Pawleys Island Fishing Report (February 2023)

Pawley’s Island Fishing Map & Best Spots

Fishing Report

Below is the Pawleys Island fishing report as of today:

How is the fishing at Pawleys Island?

Fishing right now is really good! The cold water winter bite is still strong. This week has been a warmer one, which has stirred up the fish and made the bite a little more active. This month we have some really solid moon phases and great opportunities for low tide fishing right around daybreak and sunset.

I’ve been eating good this month! I’ve caught lots of redfish, black drum, and went gigging successfully for flounder a week ago.

The usual shrimp, mullet, and popular artificial baits moved slow have been successful this month.

What’s biting at Pawleys Island?

The following fish are biting right now: Red Drum, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder, and Black Drum

What’s the best bait to use in Pawleys Island?

Shrimp, Mullet, Menhaden, Artificial Shrimp Lures, and Paddletails on jig heads or Texas eye jig heads.

What’s the best time to fish in Pawleys Island?

The best time to fish in the creeks is at low tide. My most productive low tide fishing comes just as the tide begins to come back in and rolls over a lot of the oyster beds.

I also have a lot of success fishing falling tides near the inlet. If you can sync low tide or a falling tide up with sunrise or sunset, the bite will typically be strong.

What are the best fishing spots in Pawleys Island?

Creek Mouths, Structure, and Inlets. See my video below for details on exact spots I like to fish in Pawleys.

Additional Questions

What is the winter fishing scene like in Pawleys Island?

Winter fishing at Pawleys Island is an exhilarating experience as you craft your fishing implements within the spectacular vista of this coastal gem. The waters are known for their abundance of Redfish – a favorite with locals and the common species you’ll likely find during your winter fishing adventures. Although it’s cold, these feisty fish haul themselves to the sun-kissed, shallow parts of the lake; they love to stationed around east-facing banks during the wee hours and the mid-section of the day. Being cold-blooded, they’re on the constant lookout for warmer waters to weather out winter’s numbing cold. Fishing in this weather challenges every angler’s mettle, but the joy of the catch makes it a worthwhile experience.

Which fish are currently catchable at Pawleys Island?

Being a seasoned angler myself, I can attest to Pawleys Island’s richness in marine life. From the numerous trips venturing the inlet on my trusty canoe, I’ve gathered an impressive record on my fishing journals. The flounder with its peculiar yet fascinating physique, the Redfish with their vibrant hues, and my absolute favorite, the spotted seatrout have often taken the bait. If you’re lucky and got that charm to coax the locals, they might let you in on the secret whispers of the current “hot” catches. And a special mention for Captain Nick Brown – he’s your man for a memorable fishing sojourn! To gear up, there’s also the Pawleys Island Outdoors for top-quality fishing equipment and the freshest of bait.

Can I fish in Murrells Inlet in February?

Indeed you can! In fact, February is a particularly intriguing time to cast your fishing net in Murrell’s Inlet. I had one of my most productive fishing trips during one chilly February. The water cools around this time and the underwater bush telegraph goes wild. Creatures like the red drum and speckled trout throw caution to the wind and become more active, turning the regular fishing trip into a veritable marine treasure hunt. A patient angler can reel in a great haul during this time of the year.

What fish species are biting in SC at present?

South Carolina’s sparkling waters have always been generous to zealous anglers. My mornings usually start at a body of water and the fishing tackle in hand. At present, they offer an impressive selection of Crappie, the feisty and energetic smallmouth bass, the heavyweight largemouth bass, good old catfish, the elusive trout, the fierce striped bass, and the elusive hybrids. Trust me when I say, it’s always a good time to fish, but early mornings hold a special enchantment; everything is pristine, quiet except for the morning’s earliest risers, making for an incredibly peaceful fishing session.

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