Garden City Beach Fishing Report (Pier & Surf) August 2021

Hey guys just wanted to do a quick fishing report for the garden city beach area. So the pier at garden city, garden, city beach, and then the creeks and marshes kind of around garden city and also in murals and lit a little bit. So I was there a few weeks ago, fishing out on the pier with my son. He really wanted to go to the pier. So I kinda got a good taste of what was biting out there and then all the creeks and everything that we’ve been fishing kinda got a great taste of what’s biting in there as well, and kind of what Bates are working and when and where to fish for certain fish. So in general just about everything that’s gonna bite at these beaches and then these creeks out on that pier is biting right now. So the only thing probably missing is maybe your bigger like bull reds and bull blacks black drums that, you know, are not quite here yet. Maybe they’re starting to roll in here and there, but really this is probably about a month or month and a half too early for those guys to be rolling down and be able to catch those in the surf yet. Or even in the marsh. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t go out there and get like a puppy drum that is 25, 27, 29 inches long. We’ve been getting those, so they’re totally there. The big boys, the real big boys, like 35 inches, or, you know, just the real big guys, those guys from my experience are not quite here yet. But so that, that’s the only thing that you’re probably not going to get. What you’re going to get is let’s just start with the peer really quick. So let me zoom in here real quick. And you know, so what we did is we were fishing a little bit on the side and of course he wanted to go into the arcade. So, so we, we didn’t fish all that long. But we were fishing out of the side and getting like Whiting and croaker and all that stuff we were using. Just a basic fish finder rig with one OD circle hook fluorocarbon leader on that. And we were just using a salted shrimp. So shrimp that I’ve taken that our bait shrimp and I salted them with some sea salt and kosher salt and dried them out really good. And that way they stay on the hook much better. So using that and then going out to the end there we were, when we got a spot out there, we were casting real far. And even though you’re not supposed to sharp fish there, we weren’t, we weren’t meaning to catch sharks, but that’s what was nibbling on the, the stuff that we were throwing out there. And so all that can be caught out here. I think that it’s going to be a tough go to catch a lot of like red drum and black drum probably in this area just because of the amount of people that are fishing and swimming and all this stuff. So you know, the, the peers are great place to fish in general, if you don’t fish much you need to rent the equipment and that kind of thing, just use shrimp on a circle hook. You’re probably gonna catch something. Besides that though with this particular peer, from my experience your best bet is actually to go down the beach and throw from there. If you have a surf rod, so when I’m on the beach fishing here, what I’m looking for are cuts that are kind of like rip tides that are pulling out. And so just remember when you’re surfing fishing and you probably already know this, but if you don’t it’s not necessarily how far you can throw it, it’s about putting it in the right spot. So sometimes yes, you need to throw it away out there, but sometimes you don’t at all. So if it’s high tide and there’s a nice, like tide pool, that’s coming right off the beach there like literally right in front of you, then as soon as that water comes up, then big fish are going to be running right off the beach there. And they’re going to be eating all the sand fleas and everything that are kind of like pouring in there. So you need to just basically throw right off the beach and most likely you’re going to get a big fish. And so if there’s big rip tides that are pulling out from the beach, then you want to be casting into those either inside of them or or at the end of them. And so sometimes that’s what requires you to throw past like a sandbar after, you know, past two sets of waves and all that, like two breaks is just getting to the end of that. But really what you want to be looking for when you’re looking for those, if you don’t already know is there’s going to be waves and like whitewater crashing, then there’ll be kind of like a calm spot. And sometimes that calm spot will have like brownish water coming up and that’s just because there’s, riptides going through there and it’s just turning everything up. So that’s really what you need to be looking for. That’s where the Fisher kind of stacked up, waiting for all the stuff to get sucked off the beach, back to them. And that’s at high tide and low tide. Sometimes it stays the same when it’s high tide, low tide, cause it’s a really deep cut. Sometimes that completely changes at low tide or high tide. So everyone always asks like is there a best tide to fish high tide or low tide? I always say, no. The best thing and this, I probably should’ve said this at the beginning of the video, the best thing to do is to get out there as early as possible on the beach and fish as early as you can. And whether that’s high, it’s our low side, does it matter? That’s when the fish are feeding right now because the water is so hot. So, all right, so let’s move into the creeks really quick. It’s the exact same thing in here, but what you’re going to be able to do is get a lot more red drum, black drum and speckled sea trout. So the places you want to be doing there, I know when you come across this main strip and garden city, there’s like some walkways here that you can go out and fish these and get over on this other side. Sometimes there’s a lot of people there. So if you can avoid the crowd and you can get access to one of these, you know docs back here, their money any other public spot that you don’t have access to that you can, I’m sorry that you do have access to you know, you want to get out there and try to get away from the crowd. The thing I’m really looking for when I’m in the creeks are bins. So nice curves that have like a deep section that the water is like pouring into that way, when it’s incoming or outgoing tide, there’s water pouring into that section. And then the big game fish are gonna stack up in there and wait for the bait to kind of get flushed to them. And then I’m looking for structure such as an island, like a sandbar preferably like oyster bed. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to try to stay on one side and cast to the other side. So if the tide is going, let’s say I’m facing this way towards the camera and the tide’s going that way. And the islands here, well, I want to be on this side casting to this side because the game fish, the big predators are going to be over here, snacked up facing into the tide, waiting for all that bait to come around this island or oyster bed. And that’s where they’re going to attack. So if you’re over here, you’re not spooking them. You’re casting over here on the other side, that’s where they’re gonna bite your bait. So what I’m fishing out there is really just two rigs that I like to use a top rig and a bottom rig either efficient, a popping cork or more likely than not right now, I’m fishing a Carolina rig. And the way I fish a Carolina rig, it’s almost the same as a fish finder. But it’s, it’s, you know, just Google Carolina rig or fish finder. It’s almost the same thing. And that’s what I’m fishing most, most of the time with a nice long fluorocarbon leader. The more I want to stay on the bottom, like if it’s a flounder that I’m going after, then I’m either using a straight jig head and just bouncing it off the bottom. Or I’m using like a really short fluorocarbon leader with that Carolina rig and just keeping it real close to the bottom. The baits that I’m using that are working right now are anything from just dead salted shrimp. I like to use small pieces at first on a small hook. And then if that’s not working, I like to go bigger pieces on a small hook. Sometimes that’s going to result in pen fish and other things just stealing your bait. Now if I can find live shrimp out in the creeks, then with like cast net, then that’s what I’m going to be using all day long. And I’m going to be using those live shrimp are right where I found them. Cause that’s where all the fish are at. So as soon as you find live shrimp, as soon as the tide is moving and those live shrimper there preferably you find them at low tide and then the tide’s coming in start throwing those live shrimp out. You’re going to catch some big fish, most likely. A lot of times if, if I’m out there and I have the time, then I’m, I’m fishing, artificial shrimp and artificial swim bait. So that’s what I do. I use like the voodoo shrimp and dos and a couple of other ones from salt strong that they sell. I think it was power prod as the name. And that’s about it guys. I mean, I think that pretty much covers everything. And also, I mean, I should also say that if you find mullet, instead of shrimp, then use mullet. So if you find shrimp or if you see shrimp and you can’t even get them, you just like these little things popping out of the water, almost look like rain drops is the little ones, you know, when they get spooked, they pop and you can hear them pop up. Then use shrimp, you know, some form of shrimp, artificial shrimp, a live shrimp just cut dead shrimp. But if you see minnows and you don’t see shrimp, then you need to try to either use a minnow imitations. So the swim baits or catch those live minnows with your cast net, if you can use those and you can use them live on a jig head or on a short Carolina rig to get flounder all day long or you can cut them and use them. And I’ve seen a lot of success lately. Instead of a lot of times I would take my minnow and I would chop, chop, chop. So like, if it’s a like a little finger mullet, just chop it and I’d usually use that back third first. Right. and then work up and not use the head, but, you know, work up towards the head and use the part with the guts and everything. What I’m seeing the most successful with lately is actually taking that thing and kind of skin in it and filling some meat off of it. And so you end up with like a flap of meat that you can then hook maybe once or twice through. And you’ve got like a big chunk of meat showing, and then you’ve got the side with the scales. And I don’t really pay too much attention to which way are rigged that. But that is just, I mean, it works wonders. I try to use artificial beta as much as possible cause I can cover so much more ground like just cast cast cast, and kind of do a half circle and just cover the entire area just to see if there’s fish there. But man, every time I do that with a kind of, filleting either a menhaden or a finger mullet and I put it on the hook and it’s on a Carolina rig, maybe a poplin court there’s something starts biting almost immediately. So anyways guys make sure to subscribe if you like this kind of video and you want to get updates from me in the future. I’m doing lots of how to videos and publishing them try to get something live just about every day. And also make sure to comment below if you have any questions or tips for everybody too. I’m always learning. I love to learn from everybody else when it comes to fishing. So post your tips and questions in the comments below. Thanks for watching us. Okay.

Additional Questions

How much does it cost to fish at the pier in Garden City?

For all the fishing enthusiasts out there, the Garden City Pier, located at 110 Waccamaw Drive in Garden City Beach is a great spot for some casual or committed fishing. The pricing is quite reasonable too. For all those aged 13 and above, the fishing fee is $9.50. However, if you are younger than 13, that is, if you are 12 or under, the price drops down to just $4.75. This is a great spot for adults and children alike to enjoy the sport. And remember, if you have any queries or need further information, be sure to give a call to (843) 651-9700. They’ll be happy to assist you.

What’s biting in Murrells Inlet?

As an AI, I don’t have real-time data, but I strongly suggest you to check local fishing reports or contact seaside fishing charters for the most current information on what’s biting in Murrells Inlet.

Can you fish off Garden City Pier?

Absolutely, not only does the Garden City Pier offer a place to fish, but it’s actually a hub for a variety of activities. You can get your hands on some fishing equipment at the pier’s bait n tackle. After all the fishing, you can take a break, grab a drink, and even enjoy some entertainment. It’s a whole package deal when you decide to visit the Garden City Pier.

What time is the best to fish on the beach?

Quite a few factors can influence your chances of making a catch when fishing. However, some of the ideal times have been found to be early in the morning or an hour just before the dusk comes knocking at the sky. The timing of high tides can also be important. An incoming high tide often leads to the water level rising, causing small invertebrates in sand bars to be dislodged, enticing fish to feed. Therefore, make sure to track the tide timings for a successful fishing excursion.

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