Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Review

Wagner is a renowned brand for manufacturing high-quality, effective, durable, and affordable paint sprayers. These sprayers are much popular, especially with homeowners who want to complete their painting of household items in an easy way.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is a multipurpose sprayer. It comes with a flexible air hose, variable spray patterns, flow control, and air pressure.

Its powerful turbine has the capacity to handle various materials from thick to thin. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is a great product for painting cabinets, furniture, door trims, and woodwork projects.

If you are thinking to start painting as a hobby, and want to use an HVLP spray gun, then Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is perfect for you.

Why Do I like It Most?

I often did my house painting job by hand brush and enjoyed the work. But last year, on the advice of a friend, I tried a paint sprayer for painting my house walls.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Suitable for various painting projects
  • Use With A Wide Variety Of Materials
  • Large-capacity paint container

I used the Graco model, but it had many drawbacks (many steps for cleaning). So it didn’t prove good to me.

Then having searched and studied spray guns, I ultimately decided to check Wagner Spraytech 0518080 paint sprayers. Much thanks to Wagner that making my work easy and enjoyable.

Here’s what I liked much about Wagner 0518080.

Features Of Wagner SprayTech 0518080

Here are some top features of Wagner SprayTech 0518080. Let’s check it out.

Design of Wagner SprayTech 0518080

Whatever you buy, the very first thing that can impress you is the structure of the design.

This gun comes with a great design. The very first look attracted me and I decided to try it.

Variable Flow Control

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 has variable flow control. It enables you to control the amount of paint flowing out of it.

When you finish spraying paint, all the desired surface is covered completely. You can change the paint flow according to the need of the project.

Variable Spray Patterns

This HVLP paint sprayer has three variable paint spray patterns that control the quantity of overspray.

The three paint spray patterns are round, horizontal, and vertical. Each pattern can measure one to ten inches in diameter.  You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

The Hose Length Of Wagner SprayTech 0518080

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 has 20 feet long pipe hose that allows reaching your painting project easily and minimizes hand fatigue.

Replaceable Filters

One of the most appealing features of Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is the offer of replaceable filters.

These filters strain all the impurities even very small particles from the paint.

So the paint doesn’t clog anywhere and you can easily get a smoother finish.

The Use of Lock-N-Go Technology

The gun features with Lock-N-Go technology that allows you to change the paint type quickly.

It means that you can simply lock into place everything into this paint sprayer without any effort.

So it enables you to finish one paint project, wash, and then move on to the next easily.

Tackle all Materials Well

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is featured with a powerful 570w two-stage HVLP system. So it can handle a large number of liquids of different velocities from thick to thin with ease.

It can also cover a large area of spraying. The two air filters of the gun help you to spray neatly, evenly, and efficiently.

Spark Control

The highly impressive feature of Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is it prevents sparking and igniting especially when spraying indoors.

It has a Spark-controlled dual-stage motor for this purpose. It is an outstanding safety feature of the gun as many solvents and paints are flammable.

Portable and Ease Using

The attractive feature of this HVLP paint sprayer is its lightweight. It weighs just 5.08 kg (11.19 Pounds) which makes it easy for you to handle the gun and carry it around wherever you want to work.

It can be used easily. Both the professional as well as newbie can operate it without any difficulty.

Easy To Clean

You may meet some users complaining about guns that it clogs soon. I don’t have any issues because; it is my consistent routine to clean the gun after every use.

I assure you that if you clean it regularly, you won’t face any issues.

It is very easy to clean as being washable is its special feature. So I advise you that when you finish work, just take thinner or warm water and wash the gun and then clean it with a soft cloth.

Price Of Wagner SprayTech 0518080

The most important considerable thing is the price. Here you have to think twice, thrice to finalize your decision. But, don’t worry.

Price Of Wagner SprayTech 0518080

Wagner has a special offer for those who can’t afford much. You can get Wagner Spraytech 0518080 for under 150 dollars.

This is the best HVLP paint sprayer that does a lot more work than the price.

  • Lightweight, easy to use, and clean
  • Provides gleaming final finish
  • Usable for indoor and outdoor
  • Perfect for spraying different material
  • Portability
  • needs thinning paint
  • needs cleaning frequently

In A Nutshell

It works well and has minimum hitches that can be remedied easily. It is easy for beginners to use. I have good words for this small sprayer.

But the only thing I can guarantee is that you won’t get such an affordable-priced machine for spraying. It is perfect and I highly recommend it. Good Luck

Additional Questions

Is Wagner a reliable brand for paint sprayers?

Definitely, **Wagner** is a reputable brand for paint sprayers and their **Control Pro 170 airless paint sprayer** is a remarkable model. This particular sprayer is known to offer top-notch results, making it highly suitable for those DIY enthusiasts who desire a professional finish.

Where is the production site for Wagner Spraytech?

The renowned Wagner SprayTech Corp., identified as a leading figure in the world of advanced paint applicators, is a subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc. Located in Minneapolis, they design and sell a diverse range of painting and decorating products. These products find use in different spheres, from **home improvement** to **commercial painting** and even **industrial fine finishing**.

What is the most suitable spray painter for domestic use?

You have not provided an answer to this question. Nonetheless, when selecting a spray painter for home use, one should consider factors such as ease of use, cleanup, the volume of paint it can hold, and of course, its ability to deliver a smooth and uniform finish.

Is the investment in an airless paint sprayer justifiable?

Certainly, getting an **airless sprayer system** is a wise investment, especially if your painting tasks involve vast surfaces and require a significant amount of paint (generally 3 gallons or more). This is the reason why professional painters often rely on airless sprayers. They use it to quickly and efficiently cover large areas or spaces with intricate design features like vaulted ceilings, or even paint a building’s exterior.

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