Deeper Chirp 2

Product Overview:

The Deeper CHIRP + 2 is a powerful fish finder that offers a combination of CHIRP technology and an integrated fishing app. With the CHIRP+2, you can plan, save, and analyze your fishing trips and access data from anywhere on your mobile device. The app also offers a range of additional features, such as custom bathymetric maps and analysis tools. Its intuitive navigation and easy operation make it an excellent choice for beginners or experienced anglers alike.

Deeper CHIRP 2

The Deeper CHIRP+ 2 has a wide depth range of 15 cm – 100 m. This device features an integrated temperature sensor that gives accurate temperatures. It also has a fast charge technology and a 3.8-volt internal battery with 1300mAh capacity. This fish finder has a Wi-Fi connection and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be used on the shoreline or in the water and has a range of up to 120 meters.

The Deeper CHIRP+ 2 is an all-seasons fishing tool. It works well in boating, kayaking, and ice fishing. Its flexible design means it can be used in any type of water. You can also use it for shore fishing, and it can even be used in difficult to reach areas. Its waterproof case allows for use even on the sturdiest surfaces, such as ice.

Full Review:


Fishing TypesShore, Boat, Night & Ice
Casting Range394ft / 120m
Minimum Scanning Depth6“ / 15cm
Maximum Scanning Depth330ft / 100m
Best ForAdvanced and expert anglers who need a smart fishing solution with a powerful battery, outstanding target separation, extreme depth accuracy and versatile 3 beam scanning frequencies. Perfect for casting or trolling from a small boat/kayak or SUP, shore and ice fishing.
 MSRP $329.00
 Price $279.00
Target Separation0.4“ / 1cm
Weight3.2oz / 92g
Sonar BeamsThree angles (47°, 20°, 7°)
Water TemperatureYes
Salt or FreshwaterYes
Built-in GPSNo
Create Bathymetric MapsYes
Create Bathymetric Maps from ShoreNo
Fast ChargeYes
Battery Life15h
Night Fishing Cover IncludedYes
Warranty5 Years
Mark Points of Interest on the MapYes
See Distance from Sonar to SmartphoneNo
A-Scope (Vertical Flasher)Yes
NMEA0183 Data Streaming Over UDPNo
Resolution and Visual Detail5 of 5

All New Release: Coast Guard Yellow!

Deeper has just release an all new version of the Chirp Plus 2 in Coast Guard Yellow! We have to say we’re a little jealous because we just bought one in gold, but regardless this is a really cool new color variation that is being sold exclusively online. Check it out here.

Questions & Answers:

  • How do you connect to the Deeper Chirp + 2?

    First, make sure the Deeper CHIRP + 2 is in the water. Then, download the Deeper app on your phone. Lastly, go to settings > wifi on your phone and connect to your deeper fish finder’s wifi signal.

  • Is the Deeper Chirp + 2 good for ice fishing?

    Yes, it works well for ice fishing and is built with ice fishing as one of its intended uses.

  • Can you troll with the Deeper Chirp + 2 fish finder?

    Yes, the Deeper Chirp + 2 is great for trolling in a boat or kayak. If you purchase the Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 (sold separately) you can hang the sonar over the edge of the kayak or boat and map the bottom as well as look for fish while you troll.

  • Can you night fish with the Deeper Chirp + 2?

    Yes, the Deeper Chirp + 2 comes with an included orange night fishing top which can be easily installed. Once installed, the vertical flashing light can be seen in add-on to the extra visibility the orange top provides.


  • What’s the difference between the Deeper Chirp 2 vs Deeper Chirp?

    The Deeper Chirp 2 has a casting range of 394ft whereas the Deeper Chip has a casting range of 330ft. Additionally, the Chirp+ 2 has a battery that will last 7 hours longer (15 hours in total) and also has the night fishing cover included unlike the original Deeper Chirp+.