-class laser, originally created under a contract from the Department of Defense’s Office of the Under Secretary. This 200 kW increase clearly serves as a testament to Lockheed Martin’s continued dedication to pushing the boundaries in laser technology, adapting to new landscapes, and meeting emerging challenges. This advancement will undeniably shake the course of laser technology future.

What is the strongest legal laser pointer?

From a legal standpoint in the United States, there’s really no upper limit to the strength of the laser you can own. Yes, that’s right. There are no legal restrictions on the strength of the laser pointers you are allowed to possess. However, one must practice responsible laser usage due to their potential dangers, especially when it comes to high-powered lasers. Accidental exposure to laser beams can potentially cause serious harm to the eyes. It’s always a matter of safety first!

Which laser goes the farthest?

Laser technology has come so far that it now has different colors available, each with its own unique properties. Out of all, green lasers shine the brightest and the farthest. They have proven themselves to be the most efficient and visible, even under the most demanding conditions like broad daylight or direct sunlight. This is why they are often favored on worksites like construction where visibility from long distances is critical. But always remember, with effectiveness comes a higher price point as green lasers are often more expensive compared to their red counterparts.

What’s the best laser pointer to buy?

When it comes to choosing the best laser pointer, it’s highly dependent on the individual user’s needs and requirements. There are countless models on the market with different ranges, colors, and features. Before making a purchase, it is best to evaluate your needs, budget, and consider how and where you plan to use the pointer. Research around the web, read product reviews, and maybe even ask a professional you know for pointers (pun intended). Importantly, always keep in mind the safety when using these gadgets.

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