Wicked Lasers Review: Worth the Spend, or Not?

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Wicked Lasers is likely the most famous laser pointer manufacturer in the world. Some enthusiasts love it, while others say it’s overpriced. In this Wicked Lasers review, you’ll find out why I belong to the “lovin’ it” group.

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What is Wicked Lasers?

When it comes to high-quality laser pointers, Wicked Lasers is a hall of fame worthy website. I have an especially noteworthy connection to them because I ordered my very first high-power laser pointer from Wicked Lasers. And as they say, the rest is history. I am certainly not the only one to lose my laser pointer virginity to this company, many of my beam-freak friends have a similar story.

Now, a little more about the company.

Throughout the years, Wicked Lasers has been one of the leading producers of high power laser products. Yet, the company never seems to rest on their laurels. They continue to be one of the most innovative enterprises in this field. I will be giving my thoughts on aspects such as site design, customer service, and prices. Some might say that these are minor details but I don’t agree. Seeing as most laser pointer enthusiasts hold aesthetics in high importance. So, a neatly designed website is tantamount to the purchasing experience. Good customer service is also extremely important in this hobby. Especially for beginners.

If you are planning on purchasing your first laser, you will certainly have loads of questions. These questions might range from the power of the products to the legal aspects of owning such devices. I would also use this part to make a quick disclaimer on the power aspect. Do not make the rookie mistake of buying a high-quality laser without knowing the safety precautions beforehand. You could have loads of fun with a high-grade green laser. That being said, you could also cause serious eye harm to yourself or for others. So, now that we got this out of the way, let’s talk lasers. Wicked Lasers to be more specific.

What About the Site Functionality?

The first thing you’ll see when you start looking at Wicked Lasers is their website. S, I thought it would be fun to also give a short review of the Wicked Lasers website.

Wicked Lasers Homepage
This is what the Wicked Lasers homepage looks like

In my opinion, the website has a user-friendly and effective design. The dark color schemes and the minimal look of the page are an accurate representation of the niche hobby of laser pointer collecting. Since the product range is quite small (but impressive!), the devices are neatly split into four different categories. Since my focus is currently on the browsing experience, I will not dwell on the specifics of the devices for now. What I will say, though, is that the layout of the product page is effective and informative. All the essential details (color of the laser beam, power, legal/safety facts) are laid out on one page. So, once you have chosen your device, you will not have to scour the rest of the site for the necessary details.

To sum it up, the site of Wicked Lasers is informative and easy to orient. You will find all the information related both to specific devices and the hobby in general. I would also like to credit Wicked Lasers for making the site more beginner-friendly. If you are a new beam enthusiast, be sure to check out their extensive FAQs section. All the common questions of first-timers are professionally answered.

How is the Customer service?

My experiences throughout the years have been positive. When I started this hobby, laser pointer communities were hard to come by online. Naturally, I had loads of questions after my first purchases and I had to contact Wicked Lasers directly. They were quick to reply and were happy to answer all my questions regarding the technicalities of the products. I am delighted to share that the customer service of Wicked Lasers is still exceptional. I recently had a shipping issue with my Torch Mini. There was a small billing mistake on my part and I had to contact Wicked Lasers directly. As always, the situation was handled delicately and professionally.

In short – Wicked Lasers is a site you can trust without question. Whether you like their product lineup is a separate subject, but I don’t think their credibility and trustworthiness deserves any doubt.

Review of Wicked Lasers Products

Time to get to the meat of the matter and talk a bit about the laser pointers that Wicked Lasers offers. As I already established, this company was responsible for my entry to this niche hobby. And, they still are one of the laser producers I am following with great interest.

So, let’s get right into it and see what we can expect from the laser pointers of Wicked Lasers. I will be listing you the products that I have in my collection and give the readers my quick thoughts. I will not go too into technical details, seeing as all the long technicalities are neatly listed on the product pages. Let’s keep the product descriptions straight-to-the-point and understandable to beginners as well. I would be honored if I could turn a random browser into a full-time beamer boy.

Spyder 3 Krypton Green Handheld Laser Review

The laser, the myth, the legend. If you are on the search for a handheld green laser, Krypton is still the undeniable king. So what makes this a laser a legend in my eyes? The brutal strength. This was my first 1-watt laser. If you have mostly experienced keyring-lasers before then you can imagine the sheer shock that a 1-watt beam might give you. The price point of approximately 500 dollars might seem steep. But trust me, when you are into lasers, the Krypton is as good as it gets.

The Wicked Lasers S3 Krpyton was also used in a world record attempt to pop 100 balloons in a row. If that doesn’t show you the power of this laser pointer, then I don’t know what will. As I’m sure you’re interested in seeing what that world record attempt looked like, here it is:

And, here’s another short video demonstrating the power of the Spyder 3 Krypton:

I am going to be honest with you, most of my friends ridicule me on my hobby at first. This all changes after I bring out the Krypton and show them the distance the powerful beam can cover. I will definitely be reviewing the Krypton in-depth in the future. For now, know this, Krypton is not for beginners or for the faint of heart. If you are a first-timer, there are cheaper and safer quality pointed lasers available on Wicked Lasers.

Now, a little more on the other lasers from the Spyder 3 Series.

I previously mentioned Krypton, one of my absolute favorites from my collection. However, Wicked Lasers also has similar laser pointers available in different colors. Arctic (blue laser), Inferno (red laser), and Lunar (violet laser) are all-powerful devices with excellent specs.

Wicked Lasers FlashTorch

What. A. Beast.

I’m not exactly an expert on flashlights, but this thing is brighter than anything I’ve ever seen in my life. Way brighter than my car’s fog lights. And, way-way brighter than any flashlight I’ve ever owned.

If you want to have your very own sun in your pocket, get the FlashTorch. Here’s a video from Wicked Lasers that demonstrates the power of the thing:


##Flashtorch 250w vs car headlights ##flashlight ##cars

♬ original sound – Wicked Lasers

Wicked Lasers Nano Series

This would be my pick for starting a collection of high-end pointed lasers. It is an affordable yet powerful device, one that can easily make you fall into the depths of the beaming world. The Nano series lasers come in violet, green and red colors. I currently have the red and green lasers in my collection. The red version produces power up to 100mW so for this price range (currently listed at 69 dollars), the output is considerable. Enough to, say, pop an inflated condom. I heard this from an, ahem, friend of mine. So, if you are looking for an effective device yet do not want to splurge a couple of hundred dollars, this is one of the best products currently available.


When listing trademark Wicked Lasers products, I cannot just leave the LaserCube out. This is the first portable laser light in the world and it’s one of my absolute favorites. Yes, you heard it right, this is a portable laser show. If most of my collection usually causes a few eyebrows, then this device is the hit of the show. I cannot stress just how many times this device has elevated an outdoor barbecue night to another level. I will certainly be reviewing this device in-depth in one of my future reviews. For now, just know that if you like a good party and a good beam, then the Lasercube is not an investment you will regret.

I covered the LaserCube in far greater detail in my LaserCube review, so check that review out if you’re interesting in finding out more about this bad-boy.

I’ll just leave a short video here to demonstrate some of the capabilities of this beastly LaserCube:


Make visuals on your home party with ##lasercube 1w ##laser ##visual

♬ original sound – Wicked Lasers

Review Conclusion: is Wicked Lasers Worth it?

Wicked Lasers has been one of the leaders in this field from the very start. I, for one, bought my first laser pointers from this page and am still an avid follower of their output. Several of their products are the best in the market in their respective categories. This combined with great customer service makes it one the best beaming resources online.

Their pricing is more expensive than some competitors such as JetLasers. However, their unique lineup of products gives me more than enough reason to justify the high cost. I do think that any serious laser enthusiast should at least give one or two Wicked Lasers products a try. The LaserCube, for example, is such a unique and fantastic product with an incredible range of uses. I don’t take anyone seriously who talks negatively of the Wicked Lasers product lineup without having even tested the LaserCube.

But, to each his/her own – I hope you enjoyed this Wicked Lasers review, and leave a comment if you have any personal experiences to share!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wicked Lasers Truly Authentic?

Absolutely! Wicked Lasers stands out in the market as the only handheld lasers that not just meet but go beyond federal safety guidelines. This is a brand that marries safety and performance. My personal experience with these lasers has been consistently smooth and rewarding. Also, Wicked Lasers came up with an innovative system called Smartswitch technology, which is essentially a fabulous feature preventing misuse or unauthorized accessing of your laser. It’s a brand you can trust for its safety-focused design, impressive performance and pioneering technologies.

What is the Pricing of LaserCube?

The LaserCube comes with a price tag that speaks volumes about its capabilities. It comes in two variants – the 800mW model which costs $499, and a more powerful version, the 1W model which is priced at $599. By no means is it an inexpensive item, but for anyone looking for a tool for professional-grade performances, exhibitions, or even artistic applications, it holds exceptional value and is an investment worth considering. I’ve used it in multiple events, and every single time, its performance exceeded my expectations. Its versatility and power packed into a compact form justifies the price for semi-professional and professional users.

Does The LaserCube Really Exist?

Of course, it does! Wicked Lasers have created the 2.5 watt LaserCube, a powerhouse of a laser system, that is both compact and extremely user-friendly. The LaserCube has been thoughtfully designed, keeping the necessities of DJs, Musicians, and Live Performers in mind. It works seamlessly with the intuitive LaserOS software that opens up an infinite number of possibilities in terms of performance. I’ve been using the LaserCube during my DJing sessions, and it has amped up the performance every single time. Its unmatched effects are sure to captivate any audience.

Could You Elaborate on What a LaserCube Is?

The LaserCube from Wicked Lasers is the world’s smallest laser show projector – both portable and easy to use, yet striking in its performance. It has been engineered to bring brilliant spectacle to your events, with an array of effects that respond to music, or let you interact with them. From passive and reacting to interactive, LaserCube offers a wide scope of effects meant to impress the audience. My personal takeaway from using the LaserCube is that it’s a game-changer in the world of laser light shows, bringing an unmatched level of versatility and adaptability.

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