Sun Ninja vs Cool Cabanas: Which Beach Tent is Best?

Sun Ninja
Cool Cabanas
Easy setup
Fabric withstands wind
Poles are tall and sturdy
Only 5 lbs
12 colors and patterns
Easy setup
Fewer color options
Doesn’t keep you cool
Too short for anyone 6ft+
14.7 lbs
Sun Ninja provides a brilliantly engineered sun shade that gives you a cool place to relax, UPF 50+ protected skin, and hours of uninterrupted fun.
CoolCabanas reimagines what a beach shade can be. No need to worry about your umbrella flying down the beach, not having enough shade, or overheating in an enclosed shelter.

Key Callouts

Sun Ninja and CoolCabanas are similar in setup and design, with supportive poles and 4 corner pouches that fill with sand to keep the shade stable. While comparable in overall performance, the height, weight, and available designs are what differentiate these two beach shades. 

CoolCabanas is certainly cool, with a total of 12 colors and patterns available to choose from. Compared to Sun Ninja’s 4 color selections, CoolCabanas certainly wins the style competition. Where CoolCabanas lacks is convenience. As opposed to Sun Ninja’s 5lb lightweight construction, CoolCabanas weighs in at just under 15lbs making it a bit inconvenient for lugging down the shore. It’s also been noted by many reviewers that anyone over 6ft tall will not be able to stand under the CoolCabanas shelter (sorry, Dads). Sun Ninja is about 6 inches taller making it much more inclusive for all your tall friends. 

The Best Beach Tent is Sun Ninja

While Cool Cabanas is a great beach tent, Sun Ninja remains the best. It’s simply a brilliantly engineered sun shade that gives you a cool place to relax, UPF 50+ protection, and hours of uninterrupted fun. The stability poles and anchors allow for installation on your choice of sandy beaches, grassy parks, or even on rocky camping grounds, and the compact travel bag keeps all the bells and whistles organized until you reach your destination. They’re available in 4-person, 6-person, or 8-person variations making them perfect for families and friend groups of all sizes. If you’re looking for the best beach tent, this is it. 

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