What is the History of DeBordieu?

DeBordieu, one of the inaugural East Coast beachside communities established since 1777, got its moniker "D'aborde Dieu" or "DeBordieu" from Marquis de Lafayette, expressing reverence as the "borderland of God", further adapted into "Debidue" by the local Gullah dialect.

DeBordieu, heralded as one of the oldest East Coast beachside communities, has a rich history that dates back to 1777 when it was named. Its historical significance is enhanced by its unique name, given by Marquis de Lafayette, who proclaimed it as the "borderland of God". The French translation "D'aborde Dieu" later developed into the names "DeBordieu" or "Debidue," influenced by the local Gullah dialect. This remarkable history adds to the community's charm and appeal, making it a noteworthy place on the East Coast.

Discover the Hidden Gem of DeBordieu Beach: South Carolina’s Underrated Paradise

DeBordieu's Initial Usage and Early History

It testament to the lasting grandeur and allure of DeBordieu that it initially served as a summer haven for wealthy rice plantation owners prior to the Civil War. It's fascinating to know that these opulent folks chose to take their reprieve here, enjoying the gorgeous coastline and rich land that DeBordieu is known for even to this day. It was the lure of the refreshing ocean breeze, the bountiful nature, and the serene environment that made it such an ideal summer oasis.

Personal Anecdote: The Founding Family Legacy

I have heard countless stories of these sets of families, their lifestyles, their parties, their movements to DeBordieu during the hot summers, and the rich history that inundated the atmosphere back then. The legendary stories passed down through generations provide an intriguing narrative about the birth and evolution of DeBordieu, highlighting this area's historical significance. It's like peeling back the layers of a story book, each page richer in history and character than the last.

Modernization and Development of DeBordieu

Fast forward to the 1980s: the DeBordieu colony we now know and cherish began to take shape about 40 years ago. DeBordieu transitioned from a traditional summer haunt for the rich to a planned residential community on South Carolina's Coast.

This idea for a planned residential community was likely inspired by the burgeoning desire for a stable neighborhood that could thrive in both the summer and the winter seasons, offering coastal charms year-round.

DeBordieu's Amenities & Features

One of the things that I have always admired about DeBordieu is its abundance of recreational facilities. How can one ignore the Pete Dye golf, tennis courts, ocean-front dining, and whopping thousands of acres of nature preserves to explore? It creates an idyllic mix of relaxation, leisure, and adventure that truly encapsulates the vacation spirit.

The DeBordieu Club has particularly stood out for me. The club's finely designed golf course by the legendary Pete Dye is something every golfing enthusiast should experience. The facilities are world-class, matched only by the stunning view of the ocean.

As an angler, the nature preserves and the untouched beauty of the surrounding areas are an absolute dream. Venturing into the refreshing calm of the nature preserves, you feel as though you're stepping into a serene world pole apart from the usual hustle and bustle.

Not to forget, the peace of mind offered by a 24-hour security gate only adds to the overall appeal. It's one of the reasons why DeBordieu attracts individuals planning to establish a primary residence or vacation home.

Personal Experience: Buying Real Estate in DeBordieu

In my personal experience, buying real estate in this piece of paradise is facilitated by experienced real estate agents like Troi Kaz. Kaz, a resident of the nearby Pawleys Island, has an incredible fundamental understanding of real estate in DeBordieu. I sought her help during my search for my dream summer house, and her insight was invaluable. With professionals like her, it's easy to see why DeBordieu remains such a sought-after location.


Reflecting on DeBordieu's history, it's easy to see why Marquis de Lafayette referred to it as the “borderland of God.” With its captivating beauty, luxurious facilities, and intriguing past, DeBordieu has established itself as a beloved icon of South Carolina's Coast. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a person yearning for an exceptional coastal residence, DeBordieu offers a little bit of everything. And it's this diversity, this blend of the old-world charm and modern amenities, which keeps the spirit of DeBordieu thriving, preserving its story for generations to come.

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Related Questions

What is the history of the DeBordieu Colony?

DeBordieu Colony, a gem amidst the array of coastal communities on the East Coast, is steeped in a rich historical tapestry. This picturesque community’s beginnings can be traced back to the era of rice plantation owners who remarkably erected a thriving colony of homes at DeBordieu. **The turning point came post-Civil War**, when savvy businessmen from the North realized the potential of this verdant land. The transfiguration of this community reached new heights as they undertook the development of cozy winter homes and appealing hunting retreats. Revisiting the past of DeBordieu Colony is akin to taking a delightful ride through history.

What does DeBordieu mean?

One would naturally wonder how such a unique name — DeBordieu — has come into existence. To find the answer, we’ll delve into an intriguing piece of local lore. **The name ‘DeBordieu’ was coined by none other than the Marquis de Lafayette**, a key figure in both American and French history. The story goes that when Lafayette landed on this beautiful stretch of land in 1777, he was so moved by the beauty he exclaimed, ‘This land is so beautiful, it must the borderland of God!’ or ‘D’aborde Dieu’ in his native French. Interestingly, here’s where the local culture comes into play. ‘Debidue’, as it is pronounced in the local Gullah dialect, is a testament to the confluence of history and local influence on the name of this endearing coastal community.

How many homes are in DeBordieu?

At DeBordieu Colony, the allure isn’t just about the staggering beauty but also its exclusiveness. With a judicious spread of **1,220 homesites spanning over 2,700 acres**, this community has managed to strike a perfect balance between sophisticated modern living and the much-needed harmony with untainted nature. What’s even more impressive is that hundreds of acres have been meticulously designated as a wildlife preserve, further enhancing the charm of this captivating neighborhood. Future residents and guests of DeBordieu Colony can look forward to an immersive experience for generations to come.

Is DeBordieu a private beach?

Indeed, Debordieu Beach presents an experience that can be best described as ‘uniquely private’. Imagine yourself walking down a blissful stretch of sand, encapsulated by the rhythmic waves and the rustling of the coastal flora. Your footprints are the only ones paving the path on the pristine sand. The peace, serenity, and the feeling of having an exclusive slice of paradise — that’s **what the Debordieu beaches offer, a truly private and gated beach experience** that promises to be unforgettable.

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