Best Rangefinders under $100 in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Are you looking for a rangefinder that gives you accurate figures while being on a tight budget? Not to worry anymore, you have come to the right place. Our definition of a good rangefinder is one that is budget-friendly, gives you a good range, and accurate figures, and can be used for both hunting and golf games. If you are also after something that has all these properties, continue reading.

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Finding a good rangefinder can be a bit of a challenge since a lot of brands are offering their best pieces. What makes the buy even stretching are the skyrocketed prices of these rangefinders.

Therefore keeping in mind your needs and pocket, we did research on rangefinders and picked some of the best rangefinders under $100. Below, we have listed these rangefinders based on their traits with all the information you require. If you want a rangefinder that’s worth the investment, check these out.

Our Favorite Choices in 2023

Gogogo Sport Rangefinder
Gogogo Sport Rangefinder
  • Brand: Gogogo Sport Vpro
  • Color: GS24
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Material: Plastic
AOFAR Rangefinder
AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder
  • Brand: AOFAR
  • Color: HX-700N UPGRADED
  • Are Batteries Included: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
 Visionking Rangefinder
Visionking Rangefinder
  • Brand: Visionking
  • Color: Camo
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Best Rangefinders under $100

1. Gogogo Sport Rangefinder – Best Overall

Gogogo Sport Rangefinder

The Gogogo Sport Vpro gets our pick for the best rangefinder under $100. Providing reliable performance this gadget can be used not only for hunting but also for golfing. The range on this binocular allows you to detect objects from as far as 650 yards with a 1m accuracy. It gives you 6x magnification to zoom your target and see its surrounding.

It equips three modes, The Normal Scan Mode for continuous scanning. As the name suggests, the speed mode can measure the speed of a moving object up to 300km/h. Whereas, the golf/slope mode gives you the correct distance between you and your target considering the angles and the slope. To conduct a fair tournament, the slope function can be deactivated.

Let’s be honest, You are well aware that these rangefinders are low in price because certain features are compromised. But surprisingly, this turned out differently as the flagpole locking option on it works quite well. Comprising fully multi-coated lenses, this rangefinder reduces reflections and increases light transmission, thus providing bright images.

Usually, you’ll find trouble reading viewscreens on most rangefinders, but the viewscreen on this is bright and easy to read. This range The only downside to this rangefinder is that it isn’t waterproof, but it can be overlooked as hunters don’t much go to the field in rainy conditions.


  • Auto shut off
  • Slope correction
  • Angle range compensation (ARC)
  • 1-year warranty


  • Non-waterproof
  • No tripod mounts

2. AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder

AOFAR Hunting Archery Rangefinder

The Aofar is a well-built lightweight rangefinder that can accurately measure objects up to 700 yards. The 6x magnification is supported by a 25mm objective lens that presents before your clear bright images. This rangefinder comes with four modes. Speed mode detects the speed of any moving object up to 300km/h.

Scan mode performs continuous scanning, whereas, range mode gives you the distance to your selected target. It also has a fog mode which helps in detecting the target when conditions are misty.

The good point is you can take it out on a rainy day as its structure makes it water-resistant and dustproof. This compact and portable rangefinder comes with a lithium battery and carrying case. If you forget to turn it off, the auto-shut feature is there to cover for you.

It offers no angle measurement, in that case, you’ll need to do the math yourself. Like the Gogogo, Aofar failed to make it tripod mountable. With two years of guarantee and lifetime customer support, this falls second in our list of best rangefinders under $100.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Crystal Clear Images
  • Extendable eyecups
  • Central Focus Knob
  • Weatherproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Addition of compass


  • Unmountable to tripod

3. Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder for Hunting & Golf

Visionking 6x25 Rangefinder

The Visionking 6×25 rangefinder comes with a durable body made of strong materials for surviving accidental drops. It has camouflage-like patterns on it that will help you remain undetected. It is capable of measuring objects up to 600 yards and ensures continuous scanning.

Having an ultra-clear LCD display, this piece will give you clear images and visible readings even if light conditions aren’t favourable. It has a slope compensation mode that gives you the correct distance of your uphill or downhill target.

It features three modes that you won’t find on other rangefinders in this price bracket. In hunting mode, it’ll prioritise measuring animals. The golf mode prioritizes measuring flagpoles, whereas the rain mode enhances the light in adverse weather. It is made resistant to water, therefore there are no use restrictions in wet weather.

With a 35-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a 15-month warranty, this rangefinder is worth every penny.


  • Fairly priced
  • Highly durable
  • Supportive modes for each activity


  • High minimum distance

4. PeakPulse 6 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

PeakPulse 6 Pro

The Peakpulse pro is an impressive rangefinder that sets itself apart from others by introducing Flag Acquisition Technology and pulse vibration technology. With these technologies at hand, it is easy to lock the flag. It offers 650 yards of range, 6x magnification and accuracy within 1 yard of the target.

It encompasses a crystal clear lens, so you can’t complain about the image quality. This rangefinder comes in two models and the only difference between the two is that 6pro comes with a slope function, whereas, the 6s lack a slope function.

With the help of an adjustable eyepiece, the fast focus system on this rangefinder helps you to focus quickly and take a clear shot at your target. Having a 1-year warranty to back it up, this product comes with a long battery life. For fair tournaments, the slope mode can be deactivated.

The structure ensures resistance to water, so don’t worry about using it on a rainy day. To save power, it features auto shut-off that will provide turning the device off after 8 seconds of non-use.

If you are unhappy with the size and response of the Gogogo Sport Vpro, this rangefinder is worth giving a try.


  • Water-resistant
  • Fast focus system
  • Auto shut-off


  • Needs a relatively steady hand

5. Halo XL450 Range Finder

Halo XL450 Range Finder

The Halo XL450 rangefinder is built with an ergonomic design that prevents your hand from cramping. The targets are easy to catch with the 6x magnification and the accuracy it provides. It gives a 450 yards range making it perfect for hunting.

The angle intelligence does the math to give you the precise distance if you and your target aren’t at the same altitude. It equips a Class IIIA laser, which is an unbeatable laser for commercial use.

It is made friendly to all sorts of weather by protecting it with water-resistant housing. So go ahead and try them in rainy conditions, the slip-free grip will assist you.

The auto-acquisition technology lets you range between multiple targets for accurate readings. Whereas the scan mode helps lock multiple targets for you even if they aren’t at the same location.

My personal favourite is the extremely long-lasting CR2 lithium-ion battery that can run your gadget for almost a year. It lacks auto-focusing but that can be done manually with the adjustable eyepiece. Under $100, this rangefinder will give you a good experience and is worth a try.


  • CR2 battery
  • Slope correction
  • Class IIIA laser


  • Lacks auto-focus

6. WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder

WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder

WOSPORTS Hunting rangefinder can measure the distance of objects as far as 800 yards, which is the most range on this list so far. It comes with a 6x magnificent and 25mm objective lens that is well-coated to let you zoom in and get clear images. Just like a good rangefinder, it has a speed mode that figures out the speed of moving objects anywhere between 0 and 300km/h.

The scan mode ensures continuous scanning and captures every factor in the scope terrain. It is made durable with rubber armour and a non-slip grip and won’t be scratched if dropped. Thanks to the LCD display, the readings on the screen are visible, thus it is perfect for low-light conditions.

The results aren’t so great when it is used in rainy or foggy weather and might give you inaccurate readings. To it is an attached eyepiece for fast focusing, that helps you see the object clearly.

It supports auto shut-off that works after 10 seconds of inactivity for saving battery power. This rangefinder is backed by a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support thus making it a great gift for hunters.


  • Lifetime technical support
  • Water-resistant
  • Auto shut-off


  • Inaccurate readings in unfavourable weather


Q: Are rangefinders under $100 accurate?

We can’t say they are 100% accurate as the ones we have mentioned are accurate to within ±1 to ±2 yards.

Q: What is the best rangefinder under $100?

According to our research, we find Gogogo Sport Vpro to be the best rangefinder under $100. It offers slope correction, measures speed, and encompasses auto shut-off technology.

Q: Should a beginner use a rangefinder?

Definitely, in fact, beginners are more in need of rangefinders as they don’t know how evaluation and angles work.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Best Rangefinder Under $100

A rangefinder is a great tool that helps hunters and golfers a lot. But do you exactly know what to look for when buying a rangefinder?

We know that there are a lot of options available on the market which makes buying the perfect one a bit of a challenge. So you need to keep your needs in mind before purchasing.

And to know your needs you need to have know-how about the components and features of your gadget. Below we have explained some components and terms to help you with your buy,

The Lasers

Lasers on most rangefinders are used to collect information in some way. Based on their ability these lasers are divided into classes from 1 to 4, with 4 being the strongest. A strong laser isn’t open to particles and vapours and can give the device a better range.

However strong lasers cost more and use more power, thus reducing battery life. With that said, it doesn’t mean that a Class 1 laser isn’t capable and any rangefinder that uses it, isn’t good enough. More importantly, anything above Class 1 needs to be used with care as it can be harmful to your eyes.

The Range

The range on a rangefinder refers to the distance it can measure from the target to you. For instance, a rangefinder with a 600 yards range means that it can measure the distance of an object up to 600 yards. It cannot measure the object if it’s beyond 600 yards.

Hunters and golfers should only worry about the accuracy of the range. They don’t need more than a few hundred yards. However, a longer range usually means better quality.

The Slope Technology

You often hear about slope technology or angle correction on rangefinders. This technology is mostly used by golfers, especially new golfers. It is used when there is a slope ahead of you between you and your target.

The slope technology informs you about the angles and then calculates the distance for you. It can also be deactivated for conducting fair tournaments.

The Magnification

Magnification is based on the focal length of the lens on your device. A longer focal length means higher magnification. With higher magnification, you will be able to point at your target and zoom in more.

The Viewscreen

The viewscreen allows you to see the information that the rangefinder provides you. On most rangefinders, you’ll find an eyepiece which you have to look into to read the information.

The viewscreen can be an LCD or any other depending on the quality and price. A better viewscreen allows you to read the information even in low light conditions.

Speed Mode

This feature might not matter to all users, however, it has its own importance.
The speed mode on a rangefinder tells you at what speed the object/target is moving. In my opinion, it is more useful for hunters as they would want to know the speed of their prey.


In the past, it was fair to think about what kind of a rangefinder could one possibly get for $100. But with technological advancements and competition, brands have made it possible to provide you with good gadgets under a friendly budget.

We hope that by now you have made up your mind about your pick. We believe the Gogogo Sport Vpro is the best rangefinder under the $100 bracket based on its accuracy and ease of use. Having multi-coated optics and speed sensors this device will not disappoint you in the field. We hope our reviews helped you.

Additional Common Questions

What is the best golf rangefinder under $100?

While the specific model and brand may vary based on individual preferences and features, you can definitely find a quality golf rangefinder under $100. The key is to identify what matters most to you, whether it’s the accuracy of distance measurement, the inclusion of slope calculations, or perhaps the overall build and durability of the device. Do keep in mind, however, that the less you pay, the fewer features you’ll typically get. I would highly recommend visiting golf forums and review sites to help you find a rangefinder that suits your budget and needs.

Who makes the most accurate rangefinder?

The precision of a rangefinder can be affected by various factors and as such, it’s impossible to definitively say which brand manufactures the most accurate one. Some well-renowned companies in the industry include Bushnell, Nikon, and Leupold. All these brands have their own strengths and are known for their high-quality products. Nonetheless, remember that the accuracy of a rangefinder also depends significantly on how you use it. For instance, a steady hand and clear view of the target can greatly improve accuracy.

Is it worth buying a cheap rangefinder?

Before choosing to purchase a budget-friendly rangefinder, you should carefully consider your needs and expectations. Cheap rangefinders may not come with a slope feature or may offer less accurate readings, particularly if your hands aren’t steady or if your target has a close background. That said, if you’re just starting out with golf, a cheaper rangefinder could be a great starting point while you learn the ropes and decide whether you want to invest more money into a higher-end model. However, be cautious while choosing a cheap rangefinder with a slope feature, as it may not perform up to the mark and provide you with unusual numbers.

What’s the difference between a cheap and expensive rangefinder?

Rangefinders ranging from $100 to $500 can all provide accurate measurements, so long as they’re used carefully. However, less expensive models may be more prone to errors when used by an unsteady hand or in the presence of backgrounds close to the target. Further, premium rangefinders usually come loaded with extra features like slope calculations or higher magnification levels. They often also have a more robust build and enhanced durability. Therefore, while deciding between a cheap and an expensive rangefinder, consider your specific needs, skill level, and the conditions in which you’ll be using it.

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