Shibumi vs Neso – Best Beach Tent of 2023 Comparison

Easy setup
Compact, lightweight storage
Easy Setup
Compact, lightweight storage
Lots of color variations
Sturdy in the wind
Noisy in the wind
One style available
Doesn’t come with shovel
Designed and sewn in America, Shibumi Shade is lightweight, easy to set up, and provides shade for everyone. 
Large and in charge, the Neso Grande beach tent is made out of a Lycra/Nylon blend that’s UPF 50+, water resistant, and weighs only 6.5 lbs.

Key Callouts

The Neso Grande is a well-crafted beach tent, no doubt about it. It rivals my all-time favorite pick by Sun Ninja. The process is simple, you lay the tent flat and fill the corner bags with sand (remember a shovel for a faster process) then prop the shade up with 2 included support poles. Neso stays put throughout the day, and the Grande version fits 4 people.  

Shibumi’s “free flowing design” is an attractive claim, but unfortunately the science behind the product isn’t up to par. did not cooperate with even a mild beach breeze. Shibumi also only utilizes one pole, which is simply not enough. The curved design is aesthetically pleasing, but it minimizes the amount of usable space underneath. Plus, the fabric remains loose and leads to a constant flapping noise. 

The Best Beach Tent is the Neso Grande

In comparison to Shibumi, Neso takes the cake in the competition for best beach tent. The Neso Grande is simple to install, stays put in the sand, and covers more usable ground than the Shibumi. It’s UPF 50+, water resistant, and perfect for a beach day with family and friends. Plus, there are 9 color variations so you can enjoy a sunny day in style. 

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