My Shibumi Shade Review: Is it worth it?

You see Shibumi’s up and own the beach pretty much everywhere they are allowed. I remember my first reaction was something “oh that’s cool!”. Then I remember searching on google for them and being like “what! They are how much!?”. I think most of you reading this will have a similar experience. So is the Shibumi Shade worth the crazy price? Here’s my honest review and thoughts based on first hand experience with the product.

My Honest Review

4My Rating
Great, but not perfect
This beach shade works great on windy days, but is noisy. Its totally overpriced, but is extremely easy to setup and anyone can do it. I wish they would come up with a no-wind solution. It’s also super annoying on days when the wind is swirling and changing direction. If you don’t mind the noise, aren’t price sensitive, and the wind is blowing steady and strong, you’ll love this beach shade. Otherwise, you may be annoyed that you paid $290 for a loud piece of fabric that keeps hitting you in the face.
  • Super easy to set up
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made of high end materials
  • Can withstand super strong winds
  • Sewn in USA
  • Sun protection is lower than many other beach tents at 30 SPF
  • If there’s no wind, this shade will be useless
  • The shade creates a loud flapping sound
  • Overpriced

Video Review

Is the Shibumi beach shade worth it?

The Shibumi Beach Shade is designed to provide maximum protection from the sun and wind while still being lightweight and easy to set up. It features an adjustable canopy that can be adjusted to fit any size family or group, as well as a patented anchoring system that helps keep it securely in place even in strong winds. We found this feature especially useful since our last tent had been blown away by a gust of wind! The fabric is also UV-resistant and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting wet if it rains. After using it for a while, we can confidently say that the Shibumi Beach Shade is worth it! It provides great protection from the sun and wind, is easy to set up and take down, and keeps us safe from potential injury due to flying beach umbrellas or tents.

Does Shibumi Shade work without wind?

Unfortunately, the Shibumi Shade won’t work without any wind. You can purchase separate kits online to secure it if the wind isn’t blowing, though that would be an additional cost.

Additional Questions

Does the Shibumi Shade truly function as advertised?

Absolutely, the Shibumi Shade offers a fantastic solution for providing shade on the beach. As somebody who has spent countless days underneath one, I can attest to its efficacy and practicality. Particularly for those who frequent the beach, the Shibumi Shade’s light weight design not only provides ample shelter from the sun, but also stays securely in place. Plus, its compact and light design means it is far less cumbersome to carry than many of the other, traditional beach umbrella or tent options. You’re making a wise investment with the Shibumi if you love hitting the beach, especially if you usually have a lot of stuff to carry along. You will have a shade that will stay planted, provide substantial shade and is as light as a feather to haul.

Is wind a requirement for the Shibumi Shade to function?

Yes, it’s true that the clever design of the Shibumi Shade utilizes wind to keep it aloft. A bit of a breeze, say, just 2-3 mph is all that’s required for the Shibumi Shade to work at its best. And, based on my years of beach going, it’s hard to find a beach that doesn’t have a little wind. More than 90% of the time beaches are guaranteed to have enough of a breeze for the Shibumi Shade to work perfectly. However, there will always be those rare days when there just isn’t any wind, and you may encounter some difficulty using your Shibumi Shade.

What happens to the Shibumi Shade in conditions of zero wind?

In conditions where there is extremely low or no wind, you might find your Shibumi Shade transforms into something that resembles a saggy curtain hanging from its rod. I recall a family trip to North Carolina when we were greeted with a morning devoid of wind, and our Shibumi looked pretty dejected. But then again, you might find you don’t need much shade early in the morning to begin with. It’s those unusual weather conditions, like early morning calm in certain climates, where the Shibumi Shade may not work as splendidly as you’re used to.

Why are Shibumi Shades not permitted on some beaches?

While your shaded oasis may provide an amazing experience for your family, especially when you have little ones in tow, beach officials may feel otherwise. I recall one vacation where we ran afoul of a local ordinance against larger, tent-like shades, including our Shibumi Shade. The concern, as we were told, is that larger shades like these may obstruct the lifeguards’ view of the beach area they’re protecting. Furthermore, beach management may become concerned about potential overcrowding issues resulting from these sizable shades. So, remember, even though the Shibumi Shade provides expansive coverage, it’s wise to check if your beach of choice allows their use to avoid possible disappointments.

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